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Jeenee Mobile

Pricing - 96%
Voice Value - 100%
Text Value - 100%
Data Value - 95%


With a great range of value options for both voice and heavy data users, as well as budget plans for those who need them, Jeenee Mobile is being disruptive in the best possible way whilst helping out people in need.

User Rating: 1.96 ( 78 votes)

There are so many smaller third-party mobile providers operating now you could be forgiven for struggling to find a difference between them. And with all providers effectively re-selling access to one of the “big three” mobile networks – it’s the differences that the smarter providers offer that sets them apart from the pack. Today, we take a look at Jeenee Mobile.

Jeenee Mobile, freshly out of the bottle and running on the Optus network, has something of a unique history. They started out as a mobile service provided for people with disabilities by the not-for-profit organisation Community Connections Australia. Though they’re now a stand-along for-profit company, their programs of developing mobile communications solutions for people living with disabilities continues. It includes the donation of free mobile service to people in need, diverting a percentage of their profits in order to do so. In other words, every paying customer is helping provide a much-needed communications lifeline to someone in need.

Jeenee is also unique in another way. They provide an unusually flexible range of options for both their voice and data-only SIMs. You can pick what matters to you the most – speed, download limit or price. Let’s take a look at your options when it comes to Jeenee phone plans.

Unlimited calls, 4G data

If you’re looking to get connected to the level of mobile service that suits your snazzy new smartphone, you’ll want 4G data to power it. And if your smartphone is the centre of your life as it is for so many, you’ll likely be after unlimited calls and text as well. Jeenee’s “Unlimited Pennywise” plans deliver exactly that at a keen price, with $25 per month buying you all the usual unlimited inclusions along with 5GB of 4G data and $50 worth of international calls.

You can move up to suit your needs, with the $30 plan giving you 6GB data. The $35 plan offers 10GB data and $300 international, and the $40 plan hits a spectacular 14GB of Optus 4G data alongside $500 international calls.

It’s also important to note that these data allowances are available when you pay month-to-month. If you decide to sign a contract for 6 or 12 months, they increase. You get 6GB instead of 5, for instance, when signing up for the cheapest plan for half a year. And a whooping 18GB if you sign up for the most expensive plan for a year.

Jeennee Mobile Spring 2017 Deals and Bonuses

Starting October 2017, clients signing up to Jeenee Mobile get more data. You get 500MB bonus when picking the $25 and $35 plans. And if you decide to go with the $30 plan for a year, you get a 2GB bonus – boosting available data from 8GB to 10GB.

ProviderCallsDataPrice Per MonthOffer
telstraUnlimitedFrom 15GBFrom $49View details
ovoFrom $500 creditFrom 1GBFrom $9.95View details
moose mobileFrom 200 minFrom 1GBFrom $9View details
amaysimUnlimitedFrom 1GBFrom $10View details
belongUnlimitedFrom 1GBFrom $10View details

Unlimited calls, 3G data (and lots of it!)

If you’re more interested in data quantity rather than raw speed, you can do very nicely with Jeenee’s 3G-only plans. These restrict you to 3G even if your phone supports 4G, but pay off with huge data limits (which is probably why they name these plans “mammoth”). Anecdotal reviews by users have praised the service’s speed despite the 3G-only restriction. That’s not entirely surprising, since the 3G network is a lot less crowded these days, yet still capable of decent speeds to rival many people’s ADSL connections.

There are two tiers of Jeenee mobile plans here, costing $45 and $74 respectively. All come with unlimited calls, text and MMS. Data for these is set at 30GB and 90GB (yes, you read that right!). You’d be hard pressed to find better mobile data value in Australia at the moment at any of those price points.

Basic 4G plans

Jeenee also offers lower-cost 4G plans, great for those on a tight budget as well as for use as a second phone for family members. Providing 500MB of 4G data and unlimited calls/texts, the baseline price for the lowest-cost plan is $9.90 per month. If a little more data sounds appealing there’s also a $14.90/month plan which gives you 1.5GB, again on 4G, and the $20/month plan, which comes with 2GB. All these data allowances are available when you pay month-to-month and slightly increase if you go on a contract.

Data only SIMs

For your tablet or laptop, Jeenee has a wide range of data plans available. These start from $10 per month for 1.5GB up to $74 per month for a hefty 70GB – and this is 4G data, too. The sweet-spot plan for those needing heaps of data would have to be the 50GB plan at $54 a month. If you’re less data-hungry you can pay only $25 a month for 10GB.

Text-only plan

Yes, that’s right – text only, no calls at all! This plan was designed in partnership with Deaf Australia to help people with hearing loss. For $15 a month you get 150MB of data, unlimited text and special voice-to-text voicemail so you can have voice messages texted to you.

24/7 help

Via an app for iOS and Android, Jeenee provides a 24 hour help line accessed quite literally by a big red button on your mobile labelled HELP. Originally designed to provide a lifeline to people living with disability, but now available to everyone with no limit on its use for $19.95 a month, the help line is a brilliant idea. It provides security for those who feel unsafe when walking home alone at night, for example, or those with special needs.

The 24/7 HELP service can locate you using GPS and let your family or friends know where you are or send out emergency services if needed. A legacy of Jeenee’s beginnings as a non-profit organisation, it’s great to see them expand the service to its retail customers. It’s not cheap, but could potentially offer real peace of mind to a lot of people.

Is Jeenee right for you?

Jeenee’s social conscience and genuine commitment to helping disadvantaged people is both unique and admirable. But as an everyday user their plans also offer incredible value, especially if you’re the sort of person who relies heavily on their mobile data. Since you can pay month-to-month, there’s no harm in giving them a try. And with user feedback being unusually positive, chances are that once you make the leap, you’ll be happy to stay for a long time to come.

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