How to Pause My Foxtel Subscription?

A Foxtel subscription can be suspended at a customer’s request.

This is because Foxtel is there to serve the customer’s needs. It is important to notify Foxtel in order for the suspension to be carried out in time to suit your needs. It can be suspended for one week or more, according to your preference. However, it is recommended that a customer should not suspend their subscription for more than three months.

The suspension length depends on the period you prefer, hence there is no standard time set for suspension. Foxtel provides assistance to customers who wish to suspend their subscription to make sure that they are able to take the proper measures required to do so. It’s a convenient and easy to access service that makes it simple for customers to put their Foxtel subscription on hold. Extra fees may be charged to a customer who wishes to suspend their subscription if they don’t notify the service provider before their monthly fee is processed. It is important to notify the service providers In case of any changes made during the suspension. The service providers are dedicated to giving customers the best viewing experience and Foxtel offers flexible services that can meet any customer’s demands.

Foxtel also provides a reliable reconnection service

It takes a short period of time to get the customer subscription back to full service after a suspension. Suspension is useful in case of various situations such as: vacations when the customers travel away from home and do not want to leave an active subscription that will cost them a certain monthly fee, exam scenarios for students who need to catch-up on revision and when a customer is finding a job hence they dedicate all their time to this task.

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