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Seven’s Winter Olympics app has become the Commonwealth Games app, ready to go for when the competitors enter the arena at the start of April. Once again, you’ll be able to see live streams of all the events with an optional premium tier giving you more. We take a look at what to expect.

Foxtel has recently announced a major shakeup happening to their popular movie services. Dedicated solely to the all-time greatest movies ever made, they’re launching a new channel aptly named, Foxtel Movie Greats, this coming Friday, March 23rd. And if that’s not enough to satisfy the classic movie fan in you, all of the channel’s carefully […]

Live sports streaming is a huge thing in the USA, but here in Australia it’s been restricted to Foxtel Now – until Amazon unexpectedly jumped into the game with live streaming coverage of American NFL and ATP tennis!

With TVs and streaming boxes now pre-loaded with various apps – with many more that can be downloaded – is the content these lower-profile apps offer worth a look? And which ones stand out from the crowd?

Streaming TV isn’t just about the grown-ups spending an evening binge-watching on the latest Netflix original series – ‘cause the kids have shows they want to watch too! Luckily, various streaming services deliver with quality shows and movies and more importantly, with parental controls to make sure they watch safely.

It’s the battle of the streaming boxes, as we look at the very capable Telstra TV 2 and its rival, the Fetch TV Mini – both offers ready to stream video, watch pay TV and broadcast TV, and more. Which one’s got more edge over the other? Read on to find out.

Fans of reality TV shows in all their many flavours are spoilt for both choice and value with the dedicated reality streaming service, Hayu. But alongside Foxtel Now’s reality-heavy Lifestyle Pack, how does Hayu’s huge library of content compare?

In this week’s Game of Thrones episode, we lose a fan favourite, witness an unexpected escape, and watch Cersei get more humiliated than ever. It was a devastating conclusion to another great season, one that left us more emotionally drained than ever. Who would have tough that was still possible? Let’s talk about the finale, one geographical area at a time.

Re-open the fighting pits, they said. It will be fun, they said. Well, not so much for the Mother of Dragons, who was this close to getting brutally murdered in this week’s Game of Thrones episode. Elsewhere, Stannis made a horrible decision, boring things keep happening in Dorne, and Arya stumbled upon someone from her past (and her kill list). Both thrilling and traumatic, The Dance of Dragons marked the majestic return of one of our favourite Game of Thrones characters, Drogon. Let’s talk about it.

Oh boy, what a packed Game of Thrones episode! A proper sit-down between Tyrion and Daenerys? Check! A zombie avalanche? Check! A fight like we’ve never seen before? Check! The apocalypse is furiously approaching in the Westeros universe, and we’ve got front row seats.

So many things happened in The Gift, that we’re currently finding it hard to catch our breaths. Luckily though, the episode didn’t feel overstuffed – the action flowed nicely, and we caught a glimpse of the majority of the main characters, most of them facing dangerous or bad situations. Things aren’t looking good as winter approaches.

In this week’s Game of Thrones episode, two of the great women of Westeros go through a whole lot of pain; while one of them is imprisoned, the other witnesses first-hand just how cruel her new husband can be. Elsewhere, we finally get to see the Sand Snakes fight, and they would surely make Oberyn proud. Things are heating up in the Game of Thrones universe. But let’s take it one area at a time.

Another captivating Game of Thrones episode that left us with a few burning questions and observations!

Let’s pace ourselves though and take it one major geographical area at a time, as plenty of things happened in this week’s instalment.