How to Get the Most Out of Your Smart TV

Undoubtedly, more households are now using smart TVs, but what’s rather shocking is that they are mainly being used to… only watch TV. According to a study by the NPD Group, more than 40% of people do not connect their smart TV to the Internet. This means that these people are not reaping all the various advantages a modern day telly has to offer.

This would have been a bit more understandable if it was a few years ago. Smart TVs were a bit too complicated and users were puzzled by the numerous hubs, apps, features and interfaces available. However, today, smart TVs have become significantly better. So, are you making the same mistake? And more importantly, are you looking to get the most out of your smart TV? Well, you can do so quite easily. All you need to do is use quality apps. Here’s how using apps can help you use your smart TV to its full potential:

Social Networking

Are you a social networker? If so, you probably need to access your social media accounts from your computer or device constantly. Why not access them from your TV as well? Most smart TVs come with Skype, Twitter, Facebook and various other social media programs and apps. By using them on your smart TV, you can view photos, stalk your friends and stay connected with family, all while you are comfortably watching TV.

Video Streaming

Well, you do have a smart TV to watch TV! Start downloading video streaming apps, like Amazon Video, Netflix and Stan. You can download these apps for free, but you have to pay for subscriptions. However, considering the fact you have the ability to watch absolutely any movie or TV show at anytime you desire, it’s totally worth the price.

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Web Browsing

A smart TV is just like any internet-capable device. This means you can browse different websites, just the way you do from your computer or device, right from your TV. A web browser and remote is all you need to access content from the web on your TV.


What’s the point of state-of-the-art speakers when you don’t take advantage of them? Download different music streaming apps to transform your smart TV into an entertainment station. Try popular apps such as Spotify, Soundcloud and Google Play Music, to stream your favourite tunes!


Your previous TV might have been great to catch the morning news or late night broadcasts, but you can do so much more with your smart TV. Download the apps of trusted news providers, such as CNBC, USA Today, and Time, and stay updated about all the current events happening around the world. You can even get traffic and weather updates.

As you can see, the best thing about smart TVs is that they come with a wide array of capabilities, which go way beyond what you can get from a traditional television. However, despite the various advantages they offer, not many users explore further than the video box. If you have a smart TV or are planning on getting one, do not make the same mistake and ensure you use it to its optimum potential.