Everything You Need to Know About the Netflix Mobile App

Did you ever start to watch a movie, but then had to pause it because you needed to leave home? If so, you will find the Netflix mobile app particularly useful, as it allows users to watch movies on their tablets and smartphones anywhere, anytime.

The best part of all, as long as you are Netflix subscriber, there are no extra charges involved. The only thing you will need is a phone or tablet that is compatible. Almost all Windows 7, Android, and Apple mobile devices can access the application. In this article we will cover everything you need to know about the Netflix mobile app.

How to Get the Netflix Mobile App

To download the app, simply search for it in the Windows 7 Marketplace, Android Marketplace, or Apple iTunes Store. Then log in to your Netflix account and stream movies or TV shows from your Instant Queue. It is as simple as that!

The Netflix mobile app can be downloaded even if you are not an existing subscriber. However, that would not do anything. Instead, avail the free 30-day trial offer to determine whether you like the video streaming service. Device limit is another thing you must watch out for. While six devices can be registered per account, only two can be active at the same time. The more mobile devices you activate, the fewer streaming boxes, computers, and DVD players you will be able to use at home.

Netflix Mobile App – Features

While going through this article, you definitely might have wondered, “What can this app do?” Well, pretty much everything you can do on the Netflix site, but since it is on your mobile, just relatively smaller. Size is the only thing you will have to compromise on when using the Netflix mobile app, since it can be a bit difficult to view an entire movie on a small screen.

However, apart from that, all the features provided are the same. Buffering is quick and movies can be played from where they were left off. The streaming selections are the same you would find on their website. Moreover, streaming quality is unparalleled and controlled by intuitive buttons.

Considering the fact that loads of data is consumed while streaming, you will want to make sure that your data plan can support it. Therefore, check with your service provider. After all, you don’t want to go over your limit. That being said, one thing about the Netflix mobile app that you will certainly like is the precautionary measures taken to ensure optimum streaming security.

So, do you find the Netflix app interesting? If so, download it on a compatible device and enjoy your favourite movies and TV shows on the go!


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