Top 5 Broadband Plans for Small Businesses

See the Best Broadband Plans for Small Businesses

For modern businesses, an internet connection is critical. While it is possible to run a paper-only business, the simple fact is that everything happens online — from invoicing clients and paying bills through to organising promotions. So while it’s not essential for small businesses to have reliable broadband, it sure is trending that way!

The good news it that there are some great plans out there that make the whole thing easy! The first step for any small business looking for a better broadband deal is to know what your organisation needs from its internet plan. There’s no point in locking your business into an expensive high-end plan if it doesn’t deliver measurable value in return. And it’s the same in reverse — choosing a slow connection with a tiny amount of data may save you a few dollars, but if it inhibits your tactical and strategic operations, is it worth it?

So it’s clear that you need to know what you will be using your broadband connection to achieve and, how much you can budget for, and then work out what fits those needs.

Small Business Broadband Wish List?

Yes, every organisation is different. But there are a few use cases that will be common across the board.

A good rate

This is relevant no matter the size of your business. Overspending is the enemy in many organisations, and if yours is the kind that likes to keep costs down, then you’ll want a broadband connection that gives you exactly what you need without charging a premium rate. Even if you want a connection bundle with all the perks, it still pays to know you’re getting it for a good rate.

A reliable connection

We’ve said it before — a stable connection that delivers consistently good speeds is a must. It doesn’t matter what your business is using the internet for — if your broadband doesn’t work when you need it, then you’re essentially wasting money. As with all technology, there are a lot of factors involved. Some you can’t control — like the number of people online in your area. But others you can. For broadband, this means using a modern modem on an NBN connection, preferably on the NBN 50 tier. Or at the very least, an ADSL2+ connection that’s close to an exchange. Anything less and you will experience a laggy connection that hinders your business.

A generous amount of data

This element depends largely on how your business operates. If you’re running a cafe out of a minivan, then chances are you just need enough data to check emails and place orders online. But if you’re involved in, say, video production, you’re going to need the kind of broadband that can handle sending and receiving massive files on a regular basis. Clearly, the data allowance you need will vary. The important thing to note here is to always lean toward “generous” as in “more than you need”. Because you want to avoid the experience of needing to get online for an important activity only to find your data cap has been exceeded.

Top Five Broadband Deals for Small Businesses

When it comes to measuring the value of a broadband plan for a small business, finding a good rate is at the top of the list — but it’s not the only measure we’re going to use. Reliability and data caps are just as important. So we’re focusing on NBN and ADSL plans and bundles. We’re not going to look at 4G or wireless-only options, because they are expensive, usually come with low data amounts, and the technology doesn’t always provide the reliability that you need. However, we are going to include a bundle or two because sometimes the value they offer small businesses in other areas can make a big difference.

Mate “Yeah Mates” NBN 50 bundle

Sometimes it pays to be cautious, and Mate lets your small business play it safe with their broadband connection. This deal makes the list for a couple of reasons. First of all there are no contracts, so you can shop around if you’re risk-averse. Second, the NBN 50 speed tier with unlimited data means that no matter what you’re doing online, you should have the bandwidth to do it fast. Their bundle also includes unlimited calls to local, national, and Australian mobile numbers. Collectively, they offer everything you need to get your small business kicking along, for the sum of $78/month. On top of that, Mate’s call centre is located here in Australia, so if you need to talk to someone about your small business’ service, you know your call won’t get shunted overseas.

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Great value ADSL and NBN broadband deals. Unlimited data. No lock-in contracts.

Dodo 50GB NBN bundle

This bundle is here for those small businesses that don’t need a lot from their internet connection and are looking for a budget option. No stranger to meeting a smaller budget, Dodo’s broadband bundles are some of the most competitive in this space. The 50GB bundle delivers an NBN 12 connection with 50 GB of data, plus unlimited calls to local, national, and Australian mobile numbers. It comes with free WiFi modem rental, which is a nice perk. But the low data cap and slow speed make it ideal if your business is small and just needs to send and receive emails and calls. Anything outside this level of activity and you’ll be hard pressed to make it work smoothly. So if you are certain that your usage come in under 50GB a month and you’re okay with receiving a 12Mbps connection, then this bundle from Dodo is an excellent budget choice.

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Belong Build Your ADSL plan

Flexibility is a mainstay of modern business and Belong makes Broadband flexibility easy. This subsidiary of Telstra focuses on flexible broadband plans that can meet your changing circumstances, letting you customise your broadband plans over time. Our pick is the 100GB Standard Plus NBN plan, which as the name suggests offers 100GB of data with typical evening speeds of 30Mbps. The cost? Just $60/month for 12 months. Don’t want to sign a contract? Easy, it’s just $5/month more to go contract free. Want a faster connection? You can jump up to the Premium speed (60Mbps) for another $20/month. Want to save money? Drop down to the Standard speed and knock $10/month off your total. With Belong, you can change your plan at any time (but only once a month), giving you the flexibility you need to succeed.

Unlimited Data with Belong

Get unlimited NBN data + a free WiFi modem for just $60/month. Zero standard activation fees!

Southern Phone NBN Sky Muster Standard Medium plan

If your small business is located in a regional area, chances are that you’ll rely on your broadband connection quite heavily. But you may find it difficult to give your business the bandwidth it needs at a decent rate. This is where Southern Phone’s internet plans excel. The company will go above and beyond to get you connected, offering the NBN “Sky Muster” Satellite Plan. Small businesses will probably want at least 120GB of data. Speed boosted to a 25/5 speed tier, it’s just $50/month on the Satellite Medium Broadband Plan. There’s no contract, and you’ll need to supply your own WiFi modem (or buy one for a one-off $99 cost) but the satellite dish and installation are done at no cost to you. Southern Phone is a completely Australian-based company, with a call centre based in Moruya, NSW. They’re also owned entirely by regional local councils. So if supporting local business is important to your small business, this is a great pick.

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Telstra “M” plan

No newcomer to enabling businesses online, Telstra’s broadband plans all feel fully focused on small businesses. Our pick is the Telstra “M” plan that delivers 1000GB of data on the NBN 50 speed tier (they call it “Standard Plus”) for just $80/month. This much data lets your business run smoothly online enabling limited video conferencing and online backups. Telstra also offers its Smart Modem for $240, which features a mobile connection and acts as a wireless hotspot backup should there be any disruption to your connection. This plan also comes with a static IP, meaning you can let your workers access your in-house digital resources (such as assets stored on linked servers) over the internet. It doesn’t come with any calls included, however, making it a purely online package. If that’s what you need, then this is the plan for you!

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Keep an Eye Out for the Best Deals!

By now you should have a good idea of what your small business needs from its broadband connection. But like with many digital commodities, the best way to make sure your plan meets your needs is to check out what’s available in the market.

If you want to cast your eye around, feel free to pick a small business broadband plan with no lock-in contract. This lets you see what the internet service is like first-hand, without committing to a 12-month ordeal if things go sideways. And if you find a deal that gives you better perks, then you’re free to switch providers and packages without penalty.


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