Review and Compare the best mobile plans under $40

best mobile plans under $40

If you’re looking for that nice “sweet spot” when it comes to the cost of your mobile service, $40/month mobile phone plans make for a great starting point. With that cash, you no longer have to keep an eye on your data usage and you can benefit from some appealing extras along the way. The sort of value you can get at that price now is pretty remarkable. Even heading for one of the major networks you’ll find yourself with plentiful data and often very valuable bonuses. Let’s take a look at what’s available.

There’s another good reason why the $40 range is appealing for a mobile plan. It’s around the same price that many pay these days for a home phone service, with line rental eating up the bulk of it. But more people are ditching their home phone and making their mobile their primary means of communication. Which makes perfect sense since it’s more flexible, portable, and usually gives you far more freedom to call who you want anywhere in Australia and even overseas. Hence, getting a mobile plan for the same price of a landline can make sense.

Here’s our pick of the best plans to chase up that are at or under the $40 price point. There are tons of cheap mobile plans out there, of course, but these are the ones that caught our eye.




It’s hard to go past Vaya’s top SIM only plan for sheer value; there’s simply nothing else that comes close at the price. For $36 per month (discounted to $33 for your first three months) you get unlimited everything. Calls, texts and MMS within Australia, calls to 10 international countries, unlimited voicemail access, and… well, that’s it. It’s as plain and simple as they come – until you get to the data allowance, which sits at a whopping 8GB per month. Running on the Optus 4G Plus network, Vaya delivers value above and beyond what you’d expect at this price point. And best of all, they’re completely contract-free. You can simply head somewhere else if their service doesn’t work out for you.




Telstra’s network is widely acclaimed as the most capable, extensive and reliable in Australia. But there’s always been the perception that it’s expensive to get your phone onto it. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Telstra’s current range of SIM only plans include a very nice $40 price offering in the Mx plan on a 12-month contract. In a world of unlimited calls, this plan doesn’t give you that much. You get $1000 worth of calls, which is around 16 hours’ worth, and 5GB data; text messaging is unlimited, though.

On a 12-month contract, you also get a bunch of extras – six months Apple Music subscription (with data free streaming for all Apple Music users), Bigpond movie rentals, 200GB OneDrive cloud storage, free AFL and NRL Live subscriptions, cheap movie tickets, and more. Telstra often drops surprises on its customers, too, such as free Netflix credit. Oh, and the network is first-rate, as well as the only one that can handle the raw speed of new phones like the Samsung Galaxy S8.




Ever competitive Optus Mobile has met Telstra at the $40 mark with a SIM only plan that does offer unlimited calls to Australian numbers, alongside unlimited texts. You also get 300 international minutes to over 30 international countries. The plan comes with an already-hefty 8GB of data, but if you sign up for it online they’ll bump that up to 10GB. Double what Telstra is offering – and Optus’s 4G Plus network is no slouch when it comes to speed, either. This plan also features data-free music streaming of services including Google Play Music, Spotify, Pandora and iHeartRadio. A great way for music lovers who don’t use Apple’s streaming service to get some data-free action of their own. Again, this is a plan on a 12-month contract.


Jeenee Mobile


Jeenee’s $40 Pennywise Unlimited plan, running on the Optus 4G network, provides another great alternative to the big operators. Not surprisingly, it’s completely contract-free. As with most contract-free plans, you’re not going to see a lot of shiny extras or data-free streaming of anything. But what you do get is unlimited calls, text and MMS and $300 worth of international calls. Plus, a huge 10GB of data without any year-long deal. As a bonus, Jeenee gives new customers $5 off for the first three months. If you can settle for less data, the $35 Pennywise plan still provides all the call and text inclusions and gives you a still-huge 8GB data.


Boost Mobile


Boost Mobile runs on the Telstra 4G network, but is unable to access the raw data speeds that native Telstra customers can. Still, Boost provides a very tasty $40 plan with no contract. It includes unlimited calls, texts, MMS, as well as unlimited calls and texts to a set of ten major countries. The plan has a base data allowance of 5GB, but they add an extra 1GB each weekend for a total of 9GB. If you’ve got friends or family in any of the included countries, this is a great option at this price point.


Contract or not – which one to pick?


The thing with the $40 price point is that you’re seeing excellent value from some of the more keenly-priced prepaid and month-to-month providers. However, you’re likely to do better with included extras by heading for a contract with the top-tier providers. Especially if it means you save money on extras you would have paid for anyway. Either way, it’s a buyer’s market out there and there’s only one winner from all the competition – you!

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