SofiHub – What do you need to know about the senior-focused provider?

Our Verdict

Our Verdict

Southern Phone’s SofiHub bundles

Southern Phone’s SofiHub bundles bring instant peace of mind to seniors and their families at a very affordable price.

Overall 87%

It can be frustrating getting older, especially if you’ve been a proudly independent person all your life. While a mature age can be one of the best times of life, our bodies don’t always keep up with the demands we ask from them. Whether it’s illness, a long-term condition or just less energy to do the stuff you used to take for granted, for many people the senior years can make doing some of the day to day stuff difficult.

Updated October 27th, 2019

And for the families and care-takers who look after our seniors when they need it, there’s always a little bit of worry that if something unavoidable but potentially dangerous happens – a fall, for example – they might not know about it to be able to help out quickly. It’s a day to day reality for many seniors.

That’s where the Australian-designed SofiHub comes in. The wonderful world of connected technology has brought us many innovations over the years, but innovation is at its best when that technology actually makes people’s lives better.

What Makes SofiHub Unique?

SofiHub is a stylish but unobtrusive box that sits in the room of the house where a senior is likely to spend the most time – usually the living room, or perhaps the kitchen. It acts as the central point for SofiHub to tell you about new information and for it to connect to the internet – its most crucial feature. The hub has its own special sensor that is installed on the ceiling of the room where the hub will get placed.

SofiHub’s security protections

In the box with SofiHub are additional censors, which can be mounted on the wall or ceiling in each room. They report back to the hub as you move past them, so SofiHub is always aware of you being fully functional as you move around the house.

SofiHub has been extensively tested and refined since its small-scale launch to professional carers and homes; now that it’s available to the public, its benefits are there for everyone.

How Can SofiHub Help in the Home?

Alongside its use for remote monitoring, SofiHub can also help out with handy reminders – because the clever little box is also a smart device with a voice built in. Once set up, it will helpfully alert the resident to important things such as when it’s time to take medications, when the local rubbish collection is due, when bills need to be paid, or when it’s a family member or friend’s birthday. The sky’s the limit – if there’s any situation where an automatic reminder will help, SofiHub will make sure the message gets through. It’s even smart enough to make sure you’re in the room before it starts speaking, so it knows you can hear it clearly.

Use SofiHub to set reminders

The medication reminder feature is, by the way, also helped out by a sensor in the medications drawer or cabinet. That can send an alert to a carer if daily medications get missed, and also issue an alert both locally and remotely if medications are taken more often than they should be.

All of the reminders and other alerts can be remotely set up, changed and added to by the carer directly from the SofiHub online portal – the carer just makes the needed changes, and SofiHub is updated with all the new information automatically.

What is the Sofi Beacon?

Sofi beacon is a lightweight convenient mobile personal alert system. Photo: Sofihub

An alternative to the full SofiHub set-up is a more modest invention – the Sofi Beacon. This is a little wearable device that seniors can wear around their neck so it’s always at hand. It does perform an entirely different function from a monitoring device, but it shares the same objective of keeping the senior resident safe day in and day out. If anything happens – such as a fall – the wearer just needs to press the SOS button on the Beacon, and a carer will be instantly notified so they can come and help.

How does SofiHub connect to the Internet?

Since SofiHub is a connected device, you may immediately worry that it will require the installation of a broadband connection at the house where it’ll be installed. Luckily, the smart people at SofiHub already thought of that. SofiHub uses the 4G mobile network – which means it’ll start working as soon as it’s set up, even in homes that don’t have a fixed internet connection at all.

SofiHub and Southern Phone

This is also where SofiHub’s partnership with Southern Phone comes into play – because a connected device is only as useful as the network it connects to, and Southern Phone has access to the best, Australia-wide. When you connect SofiHub, Southern Phone will select the network that gives the best coverage where the hub will live – they have access to both the Telstra and Optus networks, ensuring rock-solid coverage no matter where you live. As a company founded in regional Australia, committed to serving all communities large and small, and a stellar reputation for value and quality, Southern Phone and SofiHub make a great combination.

Seniors Plans with Southern Phone

Get the most flexible SIM-only plans from Southern Phone now with discounts. Enjoy unlimited calls & texts from only $10/mth, powered by Optus with no lock-in contract!

What are Southern Phone SofiHub Plans?

There are three easy to understand plans for SofiHub from Southern Phone, keeping things nice and straightforward. It’s a “what you see is what you get” way of pricing and it makes the task of selecting the right SofiHub plan much easier.

All plans come with full access to the SofiHub Online portal for remote setup and monitoring, and connect to 4G internet automatically without the need to sign up for a phone plan. The three plans available are:

SofiBeacon: Gives you the small, wearable Sofi Beacon, with full 4G connectivity meaning that seniors are only a button press away from help whenever they need it. It supports five emergency contacts, is water resistant and has built-in GPS that works anywhere. Sofi Beacon is an especially great tool for seniors who are still very mobile and spend a large amount of time outside, whether that be across the road or down at the shops. The cost is $15/month on a 24-month contract.

SofiAssistant: This is the package that gives you the SofiHub assistant with three sensors to cover around the home. This bundle costs $50/month on a 24-month contract.

Sofi Package: The complete Sofi toolset, this bundle gives you everything in the other two – a Sofi Beason alongside a SofiHub and three extra sensors. It costs $65/month on a 24-month contract.

Awards and Recognition

With such a useful set of smart features that can actually make a difference in seniors’ lives and help them to stay independent in their own home, it’s no surprise that SofiHub has already been winning awards – most recently and significantly at the Australian IoT Awards in June last year, where it won the category for Best Healthcare or Sport Project.

Southern Phone and SofiHub Customer Service

To get in touch with the Southern Phone call centre team to ask any questions you might have about SofiHub, Sofi Beacon or the available plans, you can call Southern Phone for the cost of a local call any time between 8am to 8pm, seven days a week, on 13 14 64.

Is SofiHub right for me?

It may not be the first device designed for monitoring and helping seniors around the home, but SofiHub is definitely one of the smartest. With its friendly, spoken personality, its ever-watchful sensors and constant connection to the world without needing an internet connection, it’s a welcome addition to any senior’s home. Southern Phone keeps things nice and affordable with its SofiHub bundles, too, making this a winning combination.

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