Compare the Best Mobile Plans Offered under $100

Are you the type of customer who views their smartphone as a lifeline?

If you depend on a mobile plan for both work and play, you’re probably willing to invest a hefty monthly sum not to worry about exceeding your limits. Around $25 per week is perfectly reasonable for a device that’s not only a phone, but an all-encompassing communications tool. After all, it keeps you connected with email, social media, news, stock prices and everything else that fills up your day.

We take a look at the best under $100 deals on the market.

At the $100 price point, you are likely going to get unlimited calls, texts and MMS messages. Even on networks like Telstra, that usually try to avoid offering unlimited mobile phone plans. When it comes to data, that amount of cash will buy you hefty amount that will more than get you through the month. Until providers in Australia start offering unlimited data (popular in the US), for avid consumers the bigger the number, the better.

If you’re using one of the latest models of smartphones, you’ll want to pick your network carefully. While you can pretty much get by on any network when it comes to calls and text, data performance can vary widely between networks. In other words, some third-party providers won’t have access to the full speed of the network they’re running on.


Telstra Mobile offers an incredibly fast and capable 4G network, ready and waiting for the next generation of phones with their gigabit data speeds. Telstra’s unmatched coverage and quality remains one of the best choices for those who rely on their phone on a day to day basis. As it turns out, Telstra’s top SIM only plan, the L Plan, is incredibly solid. For $70, you get unlimited calls, text and MMS to Australian phones. Plus, the plan offers unlimited international calls to ten selected countries (including the major destinations) and 15GB of fast 4G data. You also get the usual perks of being a Telstra customer – 6 months’ free Apple Music, 200GB OneDrive cloud storage, access to Telstra Air hotspots and free Bigpond movie rentals.

Get a GigaBonus from Telstra!

Enjoy Telstra’s huge data offering + bonus of up to 100GB on top of your data inclusions — only from the nation’s largest mobile network. BYO plans start from $49/mth or get a new phone from $59/mth.


Always up for a challenge, Optus places its emphasis squarely on data allowance. Their $70 plan gives you 20GB, plus an extra 5GB if you sign up online. That’s 25GB in total, nearly doubling what Telstra offers. Optus’s 4G Plus network hums along at a nice speed, too, especially in cities and metropolitan areas. Talk and text is unlimited, as is text to a range of over 30 countries. And if you need to call overseas by voice, you get 500 international minutes to do so. Music streaming via Google Play, Spotify and more is data-free as well, making it even harder to use up that big allowance!

Woolworths Mobile

Partnering with the Telstra 4G network to offer both prepaid plans and mobile phone plans, supermarket chain Woolworths does what you’d expect from a supermarket. They go in the direction of raw value. While you can’t bring your own handset to take advantage of their contract plans, if you need of a new phone this could very well be the provider for you. Especially when it comes to value for money in the sub-$100 range. Samsung’s brand new Galaxy S8 with its astonishingly huge screen and cutting-edge features is available with Woolworths’ 8GB plan for $92 per month. That includes 8GB of data, unlimited calls and text and 300 international minutes. Woolworths also promises “zero bill shock.” That means you’ll never pay more than you expect each month unless you specifically agree to. On the same plan, the Galaxy S7 Edge is only $83 per month.

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile is part of the Optus network, and running with some of the best phone plans around. Customers can get either an iPhone 7 or a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for precisely zero dollars when they sign up to the 24-month $100 plan. That comes with the usual unlimited calls, text and MMS, and a mammoth 20GB of data on Optus’s fast 4G Plus network. Because the brand is aligned with the airline of the same name, you get a bonus on Velocity frequent flier points, too, as well as 10% off the plan fee just for being a Velocity member.

On the data side of things, rollover of any monthly unused data is allowed, Moreover, you can also gift your unused data to any other postpaid Virgin Mobile user – great for couples! International calls to the UK, USA, NZ, China, India, Canada & Singapore are unlimited, and you get 500MB free roaming data to use when you’re overseas as well.

The choice is yours

You can find incredible value under $100/month not only when you bring your own mobile, but also if you’re in the market for a brand new one. Shopping around is key. Check our constantly-updated comparison pages on a regular basis. Or go for one of the plans above, all providing great perks. There’s never been better value in the mobile space in Australia!

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