Netflix A – Z Device Compatibility List

Although Netflix can be streamed on a wide range of devices, you might want to check if your device of choice is able to play Netflix. To help you out, we have compiled a list of all the devices that allow you to watch the comprehensive selection of movies and TV shows on Netflix.


Apple TV

One of the best streaming media boxes available to stream Netflix, Apple TV has a Netflix app installed by default on the 3rd-generation model, and an enhanced downloadable app on the latest models, including 4K and HDR support on the new Apple TV 4K.


Netflix is available on all Android mobile phones and tablets. However, for uninterrupted viewing, it is recommended that your operating system is higher than Android 2.2.



One of Google’s most innovative products, Chromecast is a small device that fits in the HDMI port of your TV.  It allows you to broadcast Netflix from the Chromecast-compatible Netflix apps to your TV screen.

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With a firm grip on the mobile and tablet markets, it comes as no surprise that Netflix is available on iOS devices. It can be used on all kinds of iPads and iPhones, as well as the iPod Touch.



Netflix is available on Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD. It is not supported on older versions of Kindle, as they do not support apps.



At one time, the most used device for streaming Netflix was the PlayStation 3. It can also be streamed on the PS Vita. Both devices allow you to play HD content, and their social feature makes them the ideal system for watching Netflix effortlessly.


The newest addition to the PlayStation family, the PS4 comes with a new and improved layout and allows users to swap between apps instantly, making it a great device for streaming Netflix.


Samsung and Sony Smart TVs

You can watch Netflix directly on your Samsung or Sony Smart TV by downloading the Netflix app (or using the one supplied out of the box).



Earlier, this no-longer-sold DVR set-top box only allowed you to record movies and TV shows. However, now it is Internet-enabled and comes with Netflix support. All you need to do is download the app and you are good to go!


Windows 8 & 10

Netflix started as a browser service before going on and supporting numerous other devices. The latest Windows OS also has a native Netflix app.


Wii is by far the most successful product from Nintendo. Although the console does not support HD, it can be used for streaming Netflix content.

Wii U

Not only does the Wii U offer an amazing gaming experience, it provides a great Netflix experience too.


Xbox One & Xbox 360

Earlier, an Xbox Live Gold account was required for watching Netflix on Xbox One and Xbox 360. However, with that abolished a few months ago, more people are enjoying Netflix movies and TV shows on their Xbox consoles.