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Jeenee Mobile

Overall - With a great range of value options for both voice and heavy data users, as well as budget plans for those who need them, Jeenee Mobile is being disruptive in the best possible way whilst helping out people in need.

Overall 68%

Review was updated on 31st July, 2019

There are so many smaller third-party mobile providers operating today you could be forgiven for struggling to find a difference between them. And with all providers effectively re-selling access to one of the “big three” mobile networks – it’s the little differences offered by the smarter providers that sets them apart from the pack. Today, we take a look at Jeenee Mobile.

Jeenee Mobile Review

Jeenee Mobile, freshly out of the bottle and running on the Optus network, has something of a unique history. After starting out as a mobile service provided for people with disabilities by the not-for-profit organisation Community Connections Australia, they’ve developed into a stand-alone for-profit organisation providing a huge range of mobile plans. From low data plans under $10 to their self-proclaimed ‘OMG! Plans’, Jeenee Mobile has got it all.

Jeenee Mobile takes pride in their low-cost SIM-only plans that pack massive data allowances. They go as huge as 82GB for only $44.90 per month, for which they’ve rightfully proclaim a price breakthrough. There are plenty of useful inclusions as well, including a $20 voucher and free international credit. For a telco who names their big-data plans OMG!, it’s not bad at all.

The Facts

  • Data limits: from 1.2GB to 82GB (contract) and 1GB to 40GB (no contract)
  • Price categories: Super budget (<$9.90) to medium-high (>$44.90)
  • Networks: Optus 4G Plus and 3G
  • Service management apps: Yes (iOS and Android phones and tablets)
  • Support: phone, email, website

What makes Jeenee Mobile unique?

Though Jeenee Mobile is now a for-profit organisation, their programs of developing mobile communications solutions for people living with disabilities continues. It includes the donation of free mobile services to people in need, diverting a percentage of their profits in order to do so, meaning every paying customer is helping provide a much-needed communications lifeline to someone less fortunate. Supported by more plan options than you could dream of, this makes Jeenee Mobile a popular choice.

Key Jeenee Features

  • Offers specialised deals for seniors and kids
  • Unlimited calls & texts across all plans
  • International credits in select plans up to $500
  • Earn big savings with discounts & bonuses  
  • Choose between monthly and 12-month terms
  • All plans run on the Optus 4G Plus network
  • Australian-based customer support 
  • 24/7 HELP service mobile app for a fee

Does Jeenee Mobile offer SIM Only Plans?

There’s something for everyone with Jeenee’s huge range of SIM only plans. Starting from as little $9.90/month, you can get unlimited calls and texts on the Optus 4G network on a 12-month plan. Alternatively, you can bump your data up to one of Jeenee’s four ‘Large Plans’, which start at 8GB of data and add international calls to the mix. For those serious data users among you, two ‘Mammoth Plans’ are also on offer, and provide either 30GB or 90GB – albeit on the Optus 3G network. Though the download speeds are certainly slower on this network, they are generally still fast enough to enable you to browse as you want.

Jeenee Mobile’s six different SIM-only plans can be selected either as part of a 12-month contract or on a month-by-month deal, giving you the flexibility to choose a plan that suits your needs. As is the norm, the value provided on an annual contract is better, with the data allowances close to double what they are on the monthly contracts for many of the plans.

Does Jeenee Mobile Offer Unlimited Calls and Texts?

All of Jeenee Mobile’s plans come with unlimited calls and texts. Whether you opt for a plan tailor-made for a streaming aficionado or one with just enough data to check your emails, you can rest easy knowing you won’t have to worry about any cap limits on your calls and texts.

Does Jeenee Mobile offer Data Plans?

For your tablet or laptop, Jeenee has a wide range of data plans available. These start from $10 per month for 1.5GB up to $65 per month for a hefty 100GB – and this is 4G data, too. The sweet-spot plan for those needing heaps of data would have to be the 50GB plan at $54 a month. If you’re less data-hungry you can pay only $25 a month for 10GB. Moreover, the company’s value for money data plans didn’t go unnoticed — Money Magazine declared Jeenee Mobile as Best Value Data Plan Award Winner for 2018.

Does Jeene Mobile offer plans for the Kids?

Jeenee Mobile’s Kids Plans are perfect for the little ones, offering exactly what they need for a low price. These plans provide unlimited calls and texts, as well as either 1GB or 1.2GB of data, depending on whether you opt for a month-by-month plan or a 12-month contract. On top of that, Jeenee’s partnership with Qustido – the world’s leading supplier of Parental Control Software – means you can monitor both what your kids are able to look at, and how long they can look at it.

Senior Discounted and Accessibility Plans from Jeenee

Jeenee Mobile also offers discounted plans for eligible seniors, as well as people living with a disability. Provided you have either a Seniors Card, an Age Pension Receipt or Disability Support Pension from Centrelink, a Veteran Affairs Card, or a registration with the National Disability Insurance Scheme, you’ll be able to get access to these plans – which include up to 10GB of data on a 12-month plan for less than $20.

How to Contact Jeenee Mobile Customer Service and Support

The best way to contact Jeenee Mobile’s customer service team is to give them a call on 1300 054 631 between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday to Friday. Alternatively, you can reach them by post at PO Box 253 in Parramatta, NSW, or organise an appointment at their offices in the same location.

Telstra Mobile helpdesk

Jeenee Mobile will be happy to help you with:

  • Joining Jeenee Mobile
  • Getting started
  • Technical issues
  • Plan details

Jeenee Mobile: The Pros and Cons

The Good

  • Choose between month-to-month and 12-month
  • Lots of perks, including bonus data, discounts and vouchers

The Gotchas

  • Customer support not available on the weekend
  • Plans have more value on a 12-month contract

Jeenee Mobile: A Mobile Provider with a Difference

Thanks to Jeenee Mobile’s social contributions, you can purchase your mobile plan knowing you’re making a positive difference. With a percentage of their profits dedicated to providing people in need with a free mobile service, your money is directly benefiting those who need it most.

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