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Yomojo Review

Calls - 100%
Text - 80%
Data - 100%
Overall - 80%


The personalisation options for Yomojo’s services are certainly unusual, and could offer people with specific needs a chance to save themselves some money by not buying services they don’t need – but for regular general use, the Unlimited plans are easily the way to go, and with generous data allowances and fast 4G access they’re a good fuss-free way to get yourself connected.

User Rating: 2.09 ( 9 votes)
  • Contract Plans: None
  • Voice: 3G
  • Data: 3G, 4G
  • No-contract Plans: BYO Phone
  • Network: Optus
Equipped with a bright, appealing web presence that puts a strong emphasis on you – lots of photos of happy people enjoying their promised freedom of choice, presumably – Yomojo mobile takes a different approach to the prepaid market by giving customers the chance to completely customise their mobile plans. A set of colourful sliders lets you pick and choose the amount of voice, text, data and international calls you want, and the price is all calculated for you in real time. It’s certainly a unique approach that won’t be for everyone; thankfully, unlimited talk/text plans are on offer as well.

For Voice Users

  • Free Voicemail: Yes, on unlimited-call plans
  • Visual Voicemail: No
  • 4G Voice Calls: No
With Yomojo, you can be in complete control of the amount of everything you use if that’s what you want – you’re able to set up a plan for yourself with nothing but talk time and zero text messages if that’s really what you want to do. On these personalised plans, as well as the set pay-as-you-go offering, you’re charged 11c per minute for voice calls – however, the personalised option does give you a bit of a discount, for example charging $7 for 100 minutes, rather than the $11 it would cost on PAYG. If this all sounds a bit too hands-on for you, you can opt for one of the Unlimited plans, with endless talk nationwide – and free access to voicemail, something you have to pay for if using the other options. Unlimited plans range from $19.90 to $44.90 for 30 days, the only difference being the data allowance. Customers also have the option of adding on an international call pack of up to 300 minutes of voice calls to selected countries. Also worth noting: premium numbers (1900 numbers) are completely blocked on Yomojo.
UnlimitedFrom 3GBStart at $30/monthVisit Boost Plans
From $200 creditFrom 1GBStart at $9.95/monthVisit OVO Plans
From $200 creditFrom 200MBStart at $10/monthVisit Southern Phone Plans
From $500 creditFrom 2GBStart at $39/monthVisit Telstra Plans
UnlimitedFrom 1.5GBStart at $16/monthVisit Vaya Plans
UnlimitedFrom 2.5GBStart at $30/monthVisit Virgin Mobile Plans

For Text Messagers

It’s the same story with text – either customise exactly how much you think you’ll need, pay as you go ($0.09 per message), or get onto the Unlimited train where all the texts and MMS messages you can type are included in the 30-day price. If you text in any kind of volume, the Unlimited offerings are easily the cheapest way to go. One difference between the personalised and PAYG options is that MMS is counted as “a text” with the personalised offerings where you buy set numbers of text messages. On PAYG, though, they’re charged at 50c a shot.
Amaysim Mobile

If you’re a super-heavy user of mobile data, the Amaysim 9GB plan should be more than enough. Photo: Pexels

For Data Users

  • 4G: Yes
  • LTE Advanced: Yes
You probably saw this coming, but yes, you can personalise the amount of data you’d like in your monthly recharge in increments ranging from 200MB up to 10GB; you can also pay as you go at a rate of 5c per MB (that’s a hefty $50 per GB!). However, the best value is again on the Unlimited plans, where you get your choice of 3, 6, or 10GB of data for $30, $40, and $50 respectively (and remember that comes with unlimited calls and texts as well). You can also buy data-only plans, but compared to the discount rate on the Unlimited offerings they’re not especially competitive. Yomojo uses Optus’s 4G Plus network for nice fast downloads with the latest smartphones.

Costs and Contracts

There’s no other hidden costs to be found in the plans here (aside from the usuals with the pay-as-you-go model such as voicemail retrieval) but one thing to be aware of is that the recharge auto-renews every 30 days once you’re signed up. If you only want to use the service for a limited period, you’ll need to make sure you get online and cancel it before you’re billed again.

Special Offers

Special offers seem to be limited to a boost in the data allowances provided on the Unlimited plans – and this appears to be a new permanent allowance, rather than any kind of limited offer.

Customer Service

TypeContactHours Available
Type: Phone SupportContact: 1 300 YOMOJO
1 300 966 656
Hours Available: Not Stated
Type: EmailContact: support@yomojo.com.auHours Available: 24 hours, 7 days
Type: Live ChatContact: Via Web SiteHours Available: 24 hours, 7 days

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