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Main Event

Review was updated on 24th May, 2021

For over two decades, Main Event has been broadcasting some of the biggest sporting events and live concerts from around the globe directly into Australian living rooms. Here we review the best ways to watch Main Event on your home TV, PC or mobile device.

Main Event Review

Launched in 1997, Main Event is the only pay-per-view channel in Australia. Essentially, what this means is that rather than pay for the channel in its entirety, you’re able to simply pay for one-off events, primarily from the combat sports such as International Boxing, UFC and WWE.

Previously, Main Event was exclusively available to Foxtel customers, meaning that you needed a Foxtel box (iQ3, iQ4) and a subscription to one or more Foxtel packages. However, that is all set to change with Main Event now available to Kayo customers, meaning you can pay for the Main Event content you want without the need for a satellite installation or a 12-month commitment.

What’s In this Review

What Makes Main Event Unique?

Virtually all of the biggest events from the WWE, UFC, as well as local and international boxing can be found on Main Event. Some of the biggest fights in history over the past 20 years have appeared on the channel. Perhaps the most notable of those was the boxing bout between Anthony Mundine and Danny Green in 2006 – an event that broke all pay-per-view records in Australia.

Other historic Main Event highlights include Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao in 2015, the “Battle of Brisbane” between Australian Jeff Horn and Pacquiao two years later, and more recently, the highly anticipated clash between Tim Tszyu and Bowyn Morgan. The channel also broadcasts various music concerts live and direct, from the likes of Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé, and Dutch violinist Andre Rieu.

Main Event offers both live programming and replays of the same events in the hours and days that follow. Subscribers are able to record the featured broadcast if they can’t watch it live, after which it is available for 72 hours in total and 24 hours after the time they press select to view. Each event is also ad-free, meaning you can enjoy events as if you were actually there.

Watch Main Event on Kayo

You can now watch and stream pay per view events via Main Event on Kayo. Some of the biggest combat sports bouts appear regularly on Main Event, a channel that was previously exclusive to Foxtel customers. You can get access to UFC, WWE and the upcoming all-Aussie boxing clash between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr as well as other special one-off events.

Paul Gallen v Lucas Browne  

The era of the celebrity fight is in full swing with plenty of Youtubers taking to the ring. Logan Paul is et to take on possibly the greatest boxer of all time in the shape of Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather.

Paul has dedicated his life to boxing over the past couple of years and has picked up a thing or two in the ring. But whether he will even be able to land a glove of Mayweather, a man who is undefeated in the professional fight game, remains to be seen.

Although this one is officially been given the ‘exhibition tag, much like Mayweather’s bout with Japanese kickboxing star Tenshin Nasukawa, doesn’t mean it will be less of a fight.

Mayweather destroyed his Japanese opponent in that fight, and many boxing purists are hoping he will do the same to Logan Paul. This fight is available to watch on Main Event Pay Per View from 10.00am, Monday June 7th in Australia. The fight will cost $49.95.

Kayo Sports

Stream Main Event PPVs via Kayo

Watch Main Event PPVs with Kayo Sports. From boxing to WWE and UFC, it’s all here. Catch the action from the biggest sports around the world LIVE!

What Sports are on Main Event?

Main Event only broadcasts those global blockbuster, must-see events that cause a stir around the world. To give you an idea of what to expect, we have listed both previous and upcoming content available on the channel below.

  • McGregor v Mayweather
  • Hell In A Cell
  • Whittaker v Romero
  • Tyson v Jones Jr
  • Wrestlemania
  • Fury v Wilder

How much does Main Event cost?

Each event broadcast on the Main Event channel is priced individually, so there is no set cost for every broadcast. WWE shows are generally the cheapest options, costing between $20-$30. UFC and boxing events tend to be more expensive, costing between $50-$60.

Watch Main Event with Foxtel

Gain access to every Pay-Per-View Main Event. Enjoy the world’s biggest sporting events, including boxing, WWE & UFC live and ad-free!

Main Event on Optus

Optus formerly partnered with Foxtel to provide Optus TV Featuring Foxtel, a service that’s no longer sold. But if you’re an Optus customer looking to watch a Main Event, don’t worry – you can now buy streaming access on Kayo without a subscription. Just pick your event, create an account and pay, and you’ll be set to stream your event as well as enjoying full access to all of Kayo Sports for the duration.

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Main Event Pros and Cons

The Good

  • The only pay-per-view channel in Australia
  • Only pay for the sporting events you want to watch
  • Can now be accessed through Kayo Sports

The Gotchas

  • Requires an active Foxtel subscription
  • Added cost on top of your Foxtel subscription (If you can’t access Kayo)

Main Event Summary: Perfect For Fight Fans

There is no doubt that the combat game is Main Event’s real strength. Most of the UFC and International Boxing fights on the channel are hugely anticipated shows that send the sports world into a frenzy. Some of the biggest ‘where were you when…’ moments have been broadcast live, including the incredible fights between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder, as well as Conor McGregor v Floyd Mayweather.

The fact that Main Event is now available through Kayo removes a huge barrier for real sports fans and makes these big events even more accessible to Australians. It’s an exciting time for combat sports with some mouthwatering fights coming up, and it’s literally never been easier to watch them.

What People are Asking about Main Event

  • How Do I Get Main Event Without Foxtel?

Since its launch over two decades ago, access to Main Event has always required access to Foxtel (or, in earlier years, Optus Vision and Austar). But with the huge success of Kayo at delivering high definition live and on-demand sports coverage via streaming, it made sense for Main Event to join forces with Kayo to deliver the same premium events to a streaming audience. A subscription to Kayo is not required, and you’ll have access to all of Kayo during the access window for your event. It makes it easier than ever to get a bunch of friends together to watch the big fight in the comfort of your lounge room.

  • Is Main Event on Kayo?

Yes it is! Kayo did a test of hosting a Main Event boxing showdown earlier in 2020, and it was a big enough success that Kayo will now be another way of accessing all events on the channel, at the same price you’d pay to buy it on Foxtel. The main differences with Kayo are potentially better picture quality, and the ability to stream the event on demand after it’s over without having to record it or wait for a rebroadcast.

  • What Is Main Event?

Launched not long after Foxtel’s arrival, Main Event is Australia’s only pay-per-view broadcast channel, and has been delivering premium events ranging from boxing, wrestling and UFC to music concerts on a pay-to-access basis for over 20 years. You pay a one-time fee to access the event, after which you can watch it live and either record it to watch again later during your access time (on Foxtel) or stream it on-demand for that same length of time (on Kayo). All the sports and other events on Main Event are exclusive to the channel and can’t be seen anywhere else.

  • How Much is Main Event on Foxtel?

The price of any individual event varies – from around $20 to $30 for events like WWE wrestling, through to around $50-60 for the big boxing meets. Each event is a one-time payment and your access ends once the date range for the event does (you’ll be given the access dates on the page where you buy the event). The pricing is the same on both Foxtel and Kayo.

  • Is UFC Live on Kayo?

Yes – but only limited events or previews of them are available to stream as part of the standard Kayo subscription. The big-ticket events sometimes also show up on regular Kayo, but Main Event broadcasts the headline ones. When those happen, they’ll be accessible via your existing Kayo account by paying the Main Event ticket price, so you won’t miss out on the action.

  • Is Kayo the Same as Foxtel?

While Kayo is part of the Foxtel group of companies, it’s run separately and works very differently. While Foxtel and its streaming counterpart Foxtel Now work like regular TV – with a range of live channels to choose from, and catch-up streaming for stuff you missed – Kayo is a full streaming service, where you access live and on-demand coverage by sport, rather than channel. Kayo also has many enhanced streaming features that Foxtel can’t match, including the ability to watch multiple sports on the screen at one time.

  • Is the Main Event Cost on Kayo and Foxtel the Same?

At the moment, you’ll pay exactly the same for Main Event fixtures, regardless of whether you want to watch on Foxtel or Kayo. It’s worth mentioning, though, that to access Main Event on Foxtel you need a basic Foxtel subscription active – while with Kayo, you don’t need a subscription at all. That makes Kayo a better choice if you don’t already have Foxtel installed. But if you’ve already got Foxtel, that might be the more convenient way to watch a Main Event because there’s no need to worry about streaming.

  • Does Main Event Give Access to all of Kayo?

If you’re not already a Kayo subscriber, you’ll need to create a free Kayo account to buy a Main Event – but once you’ve paid for the event, you’ll have full access to all of Kayo Sports – all the live sports streams, and all on-demand content. That access continues until several days after your event has finished.

  • How Do You Watch Main Event on Kayo on a TV?

Whether it’s Main Event or Kayo’s huge range of other sports, the best way to stream it is by using a streaming device that has a Kayo app available. Apple TV, Telstra TV and Chromecast with Google TV are all great choices. Alternatively, you can cast the stream from your phone or tablet with a Chromecast Ultra on your TV, or use the built-in Kayo app on recent Samsung smart TVs and Sony Android TVs.

  • Can You Watch Main Event with Foxtel Go?

Yes – once you’ve paid for access to the event, you’ll be able to stream it via the Foxtel Go app on your phone or tablet wherever you are, as well as via the Foxtel website on your laptop or desktop PC or Mac.

  • Does Buying a Main Event on Foxtel Give Access to Kayo?

No – you’ll need to buy the event from Kayo’s own Main Even page if you’d prefer the extra streaming access that Kayo grants you during the event period. The price is the same as Foxtel’s, so pick the one that works better for you – easy access via broadcast on Foxtel, or extra streaming options on Kayo.

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