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Backed by a first-rate network, and with affordable NBN plans and some very enticing optional extras - and, of course, Fetch TV - Dodo flies high!

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If you’ve spent time in front of the TV you’ll remember the classic Dodo ads when the company first launched into the cut-throat world of broadband. Their catchphrase “internet that flies” caused some amusement when, in real life, the dodo was a bird that couldn’t fly at all! The company quickly made a name for itself with its extremely well-priced broadband plans. They offered clever bonuses as bundle deals with plans. And the same is available today.

With easy-to-understand, good value internet plans, Dodo continues to give customers a reason to sign up on a longer-term contract. It’s also one of few ISPs to offer an integrated Fetch TV service bundled with your ADSL or NBN plan. This gives you access to 35 broadband-streamed channels ranging from the BBC’s premium channel to MTV.

Alongside their more conventional broadband plans, Dodo has been a little more adventurous than most. They often have bundles with a difference – ones with a device thrown in like a tablet, game console or other desirable gadget – to give you extra temptation as you compare broadband plans, and to help you decide on Dodo as your destination.

Dodo started out as an independent company. It grew with lightning speed as more and more customers flocked to them for low-cost internet access. A few years ago it was bought by the owners of iPrimus. This gave Dodo access to the iPrimus network infrastructure with its own phone exchange hardware. This allowed for better-priced ADSL and faster, more reliable internet access.

Both companies are now owned by Vocus, one of Australia’s largest top-tier networking companies, putting vast resources at Dodo’s disposal. For customers, it means better ping times to local game servers and fast Netflix or Stan streaming, since you’re only a couple of hops away from the servers themselves. NBN customers, in particular, will notice this point of difference, as Netflix streams pop into full HD almost instantly and stays that way.


You can connect to Dodo NBN for as little as $29.90/month, although if you only using the internet for “occasional browsing”, you’ll probably want to go for one of the higher plans. This one’s only at the low 12/1 speed, with a paltry 10GB data allowance per month – barely enough for a few hours of Netflix. There’s a 50GB tier as well, but if you regularly use the internet, head straight for the unlimited-data plans, with the 12/1 speed priced at $64.90/month, 25/5 at $74.90/month and the top-speed 100/40 plan at $99.90/month. You’ll get an NBN-ready modem at no cost on a two-year contract, and home phone line rental included – important to weigh into your calculations, since not having the old landline will save you around $30/month. Adding unlimited calls (including calls to mobiles) is a bargain-priced $10/month, too.


No data allowance + home phone + 6 months free speed boost


If you’re still waiting for NBN in your area, ADSL is as good as it gets. Dodo’s plans are incredibly competitive – there’s only two – one with a 50GB allowance for $24.90/month, the other with unlimited downloads and uploads for $10 more. Home phone line rental is included – and again, the unlimited-calls pack is $10/month extra, letting you talk to your hearts content. Again, they’ll give you an NBN-ready modem for free if you take a 24-month contract.

The bundles

dodo nbn adsl
If you’re tempted by shiny tech objects – or just happen to be looking for a tablet computer or game console – Dodo’s bundles are worthy of your attention. ADSL customers can opt for the Surface 3 Bundle with unlimited download/upload ADSL connection and a Microsoft Surface 3 tablet for $59.90/month over a two-year contract. The tablet comes with a year’s subscription to Office 365 at no extra cost – worth $90 on its own. If gaming is more your thing, opt for the Xbox One Bundle, which lives up to its name, offering you the very desirable Xbox One console with Kinect motion sensor and two full years of Xbox Live Gold membership. That bundle clocks in at $64.90/month on ADSL, and is available to NBN customers on the unlimited-data plan for between $94.90/month and $129.90/month, depending on your choice of connection speed.

Obviously, these tech goodies aren’t “free”. You’re paying extra on top of the basic plan cost. However, if these devices entice you and you can’t afford to buy one outright, these bundle plans can be a great way to get that desirable object into your home immediately.

Fetch TV

dodo tv by fetch
As one of only two main ISPs now offering the much-acclaimed Fetch TV hardware and streaming TV service, Dodo has a trump card up its sleeve. The Fetch bundles give you access to the newest Fetch TV hardware. If you’re not familiar with Fetch TV, and all the things its boxes can do, read our Fetch TV mini and mighty review and check it out in detail. Essentially, Fetch is a streaming pay TV service, a free-to-air personal video recorder and a Netflix/Stan/everything streaming device all in one. As an entertainment hub device, Fetch is unrivalled.

Dodo has Fetch plans for both ADSL and NBN, with two tiers available. The Fetch Lite bundle gets you the new Fetch Mini box (or its sensational big brother, the Fetch Mighty, for $10/month extra) along with an unlimited ADSL broadband connection for $44.90/month, or NBN for $74.90/month. The Fetch Entertainment Plus bundle adds the 35-channel premium package from Fetch, giving you access to channels ranging from BBC First to ESPN to Comedy Channel. That one is $59.90/month on ADSL, and $89.90/month on NBN.

If you divide your time between free-to-air TV and streaming and have considered getting Foxtel for more channel variety, these Fetch bundles may be exactly what you’re after. Being able to do it all on the one box is a real bonus (and yes, the Fetch Mighty can also record streaming channels!).

Options, options

As you can see, Dodo has ADSL and NBN plans and bundles to suit pretty much every type of user. If you want solid, good value broadband they’ve got it covered. If you want some entertainment on the side they’re happy to help out, with their Fetch TV bundles a standout. With a powerful network behind them, Dodo’s a great choice if you’re looking for any kind of internet access. The bird it’s named after may be long extinct, but this Dodo is in it for the long haul.

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