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Don’t miss all the action from the 2020 PGA Tour Championship and start streaming on Kayo Sports.

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How to Watch 2020 US PGA Tour Championship in Australia

The 2020 PGA Tour Championship will be available through a limited number of providers in Australia. You won’t find it on free to air TV in Australia, but Fox Sports (through Foxtel/Kayo) will provide complete LIVE coverage of all four rounds of this prestigious event. This includes the key players and competitions, as well as replays of the action for those that missed out. Learn how and where you can stream the major tour events in 2020.

How to Watch the PGA Tour

With the PGA Tour now back, the big tournaments are finally live our TVs again – and of course, TV isn’t the only way to watch it. Thanks to broadband internet, you can stream the PGA Tour to your favourite device, from smartphones to big-screen TVs, with a range of different services that give you full access to the biggest events and more. The more traditional options – such as Foxtel and Foxtel from Telstra – let you watch live via satellite, but you can easily stream at home or on the go as well. Relative newcomer Kayo Sports is the all-streaming blockbuster that fans love, available either direct from Kayo or as an add-on to your Telstra mobile plan. And Foxtel Now is perfect for those who want live sports channels without the hassle of a satellite install.

How to Watch PGA Tour with Kayo from Telstra

If you’re a Telstra postpaid mobile customer, you can add Kayo Sports to your plan at a specially discounted rate for 12 months, discounting the basic Kayo plan to $15/month and the Premium plan to $25/month. The Kayo subscription is conveniently added to your Telstra mobile bill. However, you can still watch across all the devices that Kayo supports, as seen below.

Cheapest way to watch sport on Kayo this season

The best offer for Kayo is on Telstra this season. As a Telstra customer, get $10 off per month your Kayo subscription (so that’s just $15/month)! Claim this before 31 May 2022.

How to Watch PGA Tour with Foxtel Now

A great alternative for making sure you catch the best of the PGA action is Foxtel Now – the streaming version of Foxtel that delivers live TV over your broadband internet connection. Pick up the Essentials bundle to get started, then add the Sports channel bundle and you’ll have access to multiple live channels including Fox Sports and ESPN. You can even take Foxtel Now with you on your phone or tablet via the free Foxtel Go app. Check out the list of Foxtel Now devices here.

Foxtel Now

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How to Watch PGA with Foxtel

If you want the best possible picture quality – including many matches available in 4K Ultra HD – then Foxtel’s the place to go for your golfing needs. With the well-priced Sports HD bundle you can a full-fledged premium TV service that also gives you plenty of entertainment to watch between game days, with ESPN and a dozen other live sports channels delivered with perfect picture quality on the iQ4 box. You can automatically record all your team’s games, too, thanks to Team Link, and stream when out and about with free access to Foxtel Go.

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PGA Tour 2020 Fixtures this Weekend (Sydney Time)

Catch all the action LIVE and on-demand with Kayo Sports for as little as $25/month with no lock-in contract for the Basic Plan. Your subscription includes everything you’ll need to experience the best of live sports — HD streaming, simultaneous viewing on 2 screens, scores and stats, device compatibility, and more. If you’re a new subscriber, then why not take advantage of Kayo Sports FREE 14 day trial.

Friday 24 JulyThe 3M Open Round 1LIVE: 4.30am – 8.30amFoxtel/Kayo
Friday 24 July The 3M Open Round 1 Replay: 6.30pm – 8.30pmFoxtel/Kayo
Saturday 25 JulyThe 3M Open Round 2 LIVE: 4.30am – 8.30am Foxtel/Kayo
Saturday 25 JulyThe 3M Open Round 2 Replay: 5.00pm – 7.00pm Foxtel/Kayo
Sunday 26 July The 3M Open Round 3 LIVE: 3.00am – 9.00am Foxtel/Kayo
Sunday 26 July The 3M Open Round 3 Replay: 7.30pm – 9.30pm Foxtel/Kayo
Monday 27 July The 3M Open Final Round LIVE: 3.00am – 9.00am Foxtel/Kayo
Monday 27 July The 3M Open Final Round Replay: TBCFoxtel/Kayo

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How to Watch PGA with Kayo Sports

The list of Kayo streaming devices includes – select PC and Macs, iOS and Android phones and tablets, Apple and Telstra TV, Google Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra HD, as well as Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge, with new apps and platforms soon to be added. That’s definitely a lot of options for enjoying the best mobile viewing experience possible. For a complete list of Kayo devices, check out the table below.

How to Watch PGA with Foxtel from Telstra

With the recent partnership between Foxtel and Telstra, golf coverage is now available from more providers than ever before. For convenience and simplicity, Telstra now offers to include your Foxtel subscription in your monthly bill. Foxtel is only available through its iQ box, or its Foxtel Go app for on-demand and live streaming access to all your Foxtel channels. Below is a handy list of compatible devices to watch NRL with Foxtel from Telstra.

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