Hello Mobile Review: What you need to know about the overseas call specialists


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Hello Mobile

A niche product that nonetheless has the benefit of being expert in the market it caters to - international callers.

Overall 70%

Updated 2nd October, 2019

If you’ve going to operate in a specific niche, you’d best do it well. Hello Mobile’s not the first provider you should look at if you want show-stopping value and perks. But if you’ve got friends and family overseas who you call regularly, say Hello to the provider for you.

Hello Mobile Review

With timezones and dialling codes, international calling is difficult at the best of times – and that’s before you consider the price. Hello Mobile take the prohibitive cost out of international calling, making it much easier for you to stay in touch. Formerly a part of the lucrative international calling card market, Hello Mobile have launched a fully-fledged mobile provider service.

Hello Mobile shy away from “all you can eat” international calls, though, preferring instead to focus on the cheapest possible rates to a vast range of countries, while providing good value for local calls, text and data. Hello Mobile’s plans are affordable and straightforward, offering substantially lower international call rates than pretty much everywhere else. Choosing between unlimited and pay as you go calls backed by Vodafone’s 4G technology, the telco makes for a solid option for frequent international callers.

Hello Mobile Highlights

  • Data limits: from 2GB to 10GB (unlimited) and 200MB to 1GB (pay as you go)
  • Price categories: Super budget (<$10) to medium (>$35)
  • Networks: Vodafone 4G
  • Service management apps: Yes (iOS and Android phones and tablets)
  • Support: phone, email, website

What Makes Hello Mobile Unique?

The ability to make international calls at comparatively low prices makes Hello Mobile stand out from the crowd. Most of their plans don’t actually include international call minutes – though you can find them in the Combo 10 plan – but with the ability to make calls to countries around the world without incurring the outrageously hefty charges that you can sometimes be faced with, this is the ideal mobile provider for those with loved ones living abroad.

What are Hello Mobile’s Best Features?

  • All plans come with unlimited national calls and text
  • Free express SIM delivery
  • Option to get Pay As You Go plans
  • Use of My Hello Mobile App to check balance, recharge account, purchase data, and more

Mobile Plans

Mobile Plan Small
  • Free BINGE Standard for 3 months
  • $10/mth credit for 12 months on select mobiles
  • Mobile Plan Small
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Unlimited Calls & Text
  • 40GB Data
  • No excess data charges in Australia
  • Unlimited Telstra Air® Wi-Fi data
  • $55/mth
Min Cost - $55 over 1 month + extra handset fee over 24 months

Moose 8.80 - 1GB
  • Moose 8.80 - 1GB
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • 300 mins Calls
  • 1GB Data
  • Sim Only Plan
  • Cancel anytime
  • No exit or penalty fees
  • $8.80/mth
Min Cost - $8.80 over 1 month

Last audited 16 September 2020

Does Hello Mobile offer SIM Only Plans?

There’s three options here – the Unlimited 2GB, the Unlimited 5GB, and the Unlimited 10GB. What each of them offers if relatively self-explanatory, but we’ll run through it anyway. They’ll all give you unlimited national calls and SMS, as well as the data allowance outlined in the plan name. The 2GB plan comes in at $19/month, the 5GB will cost you $29, while the 10GB is the best value at $35/month.

Does Hello Mobile Offer Unlimited Calls and Texts?

Hello Mobile’s three unlimited options, of course, include unlimited national calls and SMS with a 30-day expiry. This is the obvious choice for customers who make lots of calls on a daily basis. If not, it’s cheaper to get one of the pay as you go options instead.

Does Hello Mobile offer Pay As You Go Plans?

These plans offer you the ability to purchase a SIM card and a small amount of data for a low price, and then pay for your calls and texts as you go – ideal for the casual phone user. The SUPA Plus plan costs $10, offers 200MB of data, and can be used over the course of three months. The PAYG 1GB plan is also $10 and offers 1GB to be used within a month, while the Combo 10 plan – again, $10 – offers 50 minutes of free international calls to selected destinations and pay as you go data.

How does Hello Mobile Include International Calls?

Those of you with friends and families living overseas have no doubt wrestled with the costs of international calling before. Hello Mobile can help. With Worldwide SMS available for just 10c each, and fixed line calls set at 0c per minute + 30c flagfall on the Supa Plan, you can reach your loved ones easier and cheaper than ever before. It’s worth noting that these prices vary depending on the plan you choose, so make sure you check in on the details beforehand.

Does Hello Mobile offer Data Plans?

Perfect for use with tablets or dongles, Hello Mobile’s data plans allow you to get the most out of all your devices. Using the reliable Vodafone 4G network, you’ll be covered across the country. Get 500MB for $10/month, 1GB for $20/month, or 2GB for $30/month, with no lock-in contracts.

Which Network does Hello Mobile run on?

Hello Mobile is backed by one of the world’s largest telcos: Vodafone and operates on the 4G network. The Vodafone 4G network offers high-quality voice calls and fast download speeds, meaning you’ll be more than satisfied with your coverage when signing up for a Hello Mobile plan. The network also has great coverage, so you don’t need to fear blackouts or dodgy reception.

How to Contact Hello Mobile

If you need to get in touch with Hello Mobile for any reason, their customer service team will be happy to help. You can call them on 126 999 from Hello Mobile’s or 1300 126 999 from other devices anytime between 8 am and 8 pm, every day of the week. Alternatively, you can send them an email at support@hellomobile.com.au.

hello mobile help desk

Hello Mobile will be happy to help you with:

  • Service enquiries
  • Technical support
  • Plan details
  • Signing up
  • Latest offers

Hello Mobile: The Pros and Cons

The Good

  • Cheap international call rates
  • Pay as you go calls available

The Gotchas

  • The highest data allowance on unlimited plans is only 10GB
  • Unlimited plans don’t include free international minutes

Hello Mobile Summary: Your provider for international calling

With cheap international calls and texts, as well as the ability to sign up for pay as you go plans so that you only pay for what you use, Hello Mobile’s plans ensure that customers with specific needs are catered for. If you rarely use your phone, why pay for unlimited calls and texts? And if you have people you regularly need to reach living abroad, why pay excessive rates to talk to them? Hello Mobile solves those problems, and allows you to choose a mobile plan that suits you.

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