How to Stream Netflix Faster on Your Computer

How to Stream Netflix Faster on Your Computer



Is your Netflix streaming too slow? If there is nothing wrong with your router or your Internet connection, you should probably take a closer look at your computer. To help you out, we have discussed some useful fixes in this article that may significantly improve Netflix streaming on your computer.



Perform Basic Troubleshooting Techniques


It is understood that you should reboot your router and computer immediately. You know why? This is because while doing this may seem like nothing special, it can solve numerous issues. However, if the problem continues, get rid of the intermediary and plug your computer directly into the router using an Ethernet cable. This completely rules out any problems with your connection, but make sure you restart your router and computer before connecting.


Select Your Buffering Rate Manually


Have a slow Netflix stream? Then change your buffering rate by pressing Control + Alt + Shift + S. This will bring the Stream Manager up in your web browser, where you can specify the buffering rate you want to set for the video. If you are looking for more details regarding your Netflix stream, press Control + Alt + Shift + D to bring the A/V Stats window up.


Use a Virtual Private Network


Although VPNs are typically used to protect and encrypt data, they may also solve the streaming problems you are facing with Netflix. Surprising, isn’t it? The VPN actually routes you away from the traffic on congested servers, which would be providing you the video. As a result, you have an improvement in streaming speed.


Change Streaming Quality


If your Internet speed is being taxed excessively, you should consider lowering your streaming quality from HD to something that is more feasible for your connection. Therefore, select ‘Playback Setting’ from ‘Your Account’ and change it to whichever option you believe would make things better and smoother.


Update Microsoft Silverlight


Lastly, make sure that the right version of Microsoft Silverlight is installed on your computer. Simply visit their website and it will show you the Silverlight version you have installed. If the version is outdated, you should install the latest one as soon as possible.

There you have it. That is how you can stream Netflix faster and smoother on your computer. Just follow the fixes and solutions mentioned in this article carefully and, hopefully, your streaming issues will subside.


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