Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 7 Review: “The Gift”

Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 1 Review




Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 7

So many things happened in The Gift, that we’re currently finding it hard to catch our breaths. Luckily though, the episode didn’t feel overstuffed – the action flowed nicely and we caught a glimpse of the majority of the main characters, most of them facing dangerous or bad situations. Things aren’t looking good as winter approaches.

In this week’s Game of Thrones episode, Tyrion finally meets Daenerys, Cersei gets a taste of her own poison, Sansa’s more powerless than ever, Sam finds out exactly how the touch of a woman feels like, Margaery has a horrible hair day, and we lose a character we’ve truly grown fond of over the years. Let’s talk about The Gift, one geographical area at a time.

At the Wall, Jon Snow leaves for his mission to convince the wildlings to fight with his men, accompanied by Tormund Giantsbane. Most of his brothers don’t agree with this decision, but Sam stands by Snow’s side, as always. He even gives him some dragonglass to keep handy in case he stumbles upon the dreaded White Walkers. Sam doesn’t comfort only his Lord Commander though. Master Aemon is dying, and Sam and Gilly stand by his side until the very end. Sam then proceeds to give him a beautiful and heartfelt eulogy. “He was the blood of the dragon but now his fire has gone out, and now his watch has ended,” he says. Rest in peace, Master Aemon. You will be missed.


Not long after the funeral, however, two of the watchers on the wall give Gilly a hard time, and Sam stands up to protect her. As a side note, seeing Gilly in trouble so soon after we witnessed Sansa’s rape last week wasn’t at all pleasant. Nor was seeing Sam getting beat up by his brothers. They almost left him unconscious, but he mastered up the force to stand up and remind everyone just how much of a badass he is. Luckily, Ghost, our favourite direwolf, showed up just in time to send the two guys running. Later, when Gilly cleans his wounds, she makes him promise to take care of the baby no matter what, and then thanks him by offering some much needed wildling loving. Sam is now a true man, in all possible senses of the word. It was a huge episode for the guy, we’ll give him that.

South of the Wall, Stannis refuses to retreat at Castle Black, as Davos advises him to due to terrible conditions. He’s not so certain about his decision though, so he turns to Melisandre for advice. She casually suggests they sacrifice Shireen to ensure victory which, thank God, leaves Stannis horrified. After the sweet scene between him and his daughter we witnessed a few episodes back, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

In Winterfell, Sansa can’t seem to catch a break. Ramsay keeps forcing himself on his new wife rather brutally, so, desperate, she turns to Theon and asks him for help. She urges him to light a candle in the tower, a distress signal Brienne is patiently waiting for.  Theon seems to reluctantly agree, but then runs into Ramsay and tells him everything. The former bastard doesn’t waste any time to kill the old woman who was on Sansa’s side, not before torturing her in his own characteristic way. He then brings Sansa to see her body and reminds her that the nights are long now and she should hold on to her candles. We desperately want to see Ramsay’s head on a stick. Fingers crossed that Sansa kills everyone in Winterfell, Reek included. That would be the best.

In Dorne, Myrcella refuses to go home with Jamie, saying she would prefer to stay there and marry Trystane. Meanwhile, Bronn is in a cell and one of the Sand Snakes is trying to seduce him. He doesn’t seem very interested, but then starts to feel woozy. The Sand Snake reveals that the dagger she stabbed him with was poisoned and agrees to give him the antidote only if he says she’s the most beautiful woman in the world. He does, and all is good in the dungeon, at least for the moment.

In Meereen, Ser Jorah and Tyrion are bought at a fighter’s auction. Daario is a bit jealous that Daenerys decided to marry someone else, and he suggests she marries him instead, something we all know won’t happen. He also suggests she slaughters all the masters in the city, which is a bit heavy for pillow talk if you ask us.

Later, she and her husband to be visit one of the fighting pits, and it just happens to be the one where Jorah and Tyrion are. When he finds out the queen is there, Mormont grabs a helmet, steps into the ring, and manages to win the fights with everybody in sight. When he reveals his identity though, Daenerys is less than pleased. That is, until Tyrion suddenly appears into the ring as well and tells her Jorah brought her a gift – him. Dany seems to change her mind about Jorah upon hearing the news, but we’re going to have to wait until next week to find out what happens next. We’ll just say this – seeing Daenerys and Tyrion together was certainly worth the wait.

Finally, in King’s Landing, things are looking grim for both Loras and Margaery. Their grandmother meets with the High Sparrow to plead for their release, but she’s unsuccessful. Lady Olenna then meets with Baelish at his abandoned brothel, and an alliance seems to be formed. She reminds him that they murdered a king together, and he tells her he has a gift for her – a handsome young man. Interesting, yes?

Meanwhile, Tommen is frustrated that there’s nothing he can do to free his wife. Cersei comforts him and promises to visit the High Sparrow and plead for the queen’s freedom, and the king believes her. She visits Margaery and brings her some food, but the queen isn’t interested in Cersei’s lies. “Get out, you hateful bitch!,” Margaery yells, telling Cersei she knows she’s behind all this.

Cersei then meets with the High Sparrow, who ensures her that justice will be made when Loras and Margaery will be put on trial. He has some disturbing news as well – cousin Lancel has been talking about Cersei’s dirty laundry, so the Queen Mother is now facing some pretty troubling accusations herself. Quite the gift Littlefinger had for Olenna. Cersei is dragged into a cell of her own, proving once again that karma is nothing to joke about. If Margaery has a shot at surviving this, since her only sin is that she lied to protect her brother, Cersei’s list of sins is a long one. We’re not quite sure if she can prove her innocence during a trial.

Great things are happening in Westeros, and this might just be out favourite episode of season 5 so far. What did you think about this week’s Game of Thrones instalment? Sound off in the comments!

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