Disney Plus Australia Review – What you should know about the new Disney streaming service

Review was updated on 17th September, 2019

Disnet Plus Australian Review

The world-famous Walt Disney Company is gearing up to release a new streaming platform which is likely to make an immediate impact in the heavily saturated streaming market. The service, to be called Disney+, will be the home of a range of exclusive content, from seasoned classics to the newest releases.

Disney Plus Review

The Walt Disney Company has finally confirmed the arrival of their very own streaming service, Disney+, in Australia and New Zealand on 19 November. What’s in store is an amazing array of content from the world of Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, National Geographic and more with the launch of Disney Plus in Australia.

Prepare to enter a whole new world of TV with the upcoming launch of Disney+. Ever since it was announced earlier this year that Disney is coming up with their own streaming service, several news and teasers of new shows have been made, which include continuation of fan favourite sagas such as Star Wars and Marvel’s Avengers.

Disney Plus Highlights

  • Price: $8.99/month, no lock-in contract; $89.99/year
  • Includes HDR and 4K on applicable titles
  • Top Content: The Mandalorian, High School Musical, Monsters Inc., The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision, WhatIf…
  • Launching Date: November 19 (Australia/New Zealand)
  • More details to follow

What makes Disney Plus unique?

In a market which is oversaturated with streaming services, it’s difficult to stand out from the pack. Disney Plus however achieve that simply through the size and the scope of the company – and for how long they’ve been doing it. Disney’s excellent library of content has been making money for streamers for years – although it’s taken until now for Disney to try and capitalise upon this in a way other than just syndication. In addition to all of your Disney-branded favourites, Marvel and Lucasfilm are subsidiaries of the Walt Disney Company, meaning all that they have to offer is likely to be available. That includes all Marvel movies, as well as the Star Wars series.

Disney also recently purchased 21st Century Fox, giving them ownership of streaming service Hulu and National Geographic. And what’s more, Disney will follow the lead of the likes of Netflix to make content exclusively for the Disney+ service. A few details about what exactly this will entail have been made public – the impending arrival of two Star Wars TV shows has been confirmed, while a Monsters Inc series, a High School Musical series, and a number of book adaptations including The Paper Magician and Don Quixote will also be produced.

Riding on the success of Avengers: Endgame, as well as the rest of Marvel’s blockbuster hits, viewers can also expect a ton of original content that exists within the Marvel universe. This includes standalone series like The Falcon and the Winter SoliderWandaVision, and a spin-off featuring Loki, which Tom Hiddleston has already confirmed via social media.

There’s also a new series titled What If…, which is an animated show that reimagines how things would’ve turned out in the Marvel-verse if events turned out differently in the franchise’s tentpole films. As for Star Wars, loyal fans can look forward to at least two original live-action series starting with The Mandalorian, and another show led by spy Cassian Andor, featuring Diego Luna reprising his role from Rogue One.

What are Disney Plus’ Best Features?

  • Over 300 shows and movies in library immediately on launch
  • Definition – Stream 4K and HD content
  • Flexibility – Monthly or yearly deals
  • Familiarity – Classic and new content
  • Variety – Content the whole family can enjoy

Disney Plus: What’s on the box?

One of the world’s biggest and most experienced entertainment companies, Disney do not do things by half measure. They are planning to launch with over 300 shows and movies in their library. This means that they are using their weight in the industry to ensure their launch is one to remember. Their programming is a balance of unreleased new content and Disney classics.

Disney Plus new content

Holding the rights to some of the world’s best loved and revered stories has underpinned Disney’s success for a century. Whether that be age-old fairytales – or perhaps newer fairytales like Star Wars – Disney’s got the big name shows and movies.

  • Star Wars: Rise of Sky Walker
  • Frozen 2
  • Loki
  • The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
  • Lady and the Tramp
  • Encore!
  • Maleficent: Mistress of Evil
  • High School Musical: The Series
  • The Mandalorian

Disney Plus classic content

Besides producing excellent new programs, Disney also hold the rights to some of your absolute favourites. In fact, if it features a superhero or a light-sabre – or if it’s a cartoon – it’s likely to be on Disney Plus.  

  • The Simpsons
  • The Lion King
  • Bambi
  • Aladdin
  • Toy Story
  • Captain Marvel
  • Star Wars

How much does Disney Plus cost?

Disney+ has announced its pricing for its Australian launch at only $8.99/month or $89.99 per year. Now that stays true to CEO Bob Iger’s promise that it would be much less than what you pay Netflix for, which now costs $9.99/mth. That said, it does stand to reason that, at least initially, Disney+ would have less content than the likes of Netflix in its first year of launch.

How to Watch Disney Plus on TV?

Again, with the launch still a little while away, details such as this are yet to be entirely confirmed. We will update you as soon as possible, with Disney expected to slowly release details up until the release date on November 19th.

Given that the launch of Disney+ is still a couple of months away, you can catch your favourite Disney movies — including movies from its subsidiaries — on other streaming services available in Australia.

For starters, Stan has a wide range of Disney animated films that the whole family can enjoy. Of course, there’s also Netflix and Telstra TV Box Office, in which you can stream animated movies, plus a number of Marvel superhero films including The Avengers. But in Australia, Foxtel is one to beat with new additions of Disney, Marvel, and Lucasfilm movies dropping every month — and which are also made available on Foxtel Now. On top of that, Foxtel also features new and up-to-date shows on the Disney channel, which is part of the Kids pack.

Alternatives to Disney Plus

Streaming TV & Movies Plans

Entry Pack - Foxtel Now from Telstra
  • Service Only Plan
  • 5 Content Genres
Min Cost - Min Cost - $25 over 1 month

Pay Per View
  • Service Only Plan
  • 8 Content Genres
$/ days
You can only purchase TV shows, not rent them.
Min Cost - Depending on title

  • Service Only Plan
  • 1 Content Genres
$25/month after 14 days free trial; no lock-in contracts.

Monthly Subscription
  • Service Only Plan
  • 6 Content Genres
$6.95/month after 30 days free trial

Monthly Subscription
  • Service Only Plan
  • 7 Content Genres
$6.99/month after 30 days free trial

Monthly Subscription
  • Service Only Plan
  • 4 Content Genres
Min Cost - $9.99 over 1 month

What Devices work with Disney Plus?

While not a lot is known about Disney Plus right now, it’s been announced that the Disney+ streaming app will be available on a range of devices to compete with other streaming services. This starts with the following devices below, although more are expected to follow:

Disney Plus Pros and Cons

The Good

  • Will feature a ton of exciting content from the Marvel and Star Wars universe
  • Has a lower monthly cost than Netflix and Stan

The Gotchas

  • Might start off with lesser variety and genre of shows and movies on offer compared to Netflix, Stan, and Foxtel Now
  • Still need more information

Disney Plus Summary: The Early Signs are Excellent

At Compare TV, we consider it an absolute priority to provide accurate, up-to-date, fair and unbiased information on everything we review. Therefore, we wouldn’t want to jump the gun when reviewing Disney Plus. We – like everyone else out there – haven’t seen all of the details on Disney Plus, although the early signs are surely excellent.

For us, the highlight is absolutely the reach and influence of Disney. In addition to already having the IP rights to some of the world’s favourite movies and TV shows, they’re continuing to expand their offerings constantly. This means that no matter what, Disney Plus is set to have one of the most comprehensive and extensive libraries – from Star Wars to The Lion King, and everything in between.  

Thinking about trying out Disney Plus? Disney Plus will be available in Australia on December 19. Stay tuned to Compare TV for more!


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