Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 5 Review: “Kill the Boy”

Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 1 Review




Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 5

After seeing the trailer and poster for this season of Game of Thrones, every week we’ve been wondering the same thing: is this the episode in which Tyrion will finally face off with a dragon?

Well, this week he finally caught a glimpse of one. It wasn’t the glorious encounter we expected, but there’s still time for that, since we’re only halfway through the season. Elsewhere, Jon Snow makes a controversial decision, Dany decides to become a bride, and Sansa is reunited with Theon/Reek.

In this Game of Thrones episode, we’re not privy to what’s going on at King’s Landing and in Dorne. Instead, we focus on The Wall, Winterfell, and Meereen. Nonetheless, it was a packed instalment worthy of a lengthy recap. Let’s talk about “Kill the Boy.

At Castle Black, Jon Snow seems to be playing a pivotal role this season. Not only has he been made Lord Commander, he’s now thinking about uniting the watchers on the Wall with the free folk to construct a powerful army with a better chance of defending Westeros from the White Walkers. After all, we were all reminded over and over again that winter is coming. Jon knows his decision won’t sit well with his fellow crows, so he seeks advice from Maester Aemon, who’s as wise as always. “Kill the boy and let the man be born,” he tells Snow, making it clear that the new Lord Commander must be able to do what he thinks it’s best, even if that means facing the anger of his peers.


Snow then meets with Tormund Giantsbane, the wildling who’s been kept as war prisoner, and convinces him to go north of the Wall and bring his people south, to fight alongsite the Night’s Watch. He even lends him Stannnis’s fleet, but Tormund has one condition – that Jon accompanies him in his journey, to plead his case in person and convince the wildlings that they don’t have to fear the men at the wall anymore.

As expected, the Night’s Watch isn’t particularly giddy about the Lord Commander’s plan. Especially little Olly, who saw his entire village being slaughtered by wildlings. Nonetheless, Snow has made his decision. It remains to be seen if the free folk will be willing to follow Snow who, despite his short time amongst them, isn’t really one of their own.

Meanwhile at the Wall, Stannis decides he’s overstayed his welcome and it’s time to march south towards Winterfell. He gathers his army, Melisandre, Shireen and Lady Selyse and they all depart Castle Black, not before Melisandre gives Jon Snow an insinuating look.

In Winterfell, Sansa isn’t the only one who’s settling in – Brienne and Pod are also making themselves comfortable, with Brienne certain that the Stark progeny is still in grave danger. She manages to send word to the castle though, where the old lady servant who previously told Lady Sansa that The North remembers assures her she’s not alone. “If you’re ever in trouble, light a candle in the highest window of the northern tower,” she tells her. To be honest though – if we were in Sansa’s shoes, we would be skeptical to trust anybody, even if we are talking about a nice old lady who looks fairly harmless. You never know…

Sansa may be finally at home, but the people currently inhabiting Winterfell aren’t very nice. Miranda, Ramsay’s mistress, is suddenly jealous of all the attention Sansa’s been receiving. When the young Bolton dismisses her feelings, she proceeds to act like she’s befriending Sansa, but then leads her directly to Reek’s kennel cage – forcing a family reunion Sansa’s not particularly fond of. Reek tells Ramsay about the encounter and his master acts like he forgives him. Let’s not forget that the former bastard is a sadistic little fellow though. Later, at dinner, he calls Reek in to pour more wine and forces him to apologize to Sansa for killing her brothers, not before telling her that Reek will be giving her away at the wedding, since he’s now the closest thing to a family she has. Talk about cruel!

Thankfully, his smugness is washed away when Roose announces he’ll be having another child, and he’s almost certain it will be a boy. “I’m your son until a better alternative comes along,” Ramsay tells his father, but the latter tells him it’s not the case. We then find out that the Boltons know about Stannis’s plan to attack Winterfell, and they’re getting ready for the battle.

Across the Narrow Sea, we quickly find out that Ser Barristan didn’t survive the bloodbath that concluded last week’s installment, and that Daenerys is furious he was “butchered by cowards who hide behind masks.” She commands that all the leaders of Meereen’s ancient families be brought together and she takes them to her dragons, where she pushes a man forward for her babies to feed on. Boy, she can be feisty. However, she spares the rest for the moment, not wanting to overfeed her children. Child obesity is no joke.

Grey Worm, on the other hand, is making a slow recovery, being watched over by Missandei. The two share a heartwarming moment, as he admits that his biggest worry when going down in battle was that he will never see her again. She then lays beside him and gives him a gentle kiss. Aww.

Moreover, Missandei also gives Dany some good advice – to follow her own better judgement. The Mother of Dragons meets with one of her imprisoned advisors, Hizdahr zo Loraq, and informs him that not only will she be reopening the fighting pits to free men, but she will also marry him in order to forge a lasting bond with the Meereenese people. Are we going to be treated to yet another Game of Thrones wedding? One can only hope.

Lastly, Tyrion and Ser Jorah encounter some trouble on their way to the Queen. While approaching the ruined city of Valyria, Dany’s ancestral home, Tyrion spots Drogon flying above their boat, but he can’t fully take in the view as they’re attacked by stone men.

Tyrion is knocked overboard and his chances look grim, but Ser Jorah manages to kill the stone men and rescue his prisoner. Not without consequences though: we see Ser Jorah roll up his sleeve and reveal a patch of scaly skin (Stone men act like animals, and apparently the disease spreads by touch), which means that it won’t be long until he’ll lose his better judgement. Let’s hope he’ll make it to Daenerys first and won’t hurt the youngest of the Lannisters in the process.

Bottom line? Things are getting even more interesting in Westeros. Will Snow be able to convince the wildlings to follow him? Will Sansa realize just how vicious Ramsay is and ask Brienne for help? Most importantly: how will Dany’s wedding dress look like? We guess we have to patiently wait and see.

Bonus question: how weird was it to see Aemon talking to Sam, saying how terrible it is for a Targaryen to be alone, and then have Jon walk in? Is this a hint that one of the most popular Game of Thrones fan theories ever might be addressed this season? Excited!

What did you think about the episode? Let us know in the comments!

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