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Vodafone Mobile

Big on data? So are Vodafone. Check out the huge data offers and extras on their postpaid mobile, SIM only, and prepaid plans.

Overall 88%

One of the top-tier Australian telcos, Vodafone has a broad offering of mobile phone postpaid plans, SIM only plans and prepaid plans to choose from. Whatever your phone habits are, we can help you find the right plan today.

What makes Vodafone Mobile different?

Vodafone is always working to be better, whether that’s on their network or on the value offered by their plans. Right now they’re at the top of their game, bringing out Vodafone Passes and limitless mobile data on selected plans so that you won’t feel restricted anymore.

Vodafone Mobile’s Postpaid Plans

Not only do Vodafone have all the latest and greatest phones, they also have some great plans to pair with them so that you can enjoy plenty of surfing, streaming and chatting on your new device.

You choose your Vodafone plan and then your phone, to make sure your contract is customised to exactly what you want. You can even choose a month-to-month postpaid plan, while the phone repayment period is 12 months, 24 months or 36 months, depending on how much you want to pay per month.

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Unlimited calls & texts + hefty data inclusions, all backed by a 30 Day Network Satisfaction Guarantee.

Endless Mobile Data With Vodafone

Say goodbye to charges for exceeding your data limit with Vodafone’s endless mobile data offer. Once you use the data included in your plan, you can keep using data at no extra cost, at speeds of up to 1.5Mbps. The Vodafone endless mobile data offer is available on $60/month and up postpaid and SIM plans.

Vodafone Offer Unlimited Texts and Calls

Never hit your limit again with Vodafone’s unlimited standard texts and calls within Australia across all of their postpaid, SIM only and prepaid plans excluding the 365 Plus Prepaid plan. The perfect thing to pair with an endless mobile data plan, this offer allows you to experience a life unlimited.

Get Vodafone Passes for Extra Entertainment

Postpaid and SIM plans give you the option of adding on Vodafone Passes, which give you data-free usage for the apps you love. For an extra $5/month you can get Video, Chat, Social or Music passes, giving you free rein in Vodafone’s partnered apps at speeds of up to 1.5Mbps – perfect for those who want to get a cheaper plan but still want to be able to stream a lot of movies or music

Vodafone Mobile’s SIM Only Plans

If you already have a phone you love, then the Vodafone SIM only plans are the perfect way to get everything you need. Packed with value, they’ll ensure you never run out of data with their huge data inclusions, generous international minutes, and other extras that will keep you streaming for longer.

Vodafone have month-to-month or 12-month SIM plans so you can choose whether you want to be locked in or not, although their 12-month plans have some simply incredible deals that might be hard to pass up.

Vodafone Mobile’s Prepaid Plans

Are you a fan of staying in control of when you pay for your phone? Vodafone has two prepaid plans: the Combo Plus which comes with big data, unlimited talk and text, and international minutes, or the 365 Plus where credit has a year-long expiry.

The 365 Plus is perfect for those who don’t often use their phone but don’t want to keep recharging to keep the account open, while Combo Plus combines the freedom of prepaid with many of the usage allowances of postpaid or SIM only plans.

Vodafone Mobile Customer Service and Support

You can contact the Vodafone Mobile customer support team if you’re calling from a Vodafone mobile you can call 1555, or if you’re calling from another phone, call 1300 650 410. If you’re trying to reach them from overseas, you’ll need to call +61 426 320 000. Alternately, you can request a callback from them.

The Vodafone team are available 8am to midnight (AEST) on weekdays, and 9am to midnight (AEST) on weekends

Vodafone Mobile helpdesk

Vodafone will be happy to help you with:

  • Looking to join Vodafone
  • Getting started
  • Managing your account
  • Troubleshooting
  • Latest Offers or Plans

Use Your Phone Your Way With Vodafone

Vodafone understands that people want different things from their phones, which is why they’ve kept their plans simple, generous and somewhat customisable across postpaid, SIM only and prepaid plans. If you’re someone who uses a lot of data, you can’t go past the endless mobile data offerings of their higher plans, while if your tastes are more focused then the Vodafone Passes are a great add-on option.

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