Daredevil Preview

Daredevil Preview

Starring: Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll, Rosario Dawson

Summary: A new take on fan-favourite comic-book hero Daredevil – a blind lawyer who fights crime with his other four senses superhumanly enhanced.

Genre(s): Action, Sci-Fi, Drama


Our Critic Review

In the new Netflix original live action series, we’ll follow the journey of blind attorney Matt Murdock, who’s been without sight following a tragic accident as a boy. Despite that, he’s now imbued with extraordinary other senses, and uses them to fight crime as a masked vigilante by night in his old neighbourhood of Hell’s Kitchen, New York.

Known as the ‘man without fear’, Murdock suits up in some ninja-inspired duds and a superhero costume that won’t exactly take your breath away, but if fans are expecting all colour and light from this series they’ll be disappointed. It’s promising to be an exhilarating gritty crime drama, with inspiration taken from Frank Miller’s run of the Marvel Comics.

With the first three episodes of the new series already being given titles – ‘Into The Ring’, ‘Cut Man’ and ‘Rabbit in a Snow Storm’ respectively – Phil Abraham steps in to direct the first two instalments whilst Hannibal’s Adam Kane directs the third in what is promising to be Marvel’s most adult offering yet.

Daredevil acts as the first development from Marvel’s long-term Netflix deal, which will see four different character-centric series come to the streaming service before a Defenders miniseries teams them all together – Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist alongside Daredevil.

The series has now even released an image which hints at a link with the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe, with a boxing match poster teasing “fight of the year” between Carl ‘Crusher’ Creel and Battlin’ Jack Murdock.

Jack is the father of our hero, whilst Creel is the villain Absorbing Man who has already been introduced in two episodes of ABC series Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD last September, played by Brian Patrick Wade.

Personally, I cannot wait to get to grips with one of Marvel’s most interesting heroes. Taking a step away from the child-friendly movies and moving into the gritty world of crime, the show has the potential to be one of my favourite Netflix originals. Let’s hope that it delivers.

The series launches globally on Netflix on Friday, April 10.

VIDEO: Watch the trailer of the Daredevil season 1!


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