Lebara Mobile Review: Everything to know about the Aussie provider


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Lebara Mobile

Especially great value for those who call internationally a little or a lot, Lebara also has a lot to offer.

Overall 71%

Updated 31st July, 2019

Having pioneered in the field of connecting countries via international calling cards since their inception, Lebara has moved into the field of proving phone and data services directly with a strong emphasis on affordable calling to international destinations. Using the Vodafone network as their backbone, Lebara offers affordable prepaid phone and data services at excellent prices.

Lebara Mobile Review

Lebara’s new and improved mobile plans now have more useful bonuses and features that are worth looking into. These exciting additions, such as more countries qualified for international calling and large data bonuses, will be enjoyed by frequent international callers and data-hungry customers.

The Facts

  • Data limits: from 3GB to 78GB (30-day expiry) and 6GB to 22GB (180 & 360-day expiry)
  • Price categories: Super budget (<$14.90) to medium-high (>$69.90)
  • Networks: Vodafone 4G and 3G
  • Service management apps: Yes (iOS and Android phones and tablets)
  • Support: phone, email, website

What Makes Lebara Mobile Unique?

Lebara’s data offerings are pretty generous. The Unlimited plan at the bottom end packs 5GB, while the subsequent plan gives you 12GB of data per recharge. The Medium Plan offers 24GB. The higher-value plans include data inclusions up to 38GB, 56GB, and 78GB, respectively, after every recharge. We’d recommend sticking with the 5GB offerings for best value. Lebara also offers data-only plans for tablet users, all 30-day recharges that range from 5GB for $20, to a greater 12GB for $35, topping out at 25GB for $45.

Key Lebara Features

  • Unlimited national calls & texts across all plans
  • Most plans include unlimited international talk & SMS
  • 30-day plans have bonus data on the 1st month
  • Offers extra international credits up to $10/mth
  • Runs on Vodafone’s 4G network 
  • Long-term plans lasting 360 days available
  • Data banking up to 200GB available 
  • Data gifting up to 10GB per month

Does Lebara offer SIM Only Plans?

You can choose between Lebara’s SIM-only plans,  all of which include unlimited standard talk and text differentiated by their expiries: the  30-day plans and long-term expiry ones. Unlimited plans lasting 30 days start from $14.90/month with 3GB of data plus 300 minutes of international calls with the Extra Small Plan. If you want to go all the way to the XX-Large Plan, that’ll cost you $69.90/month but that packs a whopping 100GB for the first month and 78GB afterwards. The highest-end plan also includes unlimited standard international calls to 60 countries.

The long-expiry deals are divided between the 180 and 360-day plans with data allowances ranging from 6GB to 22GB. If you’re not much of a data user, you can probably make 22GB of data last for almost a year. That saves you time and effort in making recharges, which you need to constantly do with 30-day plans. All these also include unlimited standard national and international calls.  It’s also important to note that with the long-term plans, you’ll be required to pay for the upfront costs equivalent to your plan’s duration. So, for the Large plan with a 360-day expiry, upfront cost would be $420. This places your plan fee to $35/month for 12 months.

Does Lebara Offer Unlimited Calls and Texts?

Lebara offers a versatile range of options when it comes to voice calling, including a superb-value top-end Unlimited Plan which, for $69.90 per 30-day recharge, gives you unlimited national calls and SMS – and unlimited international calls to a huge list of 60 countries. If you’ve got friends or family scattered around the world, this is very likely the ideal product for you; if you’re only planning on calling overseas occasionally, then you can opt for one of the lower-cost plans that still give you unlimited national talk and text, but limit your international time or the countries you can call. Lebara is one of very few providers that specifically supports 4G voice calls in supported areas, and that’s remarkable for a prepaid service; if you have a current-model iPhone or Samsung, you’ll get to take advantage of this new tech automatically.

Unlimited text is becoming almost the default these days – not surprising since it costs providers very little to manage and deliver them – so you’d have to be really strapped for cash to recharge with Lebara’s super-budget plan, which costs only $10 but doesn’t offer any free texts. All other plans come with unlimited SMS. One important note, though – even on the top-end Unlimited plan, text messages sent to other countries will cost you 15 cents, while MMS costs a whopping 95c per message, though there’s a $15 credit included you can use for premium services that are not included in the plan.

Does Lebara Mobile Offer Data Plans?

For data-only plans, Lebara’s offerings are simple enough. The lowest-end plan offers 5GB for $20/month. The middle option delivers 12GB for $35/month and the largest data available is at $45/month with 25GB. Data banking up to 200GB is also included on all plans. If you have other devices needing data-only services, Lebara’s plans are one of the affordable ones.

What about Pricing and Terms?

The terms with Lebara are simple – just recharge when you need to, and you’ve got 30 days to use what you’ve paid for. As mentioned above, your best value options here are the plans that offer unlimited calls and text; unless you use your phone very little, you’re going to want to spend the extra few dollars rather than try your luck with the only-slightly-cheaper limited plan.

Customer Service and Support

For questions or any concerns about your plans, contact Lebara’s customer service from your mobile at 126122 or from any other phone at 1300 126 122. They’re open Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM and Saturday & Sunday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Lebara further prioritises customers by being available even during holidays from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Alternatively, you can send them an email at careoz@lebara.com.

Lebara will be happy to help you with

  • Technical support
  • Signing up
  • Managing your account
  • Plan details

Lebara Mobile: The Pros and Cons

The Good

  • Included international calls on all unlimited plans
  • Data banking of up to 200GB available

The Gotchas

  • Up to only 22GB for long-term plans (180 & 360 days)
  • Highest data-only plan allowance is 25GB

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