Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 6 Review: “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”

Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 1 Review




Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 5

Sometimes, the hit HBO drama is downright uncomfortable to watch, and the last minutes of this week’s episode stand testament to that. Just when you thought that you’ve gotten used to the gory violence that makes the series so memorable, the creators surprise you with a scene so well-crafted and intense that you feel as if you were invading the characters’ privacy just by watching the events unfold on your screens.  And for that, the series deserves a spot in television’s hall of fame.

In this week’s Game of Thrones episode, two of the great women of Westeros go through a whole lot of pain; while one of them is imprisoned, the other witnesses first-hand just how cruel her new husband can be. Elsewhere, we finally get to see the Sand Snakes fight, and they would surely make Oberyn proud.  Things are heating up in the Game of Thrones universe. But let’s take it one area at a time.

In Braavos, Arya continues to pay her dues by washing corpses in the House of Black and White. She keeps asking for higher clearance, but she’s constantly turned down. Jaqen H’ghar pays her a nighttime visit and proceeds to strike her repeatedly as she tells her story. Even when she shouts that she doesn’t want to play the game anymore, he calmly explains that they never stop playing. Well… at least they found an activity to make time fly by much faster.


Arya seems to understand him though. When she meets a father whose daughter is in great pain, she comforts the girl by telling her a story about how she was extremely sick as well, but she drank the water from the temple’s fountain and got better. She convinces the girl to drink and later, when she’s cleaning the girl’s body, Arya is invited by Jaqen to follow him in a previously restricted area.

What does she finds there? Hundreds of human heads, proudly displayed in all their glory. As she gently strokes one of the faces, we hear Jaqen declare: “A girl is not ready to become no one, but she’s ready to become someone else.” What does this mean? Will Arya learn how to change her appearance? Does this mean that she will be played by someone else at some point down the line? So many questions!

In King’s Landing, Littlefinger returns and has a quick chat with Cersei, proving again just how selfish he can be. He wastes no time before telling her that Sansa’s alive and well in Winterfell, and he even offers to handle the situation in exchange for being made Warden of the North. Cersei is angry upon finding out the news, but agrees to the deal.

Elsewhere, grandma Tyrell in back in town as well, just in time for the hearing of her nephew Loras. She has an unpleasant and heated conversation with Cersei, demanding Loras be freed. The Queen Mother refuses to oblige, but assures her that Loras will be allowed to resume his life after the hearing.

Things don’t quite go as grandma Tyrell would like though. The High Sparrow asks Loras about the many allegations he laid with men, and he denies them all. Margaery is also forced to take the stand, and takes her brother’s side, lying to protect him. But then, te High Sparrow brings in Ollie, the blonde boy who was in bed with Loras a few episodes back, when Margaery surprised the two. His testimony convinces the High Sparrow that there’s enough evidence for a formal trial against both Loras and Margaery. Guards take the two away as Tommen watches powerless. The King clearly needs to see the Wizard and ask for some courage.

Across the Narrow Sea, Ser Jorah and Tyrion continue their journey. Jorah’s greyscale is still there, but doesn’t seem to affect him quite yet. Tyrion unwittingly breaks the news about Jorah’s father, Lord Commander Mormont, being dead, and admits he’s on the run for killing Twiyin. The youngest Lannister also asks a lot of questions about Daenerys, wanting to know why Jorah trusts that she should be the Queen of Westeros. Jorah brings forward some compelling arguments: not only is she the rightful heir, but she didn’t die in the infamous fire that led to the birth of those three marvelous dragons. Tyrion counters by reminding us that her father was an insane tyrant who brought people a whole deal of pain.

Their conversation is cut short, however, when they stumble upon a group of slavers. The slavers are inclined to murder Tyrion, but he quickly talks his way out of immediate danger, as we saw him do so many times before. He even convinces his captures that they could earn a lot of money with Jorah if they throw him in the recently re-opened fighting pits. The older man backs Tyrion’s claims, and the two seem to be safe for the moment.

In Dorne, the Sand Snakes show everyone how brave and handy with weapons they are. Just as Jaime and Bronn sneak into the Martell family home and find Myrcella and Trystane spending some quality time together, the Sand Snakes attack them, which leads to a riveting fight. Eventually though, Martell guards surround them, and they all have to drop their weapons. We’re dying to see what happens next.

Finally, in Winterfell, Sansa is getting ready for her wedding to Ramsay. Miranda draws her a bath and tries to scare Sansa off with some stories about the other women in Ramsay’s life and how they all eventually met terrible ends. Sansa isn’t impressed though. “I’m Sansa Stark of Winterfell. This is my home and you can’t frighten me,” she says. Go, Sansa!

Theon is in charge of giving her away, but she refuses to touch him, even after Theon says that Ramsay will punish him is she doesn’t take his arm. She even admits she doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Theon’s future. They march on through the snow and we witness a cold and low-key ceremony.

The wedding night, on the other hand, is quite terrible for the Stark progeny. Once they arrive in the chambers, Ramsay makes her guarantee she’s still a virgin, and then commands Reek to watch as he has his way with her. We see Theon cry as Ramsay’s rips of Sansa’s dress. Describing the scene as uncomfortable would be quite the understatement. However, we couldn’t but look back on the similar scene in season one between Daenerys and Khal Drogo. Could this mean that another queen is born? One could only hope, as we certainly wouldn’t mind if Sansa murdered all the Boltons in cold blood.

All in all, another great Game of Thrones episode. Your thoughts? Sign off in the comments!

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