The Compare TV Digital Excellence Scholarship Program 2015

The Compare TV Digital Excellence Scholarship Program 2015

Compare TV is the premier portal for the evolution of TV. Our aim is to unravel and aid customers make the right choices for any IPTV purchase, set up or consumption task. Our site is focused on TV and entertainment delivered over broadband via the latest hardware. We essentially aim to connect people to the best digital entertainment choices suited to their interests.

We have implemented our Digital Excellence Scholarship program to encourage students to excel in the digital sphere. This is a skillset we hold highly; and so too, does the rest of the modern business world.


Value and Duration

Compare TV will award the winning applicant a PAID internship where they will receive the necessitated training and skills required to find and succeed in a future digital role.



We welcome all students to apply if they meet the following requirements:

1.     Students must be enrolled full time or part time in an Undergraduate, Honours, Postgraduate or Master’s Degree at a verified educational institute.

2.     Students must have studied or are studying a Digital related subject/course/degree.

3.     Students must have at least, a Credit Average WAM/GPA.

4.     Students must be Australian Citizens or Australian Permanent Residents.


Students who are studying in rural locations are also actively encouraged to apply.


Selection Process

The winning applicant will be selected based on how well they meet the following conditions:

1.     You have a strong desire to learn and succeed in your chosen Degree.

2.     You are interested in excelling in the digital sphere.

3.     You are interested in gaining valuable work experience at a reputable digital company.

4.     You are committed to your studies. This will need to be evidenced via an academic transcript.

5.     You have answered the short essay question below to the best of your ability.


Apply Now

Students should apply now via email to, with the subject as ‘Your Name – 2015 Scholarship Application.’ This email should include ONE attachment, which comprises of the following in chronological order:


1.     A cover letter that briefly introduces the student, their digital education, their skills and experience (if any).

2.     The student’s latest academic transcript.

3.     The student’s response to the short essay question.


Short Essay Question:

In 500 words or less, explain how our scholarship program will help you in reaching your future career goals and why you are suitable for the role.


Terms and Conditions


Value: A paid internship with Compare TV where you will be given the opportunity to build your skillset in the Digital Marketing Space.

Length of Scholarship: One Semester.

Closing Date for Entries: 31st December 2015.