Netflix Streaming – Frequently Asked Questions

Undoubtedly, Netflix is currently one of the best ways to stream movies and TV shows. We thought it is the perfect time to answer some frequently asked questions streamers have about the service.

“How Does the Free Trial Work”?

The trial offer gives you the opportunity to try the service for a whole month without paying a dime. In addition to watching content instantly on your computer, you will be able to watch unlimited TV shows and movies on your TV using Apple TV, Telstra TV, Xbox One, PS4 or any other compatible device.

If you enjoy the trial, you do not need to anything as your membership will continue automatically once your trial ends. Offering a monthly subscription system, you can cancel your membership easily, anytime you desire. There is no cancellation fee and no long-term contracts. Simply sign up to get started with Netflix.

“Which Devices Can Be Used to Stream Netflix”?

Netflix can be streamed instantly from any internet-capable device, such as smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, home theater systems, streaming players, HDTV’s, DVD and Blu-Ray Players. However, these devices must offer a Netflix application.

“What Is The Selection Like”?

Netflix offers thousands of TV episodes and movies to watch instantly on your TV or computer. No matter how much content you watch, there are no commercials to interrupt your viewing experience. There are also options to re-watch, rewind, pause, or fast-forward as many times as you like.

“Can I Stream Content in HD”?

Yes, Netflix offers HD viewing. However, the image quality while streaming may vary from device to device, and computer to computer. A number of factors contribute to the quality of the stream, such as your location and internet connection speed. Moreover, streaming in HD will use up a lot more bandwidth as opposed to standard definition. This is why we recommend you check with your Internet provider, so that you can avoid the possibility of excess Internet charges.

“How Fast Should My Internet Be”?

According to Netflix, you need to have a minimum 0.5 Mbps internet speed, but if you want improved video quality, a faster speed will be required. In addition, while Netflix will work with different broadband levels, the speed of your Internet connection may affect your overall viewing experience. This is why it is recommended you get an internet connection of at least 1 Mbps to be on the safe side. The faster your connection, the better your picture quality will be.

There you have it. Hopefully, this article answers all the common questions you streamers have about Netflix. Ready to subscribe?