How to Watch Mrs. Carey's Concert 2011 Online in Australia

Released: 2011

Updated: 11th Oct, 2021

7.2 / 10

Rated: PG

Director: Bob Connolly(co-director), Sophie Raymond(co-director)

Cast: Hannah Buckley, Ellena Gene

Where to watch Mrs. Carey's Concert

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What is Mrs. Carey's Concert about?

At a Sydney girls School, Music Director Karen Carey prepares her young students for a concert at he Opera House. Believing in the trans-formative power of great music, Carey insists upon a Classical repertoire, sets a dauntingly high performance standard and requires the participation of every girl in the school. But not everyone shares her passion. Mrs Carey's Concert is about music making and coming of age, about talent and courage, compliance and rebellion. About those prepared to open their minds and hearts to what the world has to offer ... and those yet to discover the potential within. A feature documentary by Bob Connolly and Sophie Raymond

The cast of Mrs. Carey's Concert

Hannah Buckley, Ellena Gene

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