How to get Main Event on Foxtel?

The key to getting Main Event on Foxtel is in identifying the event you want to watch in the first place. Find out what time it is airing in order to know when it can be accessed. Use a remote control to access it in the On Demand menu. This is done at the click of a button, which grants a viewer access to more information about the main event. Order ahead of time by calling the service provider to secure the main event before the deadline.

There are various policies that a person should know before buying access to a Main Event. These policies include: One cannot get a discount once the program starts; this is because it is important for a viewer to notify the call centre online or through other reliable ways. Missing half of the event still requires a person to pay full price because Foxtel is not responsible for the customer’s personal schedule. One should order the main event ahead of time unless they are really popular. If a customer has an IQ box they can record the event. A viewer has 24 hours to watch the event once playback has been started (even during recording). If the main event is not watched in 72 hours it will disappear.

Here are the various ways you can place your order, choose the one most convenient.

Online: Visit and click on the ‘Order Now’ tab under the event of your choice, or use your Foxtel log-in and follow the system prompts. When ordering online the cost of the event will be added onto your very next Foxtel billing statement.

Phone:  Simply call 1300 130 799 to speak with Foxtel about how you can start watching Main Event as part of your Foxtel subscription. When ordering by phone, payment is required in advance.

Remote Control:  Press the Foxtel ‘On Demand’ or ‘Box Office’ button (older Foxtel boxes) or go to the Store page in the On Demand menu (iQ3 boxes), then select the Main Event on your screen you wish to order. The cost of the pay per view event will be added to the statement for your very next Foxtel billing cycle.

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