Girls Review

Starring: Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke, Zosia Mamet, Adam Driver, Alex Karpovsky, Andrew Rannells
Summary: A dramedy about the experiences of a group of girls in their early 20s.
Genre(s): Comedy, Drama
Girls won’t be everybody’s cup of tea. It’s different. The main characters are mostly unlikeable and the stories hit dangerously close to home. However, there’s a unique vibe to it that makes it irresistible. Created by Lena Dunham, which also plays the main character, Girls is annoyingly down to earth and realistic. It follows four friends in their early twenties as they navigate “the real world”, one mistake at a time. It’s witty, raw, and sometimes deeply touching. If you’re a millennial, you might not like the characters, but you’ll surely recognize yourself in them, at least from time to time. And that is when the magic happens.

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Show Summary

Girls was created by Lena Dunham and premiered on HBO in 2012. The premise, characters, and storylines were inspired by some of Dunham’s real-life experiences. The series was met with critical acclaim, mainly due to its refreshing tone, raw nature, and dark humor. It was nominated for numerous awards and managed to take home a few, including a Golden Globe for Best Television Series – Comedy or Musical in 2013.  Season four is currently airing in the US.

The series is pretty dark and cynical, sometimes even downright depressing. It follows Hannah, an aspiring writer living in New York City who suffers from a touch of narcissism. In the first episode, she finds out her parents decided to financially cut her off. With only an internship to rely on, she must find a way to survive in the city, jumpstart her writing career, and cope with all the struggles that come with chasing after the wrong boys. She relies on her friends for support; friends who are often too self-absorbed to pay attention to anything besides themselves.

Marnie is Hannah’s best friend and, in season one, roommate. She initially plays the responsible type, with a steady job and a stable boyfriend, but later gets into some trouble of her own. We also have Jessa, the bohemian free spirit who is anything but predictable. She traveled the world prior to returning to New York at the beginning of the series. Finally, there’s Shoshanna, a bubbly and somewhat innocent college student who often acts as the voice of reason within the group. Throughout the series though, we see her mature and deal with her own struggles.

Girls is just like your twenties – messy, complex, awkward, but truly authentic. Hannah may or may not the voice of a generation, but the show will clearly resonate with viewers battling their own post-adolescence demons.

Shoshanna: I just don’t understand why nobody tells you how bad it’s gonna be in the real world.

Marnie: Yeah they do. It’s pretty much all they tell you.


Lena Dunham as Hannah Horvath

Allison Williams as Marnie Michaels

Jemima Kirke as Jessa Johansson

Zosia Mamet as Shoshanna Shapiro

Adam Driver as Adam Sackler

Alex Karpovsky as Ray Ploshansky

Andrew Rannells as Elijah Krantz

Season Recap

When Hannah finds out that her parents have decided not to financially support her anymore, she doesn’t take it lightly. She’s two years out of college, but she still can’t manage to pay her bills without their help, mostly because all she has at the moment is an unpaid internship. She lives with her BFF, Marnie, who’s dating her college sweetheart, Charlie. However, she’s not that attracted to him anymore and contemplates the idea of moving on.

Meanwhile, Jessa just arrived in New York and is rooming with her cousin Shoshanna, the one who’s still a virgin and enjoys putting together vision boards. Jessa thinks she’s pregnant, but later finds out it was a false alarm. And by later I mean while she was hooking up with a random stranger and blowing off her abortion appointment.

The girls go through a lot of adventures during the course of the season. Hannah asks for a full-time position, but she’s let go instead. We meet her friend with benefits, Adam, an oddball of a guy, who will later become her boyfriend. Shossanna loses her virginity to Ray, Charlie’s best friend. Marnie breaks up with Charlie, but finds herself pining after him when he moves on too soon.

However, the biggest surprise of the season comes from Jessa. After engaging in an emotional affair with the father of the girls she babysat, she gets hitched in the very last episode with another guy, during a surprise wedding.

Fed up with her roommate, Marnie decides to move out. Adam and Hannah get into a terrible fight and break up.

While the beginning of the season is pretty bright, lining up new challenges for the foursome, it goes terribly dark sometime during the middle. Hannah starts off in a good place: she’s now roommates with Elijah, her ex-boyfriend from college, who’s actually gay. She takes on some freelance work, does cocaine in the name of art, hosts a “grownup” dinner party, and finally realizes that she wants to be happy.

However, after she gets an e-book deal, she starts to show symptoms of OCD, which only get worse towards the end of the season. She cuts her own hair and hides her anxiety from her parents, while facing a lot of pressure from her editor to meet her deadline. Meanwhile, Adam is dating another girl, Natalia; despite this slight little detail, he and Hannah reconnect at the end of the season.

As for the other girls, Shossanna begins to date Ray and they basically end up living together, but their relationship eventually deteriorates. Jessa’s marriage falls apart and she’s MIA by the season’s end. As for Marnie, she loses her job and becomes a hot mess. She has sex with Elijah, which causes an even larger drift between she and Hannah, so she’s basically navigating season two with no boyfriend, no job, and no BFF. She briefly dates an artist, but it doesn’t work out. Then, she tries to reconnect with Charlie, who’s now the owner of a successful startup, and the two rekindle their relationship in the last episode.

At the beginning of the season, Marnie is recovering after yet another breakup with Charlie, Hannah is much better due to Adam’s help, Shossanna is reevaluating her life following her breakup, and Jessa is in rehab. Hannah, Adam and Shoshanna go on a road trip to check her out and bring her back to New York.

Hannah is living with Adam now, but their routine is disrupted when Adam’s sister moves in. Our protagonist’s life further complicates when her editor dies and she finds out that her e-book deal won’t pan out after all. She takes a job at GQ, but she ends up quitting in order to devote herself entirely to her artistry. When Adam is cast in a Broadway show, their relationship starts to go south, as he feels the need to spend more time by himself. At the end of the season, Hannah finds out that she was accepted in a prestigious writers’ workshop in Iowa and decides to enroll and move away.

Elsewhere, Jessa spends the season struggling with her addiction. She eventually gets a job working for an artist, Bedelia, and agrees to help her kill herself. During the act though, Bedelia changes her mind, so Jessa calls 911.
Marnie starts to sleep with Ray, but he eventually calls it quits. She then meets Desi, a musician who seems interested in her voice. The two start to collaborate, and Marnie slowly falls for him, despite the fact that he has a girlfriend.

As for Shosshanna, she ends the season on a low note. Besides finding out that she won’t graduate, Marnie also tells her she slept with Ray. Shosshanna begs Ray to take her back, but he politely refuses.

Our Critic Review

When it comes to portraying the lives of young women in the today’s society, the series does so perfectly. It tackles plenty of real-life issues – from bad sex to unpaid internships and from HPV to post-breakup blues. Most importantly, it shows how four young girls struggle with the uncertainty that is life in your early twenties. Without a plan to follow to the letter, they drift between lovers, jobs, and each other. You might not agree with all their choices, but their journeys are extremely compelling to watch.

Girls is sharply written, warm, and infuriating. You’ll love it.

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Critic Reviews for season 4

The space between Hannah’s overblown confidence and inner doubt is where her character’s most interesting traits are found. It’s unfortunate that the show spends so little time there. Read Full Review

Angela Flournoy, The New Republic

The things that make Girls grating are often the same things that make it such a poignant sendup of twentysomething stagnation. Read Full Review

Rob Sheffield, Rolling Stone


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