Things You Need to Know About Netflix

Netflix has a collective 10 million subscribers around the world making it the most popular video streaming service. We wanted to unveil some lesser-known things you probably aren’t aware of…

Video Quality Is Effected By Time of Day

If you are facing poor streaming speed and video quality, your internet connection may not always be the cause. Did you know that around 34% of internet capacity in the US is used by Netflix during its peak hours? That’s a lot of data moving from one place to another, that too all at once, due to which things usually slow down a little.

This consequently affects the quality of the video you are streaming as well. And come to think of it, consistent quality is the only area where online video streaming needs to be improved. However, considering the fact that it’s Netflix, the largest and most popular video streaming service in the world, don’t be surprised if an effective solution is already in the pipeline.

Streaming Speed Affects Video Quality

Sometimes ISPs are so overwhelmed by the enormous popularity of the video streaming service that they have gone as far as to slow down or throttle their subscriber’s internet connection to Netflix. Yes, this is true and if you are getting poor video quality in spite of having a super-fast internet connection, it is probable this is the cause.

So, how to find out the speed you are getting? Access your Netflix and click the link “Example Short 23.976”. The video consists of a series of random clips with duration of over 11 minutes. Once it’s running, the video’s resolution and bit rate is displayed on the corner of the video. Resolution is the quality, while bit rate is the speed at which the video is streaming.

Then compare the bit rate against the average connection speed you are getting from your internet service provider. If it’s lower, there could be two possibilities. There might be a problem with your internet connection, or you may not be getting the speed you are paying for. If you are not getting the speed you have paid for, contact your ISP as soon as possible and let them know about the problem.  If it’s being throttled, do not hesitate to complain!

Change Your Recommendations

Movie recommendation is one of the best features of Netflix and perhaps the only thing after its enormous library of movies and TV shows which separates it from other rival videos streaming services.  However, Netflix takes every movie rating you make into account when giving recommendations for movies you would like.

However, it’s not always what you are hoping for. What if you checked out a type of movie you usually do not watch? As a result, you are seeing more movies you do not prefer in your recommendations. Fortunately, your preferences can be changed easily. All you need to do is access Netflix and load the “Taste Preferences” survey under “Your Account”.

Which one did you find the most interesting?