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iiNet Broadband

Aussie internet provider iiNet offers simple broadband and NBN plans, streamlined bundles with phone calls, and plenty of data.

Overall 76%

From humble beginnings – they were founded in a garage in 1993 – iiNet has grown to become one of the more recognisable service providers on the Aussie internet landscape. And although you might know them more from the commercials with the bearded Irish bloke, they’re actually responsible for some of the bigger innovations seen in broadband in this country.

The Facts

  • Data limits: 500GB, Unlimited
  • Connection types: NBN Fibre, NBN Wireless, Satellite NBN, Naked DSL, ADSL, Off-Net ADSL, FTTB, VDSL2, Cable, FTTH, WiMAX
  • Price categories: Medium to High
  • Service Management Apps: Yes, iOS and Android
  • Support: Phone, Email, Website, App

Just over 20 years after being founded in a garage, iiNet was taken over by TPG. While keeping their ethos and services largely similar, it has given iiNet Broadband access to one of Australia’s biggest and fastest-growing networks. TPG has invested millions in building their own lines in recent years, allowing them to have a better degree of control over their network – and of course not having to fork out extra cash to rent the lines.

iiNet has perhaps the most different plan categories of any Aussie telco — if you’re living in a difficult area for broadband, or if you’re simply looking to see what else is out there, iiNet has something for you.

What makes iiNet Broadband unique?

A review of iiNet Broadband reveals it is an unusual mix of having a reach almost to the same extent as the big providers, but they have somehow kept their new kid on the block attitude. This means they don’t take their customers for granted – something which is illustrated by their endless list of awards and recognitions. They offer a wide variety of NBN and ADSL deals, all of which can be packaged with domestic and international calling plans – and Fetch TV too, of course. Overall they’re what you want in a provider, big enough to be reliable but small enough to be hungry.

iiNet and Fetch TV

iiNet has partnered with Fetch TV, meaning you can bundle in access to one of the most popular streaming services in Australia. Fetch TV lets you watch, rewind and record TV to watch it when it suits you. Not at home? The Fetch TV app puts your favourite TV shows right in your pocket. The service comes with Stan, YouTube and Netflix apps, bringing all your entertainment needs under the one roof (well, under the one provider). You’ll get loads of great series as well as 30 pre-selected movies each month.

iiNet: Something for everyone

iiNet has perhaps the most different plan categories of any Aussie telco. They have NBN options, Naked DSL and ADSL options, as well as off-net ADSL, FTTB, Fibre to the Home and Wi-Fi options. If you’re living in a difficult area for broadband, or if you’re simply looking to see what else is out there, iiNet has something for you.

iiNet’s NBN plans

iiNet’s bold claim is that they are Australia’s best NBN provider for speed and satisfaction. While that’s a big statement to make in a market that’s becoming ever more competitive week to week, their plans do their best to back it up. (Their trophy cabinet also backs this up, which you can check out below). First and foremost, all of their NBN plans come either with a 24-month contract – which let’s you skip the activation fee – or a month-to-month deal. The 24-month contract also comes with a free modem, which you’ll need to pay for if you opt for a month-to-month deal.

Their four NBN plans start with the NBN12, which is the only one with limited downloads. It promises 9.9MBPS standard evening speed. Their next plan is exactly the same, but has unlimited data. This is a moderate level of internet speed, which is suited for smaller households with average streaming usage. Both of these plans come with free line rental, with pay-as-you-go calls. Then there’s the two at the faster end of the spectrum. The NBN50 comes with 42.7MBPS standard evening speed, and limitless data – along with local and national calls included. Then there’s the NBN100, with an eye-watering 78.5MBPS evening speed and limitless data. The latter plan comes with pay-as-you-go calls.

On top you can add the international call package for a little extra per month. This will get you unlimited calls to landlines in 20 countries around the world – which is a pretty great deal for any of us who are used to struggling with the cost of international calls. The countries included aren’t obscure destinations either, with a bunch of North American, European and Asian destinations included. Add a little extra each month for Fetch TV.

iiNet’s ADSL plans

You’ve probably heard the term ‘Naked DSL’ before, but you might not have known that iiNet actually invented it. The idea of having an internet connection without a phone line was revolutionary in the early years, so it’s a testament to iiNet’s success that now it doesn’t seem so unusual. iiNet has standard ADSL plans as well, so if you’re not keen on going naked (i.e. going without a phone line) then they have something for you.

Each of their ADSL plans – naked and non-naked – come with either a 24-month contract or a contract-free option, although the latter has an activation fee. Their contracted plans are ‘renter friendly’, meaning they’re easier to move than the standard plan, which is certainly welcome for plenty of Aussies who move around a bit. Their ADSL plans come with either a 500GB data limit or an unlimited plan for a little extra cash. Each include a home phone line rental at no additional fee. Then you can bundle it in with unlimited national and mobile calls and/or a Fetch TV entertainment package.

As for the Naked DSL, the packages are much the same. There’s a 500GB option and a limitless data option, both of which come with pay-as-you-go calls. Pay a little extra to upgrade to having unlimited national and mobile calls. The Naked DSL plans also come with the Fetch TV option.

Then there’s the off-net ADSL broadband plans, which are suited for people who live in difficult areas and may not be able to access the network. The first plan starts at 100GB, the second is at 200GB and the final plan comes in with a 250GB limit – along with a 250GB off peak limit. Each includes home phone line rental.

iiNet’s Fibre, Ultra Broadband and WiMax plans

Didn’t we say there were loads of plans? iiNet is one of the few Aussie providers to offer Fibre to the Building and Fibre to the Home plans. Then there are iiNet’s Ultra Broadband plans, which also give you great speed and affordable prices These vary depending on where you live – some are only available in Rural Victoria, or South Australia with others only available in the ACT – so check out what’s available at your address with their handy address widget.

iiNet Plans

NBN100 Unlimited
  • Up to 80Mbps Premium Evening
  • Unlimited Data
  • NBN 100™ Fixed Line
Min Cost - $179.94 over 1 month (incl. $79.95 activation fee)

NBN50 Unlimited
  • Up to 40Mbps Standard Plus Evening
  • Unlimited Data
  • NBN 50™ Fixed Line
Min Cost - $159.94 over 1 month (incl. $79.95 activation fee)

NBN12 Unlimited
  • Up to 9Mbps Basic Evening
  • Unlimited Data
  • NBN 12™ Fixed Line
Min Cost - $149.94 over 1 month (incl. $79.95 activation fee)

NBN12 500GB
  • Up to 9Mbps Basic Evening
  • 500GB Data
  • NBN 12™ Fixed Line
Min Cost - $139.94 over 1 month (incl. $79.95 activation fee)

Services and customer satisfaction

iiNet’s customer service department has been gradually absorbed by that of TPG since the latter bought iiNet in 2015. Their customer service team is available from 8am to 11pm Monday to Friday (AEST) and 8:30pm to 8pm Saturday and Sunday (AEDT). Better yet, if you happen to have any technical issues, their support team is available 24/7 on 13 22 58.

iiNet has a mix of local and international call centres, spanning Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. This has been the modus operandi of parent company TPG for years and has enabled them to keep investing in new connections across the country so that they can have a greater degree of control. On the whole, there are likely to be fewer language issues if you’re speaking to someone in New Zealand or South Africa, but this is not guaranteed.

Awards and recognition

When someone or something says they have ‘too many awards to mention’, our first instinct is that they may not have won any at all. With iiNet, that’s not the case; their awards cabinet is full – and has been full for a while. They won the Best NBN Provider award from Choice in 2018, alongside the Most Satisfied Customers Award from 2014-18 from Canstar. They won the 2018 Stevie Award for having the Contact Centre of the Year, which is an international award ranking global customer service. In fact, they’ve won multiple awards every year going back to 2006, which truly backs up their claim that there are too many to mention.

The Good

  • Offers a wide range of broadband connections that customers can choose from
  • Unlimited plans can be bundled with Fetch TV

The Gotchas

  • Has an off-shore-based customer service Can be expensive.
  • Best value when bundled with other Telstra services.

iiNet Broadband: Eye-eye, captain!

Now a quarter of a century on from their founding in a suburban garage, iiNet has established themselves as a major player on the Aussie telco landscape. Their acquisition by TPG is only going to further entrench them as one of the best known and most innovative players on the national stage. For what they offer they aren’t the cheapest provider out there, but for a few bucks more you’ll get flexibility and a load of potential bundles which will make it all the while.


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