How to Use Quickflix on TiVo


The Guide to use Quickflix on TiVo

So, your friend got you TiVo and now you want to know exactly what the device does and how to use your Quickflix subscribed service with it. TiVo is a DVR, digital video recorder, which was launched in 1999. One of its most outstanding features is the ‘season pass’ which can be used to record all the new episodes of a TV series. It also lets you download a range of movies, TV shows and also lets you view your personal photos or listen to your collection of music.

WishList, a search option which allows you to search for a show based on your interest, title or actors name and then download the series, is another feature that makes TiVo a worthy contender among DVRs.

Now, I will guide you through the steps you need to take in order to start streaming Quickflix using your TiVo device. It is an easy process, so follow these steps carefully and you will be enjoying Quickflix on TiVo in no time:

  1. You need to first sign up for a Quickflix account, or if you already have one, link your existing account to your TiVo device
  2. After linking, you need to press the ‘TiVo Central’ button present on your remote control and select the option which says ‘Quickflix TV & Movies’ from the available menu.
  3. From the given titles, browse your favorite ones and moving the cursor on your selection, press ‘Select’. It will show you details about the ratings of the movie, its director, actor, the file size, and even a short summary.
  4. Choose “Download Now” from the option and it will ask for your PIN that was provided to you when you set up your Quickflix account. In case you have forgotten your details, you can log on to the Quickflix website where you can request for a change of your pass code.
  5. Once you confirm the download of a movie, the TV will display a Thank You screen, and if the blue light on the TIVO device turns on, it’s an indication that your movie is being downloaded.
  6. If your connection speed is adequate enough, the device will let you play the movie while the download is in progress, but it is always better to wait for the download to finish before you watch your movie, for a better experience.
  7. After the movie is downloaded, it will be available in the Now Playing List in the Quickflix folder where you can enjoy the movie as you desire.

You should note that your Quickflix content has an expiry date and your downloaded content will not be available for viewing after it expires. So, now that you have all the info you need to start using your TiVo device with your Quickflix account, set up the device and have a good time watching movies.