How to Stream Netflix Videos from Your Xbox 360 to a TV

With a high-speed internet connection and remarkable graphics card, popular gaming console Xbox 360 has everything you need to stream videos from Netflix directly to a television. Now, there’s no need for DVDs. The only thing you need is a Netflix account and, within minutes, you can watch Netflix’s wide collection of TV shows and movies by simply using your Xbox 360.



Are you confused on how? Read on, as this article will provide you step-by-step instructions that will enable you to stream Netflix videos from your Xbox 360 to a TV with absolute ease.



Step#1: Connect Your Xbox 360 to the Internet

Quite clearly, you will need to connect your Xbox 360 to the wireless (or wired) network, so that you can start using Netflix.

Step#2:  From the Xbox 360 Main Menu, Access “Video Marketplace” By Pressing the A Button

You will need a Netflix account in order to stream videos to your Xbox. Previously, a Gold membership was required, but thanks to a generous move by Microsoft, all Xbox users, regardless of their membership status, can enjoy Netflix.

Step#3:  Open Netflix and Activate Instant Streaming By Selecting Yes

An activation code will be sent to you by Netflix, which (upon use) will allow your Xbox 360 to sync with your Netflix account.

Step#4: From Your PC, Go to Netflix’s Xbox 360 Page, Type in the Code, and Click “Activate”

After a couple of minutes, your Netflix List will appear on the Xbox 360 screen. Now, you can watch, rate or remove items in the queue.

Step #5:  From Your Xbox 360, Browse through the Titles Available, and Press the A Button to Select

The video details page will give you a description of the video, as well as a number of options that will allow you to give it a rating, play the video, or remove it from the queue.  In case of a TV show, you will also be given the option to choose the episode.

Step#6: Select “Play” and Press the A Button to Start Watching the Video

If you are watching a television series, you will have to select “Play Episode” instead. Make sure your internet connection is fast enough; otherwise, it may affect the quality of your stream.

That’s about it. Follow the steps mentioned above and you will successfully be able to stream Netflix videos from your Xbox 360 to a television.

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