How to Get the Most Out of Your Netflix Subscription

We know Netflix isn’t available in Australia yet, but we have friends using the US version; and they’ve very kindly offered some advice ahead of the imminent Netflix launch.

The number of movies and TV shows offered by Netflix is massive – so much so, it can prove to be quite difficult to navigate, specifically since every move you make can alter your preferences. However, a few things can be done to ensure you always find the best content to watch. Want to know how? We will highlight ways through which you can get the most out of your Netflix subscription.


Play TV Shows & Movies You Already Know


Both implicit and explicit data have an influence over the Netflix algorithm, but it’s the implicit information that is given more priority. In other words, what you are actually watching is rated higher than what you would like to watch. So, if you are looking to influence your category more strongly, don’t just add a movie to your queue or rate it using the stars. Instead, leave it playing on your screen’s background.


Rate Things Highly or Lowly


While the most important aspect of Netflix’s algorithm are the titles you play and actually watch, the fact cannot be ignored that your micro-genre categorization is also affected by the explicit data you provide. This means whenever your rate something high or low, it will have an impact on your preferences. Make sure you give your stars wisely. If you enjoyed a particular movie, go ahead and give it a high rating as it will show you more movies similar to it. On the contrary, if you didn’t enjoy the movie, simply rate it low so you are showed fewer things like it.


Set Up a Separate Account for Guests


Now, you might be wondering: why set up an account for guests? Well, everyone has guests from time to time. More importantly, everything they watch will not only affect your recommendations, but also your profile. Quite clearly, there is nothing much that can be done to alter this once it’s done. However, you can stop it from happening by simply creating a separate account for guests.


Edit Your “Taste Preferences”


Even though this feature influences the sub-genres your profile will generate, only 5% of Netflix subscribers are using it. However, you must not do the same. Go to Taste Profile tab and then select Taste Preferences from the dropdown menu. After that, you will find a wide range of subjects, with different categories you must fill in.


Use Your Preferred Movies to Find New Content


Let’s say you are in the mood to watch a specific type of movie, but cannot find anything interesting on your home page? Well, don’t just go searching the genre categories to find something similar to your interest. It would take you ages. Instead, open a favourite movie that falls in the genre you are looking for and find similar matches through it.

So, how did you find these tips? All you need to do is follow them accordingly and you will be able to get the most out of your Netflix subscription.


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