How to Navigate Foxtel: For First-Time Users

The Guide to Navigating Foxtel

If you want to know how to navigate Foxtel, you probably have one and it would be good to know a little about the company that makes the product and its services.

Foxtel is an Australian television company which deals in cable television, satellite broadcast television and IPTV catch-up services. Formed in 1992, the company shares similarities with the UK-based Sky services in features like the electronic program guide, Red Button Active, a similar remote control and iQ. Foxtel is owned by two companies, ‘Telstra’ which holds 50% of the shares through the Telstra Media Ltd, and 50% of the shares are owned by ‘News Corp’ through News Corp Australia.

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So, now that you know a little about the company and have made the choice to get Foxtel, you must be ready to make the most of it. And in case you don’t know, you can record entire seasons of your favorite TV show on the device, rewind live shows from you iQ remote and do much more than just watch TV. Before we tell you how to navigate Foxtel, there are some safety features you need to keep in mind:

Never remove the cover of the Foxtel iQ3 because the high voltage live wires can cause lethal injuries.

Always make sure all the connections are safe and secure

Plug in all the cables and other leads before you plug the device in a power source or power supply.

Before disconnecting any of the equipment from the back of the panel, make sure you disconnect the device from the power supply.

All the openings and slots in the Foxtel iQ3 are for specific purpose, so don’t insert anything else apart from their components.

Connect all the ports to the device and TV and switch the device on. For the convenience of first-time users, an on-screen guide is available which can be navigated using the Foxtel remote control. The guide can let you watch programs and also look for what’s showing on other channels. The Foxtel guide can also show TV programs listings’ seven days in advance and also find out the start and end time of programs. It will help you order movies, sports and other content from Foxtel and help you set reminders for future TV programs.

Lastly, the Foxtel guide can also help you change the settings on the Foxtel iQ3 and the parental control settings to give you full control of your device. The remote control included with the Foxtel iQ3 is a powerful tool which regulates the whole device with its many functions. It lets you get to the Foxtel guide, record your favorite shows, you pause, rewind, or fast forward whatever you are watching. With several other features, the remote gives you the power to do everything the device allows you to.

You can also download the Foxtel Guide app from the App Store or Android’s Google Play. It gives the users a portable guide they can carry with them anywhere on their smartphone or tablet. So, simply follow the tips provided above and start using Foxel.