Telstra Internet Guide: Find the Best TV or Broadband Bundle

All the controversy in the media recently about customers upgrading to the NBN – only to find that they can’t get even stream their favourite shows in the evening because of network congestion – has really driven home an important point. When you choose an internet provider, you want to pick one that not only delivers in terms of speed, but can deliver that speed even under the pressure of the evening streaming binge stress test. Telstra is one provider that is on top of things when it comes to making sure their internet service is fast and flawless, no matter what time of day or night you use it.

Traditionally (and unfairly) regarded by some as expensive, Telstra Internet has been cutting prices drastically in recent times. And their latest range of bundles hit the sweet spot in terms of costs.

One of the new bundles has a unique focus, too – Telstra TV. This tiny little black box, exclusive to Telstra, instantly connects you to streaming services, catch-up TV and rental movies as well as receiving live TV as it happens.

What Makes Telstra Internet Different?

Telstra Broadband has launched what they’re calling their Unlimited + Streaming bundle, which combines fast unlimited broadband with easy-access streaming TV.

Available on both ADSL and NBN, the Unlimited + Streaming bundle comes in at $99 per month. This includes home phone line rental, with unlimited calls to Australian landlines and calls to mobiles. International calls to landline and mobile are available for an additional charge as well. With so many people using their mobile as their main phone these days, you definitely want to have calls to mobiles included in your home phone plan!

What you get here is unlimited fast data, with a network that works when you need it to. Telstra Broadband was recently rated the top ISP for Netflix streaming, and to get Netflix to you, the second-generation Telstra TV is, of course, included in the bundle. You also get 24 months of access to the Pop and Lifestyle packs on Foxtel Now – which includes the Fox Showcase channel, the home of everything HBO including the upcoming new season of Game of Thrones!

Also included with this bundle is a bunch of other perks, including a free Google Home Mini and the brand new Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2.

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What is Telstra TV?

A Telstra-customised version of a device from renowned US brand Roku, the second-generation Telstra TV is a winner right out of the gate. It’s one of the most reliable and hassle-free streaming devices on the market – after all, millions of them are in use in the US. Even better, it’s available in Australia pre-loaded with all the apps you need. There’s no need to mess around with downloading and installing apps to get started.

This little shiny black box fits anywhere you have a spare few inches – under the TV, beside the Blu-ray player, anywhere. It plugs into your TV via HDMI, and you connect it to your home network either via Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable and power it up. After a quick sign-in process (you use your Telstra Home Broadband account), you’re all set.

Telstra TV includes apps for Netflix, Stan, Bigpond Movies and the excellent documentary streaming service DocPlay, but it’s about more than just on-demand streaming. There are also catch-up apps for all five Australian free-to-air networks – iView, Tenplay, and more – apps for sport fans (AFL, NRL, Netball, UFC, NBA and more), and internet staples like YouTube, TED, Vimeo and TuneIn Radio.

And best of all, there’s the Foxtel Now app, which was the first fully high-definition app for Foxtel Now streaming. It allows you to subscribe to channel packs from $10 per month and stream live Foxtel channels in HD direct to your screen (the Pop and Lifestyle packs included with this bundle already save you $25/month – $600 over two years!) There’s no need for a contract or installation. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, Telstra TV is the best way to watch it!

Telstra Customer Service and Support

You can contact the Telstra customer support team any time of the day or night via their 24/7 Live Chat, available on their web site and through the free Telstra 24/7 app available for iOS and Android devices.

If you’d prefer to speak to a Telstra Internet customer service specialist, you can call toll-free between 8am and 9pm AEST on 1800 007 769.

Telstra helpdesk

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  • Latest Offers or Plans
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Does Telstra Broadband Offer Any Added Extras?

As current Telstra customers already know, this is a company that’s quite fond of perks, and Broadband bundles are no exception. Included with your bundle is free access to Telstra Air worldwide (including Fon hotspots overseas). That’s over a million Wi-Fi hotspots that you have free access to no matter where you happen to be.

You also get the new Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 to connect your service, which now includes 4G backup in case of temporary broadband outage – and best of all, it’ll make use of Telstra’s mobile network while you’re waiting for your NBN or ADSL service to get connected. As soon as you get your modem, you’re able to get connected instantly at no extra cost.

Moreover, you get access to Telstra Broadband Protect, which helps keep your family safe from nasties on all devices connected to your network.

And let’s not forget Telstra Thanks, a rewards program where Telstra gives you extras unconditionally – just for being a Telstra customer. Discounted tickets for movies, concerts and sports, a free movie rental every week from Bigpond Movies and more.

The extras keeps on coming, too, with Telstra now throwing in the acclaimed Google Home Mini for hands-free help around the home, and 2 latest-release movie rentals on Bigpond Movies to get your Telstra TV streaming started.

Foxtel from Telstra

Get the Foxtel from Telstra
Entertainment + Drama or Movies
Package. 48 channels of brilliant TV.
/mthover 24 mths

Foxtel Now Free for 24 months

Free Foxtel Now for 24 months +
Telstra TV + Google Home Mini on
the Unlimited + Streaming Bundle
/mthover 24 mths

Is it the Right Bundle for You?

If you, like so many of us, have made streaming TV a part of your life and you’re looking for a network that can deliver an HD viewing experience without buffering, this bundle represents amazing value. Telstra TV takes all the hassle out of streaming, putting everything in one box and the control in the palm of your hand, and the bundle comes with a bunch of entertainment ready to roll and a modem to connect you the moment it’s delivered. If you’re looking for an internet provider – either on ADSL or for your move to NBN – then this bundle is seriously worth adding to your shortlist.


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