How to Turn On and Use Closed Captions on Foxtel

How to turn on and use closed captions on Foxtel

Closed Captions on Foxtel

Closed Captions are a transcript of the spoken and other audio on the shows and movies you are viewing, displayed on screen.

On Foxtel you can access over 300,000 hours of closed captioned programming spanning 72 channels, this now includes time-shift and HD channels. Foxtel’s closed caption service is available on both live TV and on recordings.

How to turn on Closed Captioning whilst watching a Foxtel channel on your iQ3:

  1. Press the Select button, then the yellow button
  2. Select Closed Captions
  3. Use the arrows   to switch the setting to on
  4. Press back to exit

How to set Closed Captions as default:

  1. Do the above steps
  2. Closed captions remain on until you manually turn them off again

Programs that have Closed Captions are identified by the symbol CC. This will appear next to the title in your on-screen TV Guide, Mobile Foxtel Guide app, Online TV guide or Foxtel Magazine.

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