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There’s plenty of “O” to go around when it comes to these two relatively fresh third-party mobile providers. They’re in no way related, but they both sport names that sound warmer and friendlier than your average telco. And that’s by design, since these two companies are trying to stand out from an increasingly crowded field. They’re not just providing services and perks that others don’t, but also appeal to the younger demographic, looking for no-string-attached plans with tons of perks and inclusions.

Mindful of the intense competition going on at the budget end of the BYO-mobile space, both OVO and Yomojo have come up with some tempting and unconventional offers. They operate on the Optus 4G Plus network, meaning you’ll be well covered in almost all populated parts of Australia with 4G data access concentrated around high population areas. That effectively puts the two companies on an even footing as far as network goes. So what makes OVO or Yomojo stand out from the crowd? Read on to find out.


Keeping things simple and friendly is what OVO’s all about. Their uncluttered web site lays out their products and prices with a minimum of fuss. There’s two “for kids” plans here at the top of the list, being extremely cheap – $10 and $15 per month. However, due to their purpose, they pack lower data caps and a limited amount of calls. They also come with a free “Family Zone” cyber safety service account, which would usually cost nearly $60 per year. The account allows parental control of those kinds’ plans right down to managing screen time. This free service is offered on all OVO plans but makes the most sense on the restrictive kids plans.

For general mobile use, you’re looking at one of three OVO mobile plans, all with unlimited calls and texts within Australia. They are priced at $25, $35 and $45 per 30 days. The difference is in the data – those plans give you 2GB, 8GB and 12GB respectively. The middle plan represents amazing value – it’s not a surprise that it trumped the more established competition to take out Money Magazine’s award for Best Value High Usage Mobile Plan for 2017.

For tablet users and those who need a data-only SIM for anything from a laptop to a 4G router, OVO offers four plans. They range from $16 to $60 per 30 days, and from 3GB to 50GB data allowance. The $30 13GB plan is great for on-the-go tablet users. Meanwhile, the heftier plans – 25GB and 50GB – are perhaps more suitable as a replacement for wired home broadband. Though, if you’re a keen mobile Netflix viewer, they’d suit you just as well! There’s also a 365-day plan for data users who just need their device connected without having to constantly recharge. It gives you 15GB and a year to use it for $100.

And OVO users all get access to OVOPlay, the company’s unique sports streaming service, with V8 Supercars, gymnastics and more – all streamable data-free.

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The big point of difference with Yomojo is in its “personalised” plans. You can pick the exact amounts of talk, text and data you use and only pay for that, effectively building a unique mobile plan just for you. However, for standard users that makes less sense than you’d think, especially when plans with unlimited calls and text are the order of the day. And the unlimited-call Yomojo mobile plans deliver some pretty keen value across the board. There are four plans available to suit the needs of pretty much everyone; from those who only use mobile data to check Facebook and order the occasional Uber, to those who live and breathe the internet while on the go.

Starting at $20 per 30 days for 2GB, the plans escalate the data allowance quickly – 6GB for $30, 9GB for $40 and 12GB for $45. That’s some terrific data value right there. The top plan mathes OVO’s for data allowance and price, and the second-top plan goes head-to-head with OVO’s popular $35 8GB plan. Is the extra gigabyte worth the extra five bucks to you? If so you might lean towards Yomojo’s offering, though you’ll miss out on OVO’s extras. It’s at the $30 price point that things are more interesting – that’s only 2GB behind OVO but $5 a month cheaper. If you take a look at your own data usage patterns you’ll more than likely find you’ll be struggling to find a month where you came close to using 6GB.

For data-only users, Yomojo has five plans to pick from. They range from $16 for 3GB up to $86 for 70GB. At the 25GB level they’re once again going head-to-head with the similarly priced OVO, but for medium usage OVO pulls slightly ahead with its $30 13GB plan versus Yomojo’s $26 for 10GB. Yomojo, on the other hand, goes into seriously hefty territory with the 70GB offering. And if you’re using your tablet for hefty data wrangling that’s going to be a hard option to ignore.

The verdict

There’s amazing value available from both companies. Deciding between OVO or Yomojo might really just come down to the extras on OVO’s side, and the option of switching to truly personalised plans on Yomojo’s. Regardless of which one you pick, though, you’ll be set. All the calls and text you can handle and enough data to cover your needs, at prices anyone can afford – and with no contracts. It’s a great time to be shopping for a mobile plan!