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If one thing’s certain, it’s that nobody likes limits on anything they consume. And yet, for the most part, that’s exactly what we have to live with. Our power, water, gas and petrol all cost us depending on how much we use. Plus, there’s always that niggling feeling that we should be using less to save money. That’s how it used to be with mobile phone plans as well. Thankfully, it’s no longer the case. Both Boost and amaysim have some amazing offers at the moment.

Up until a short few years ago, using your mobile to make calls was something you only did when a landline wasn’t handy. The mobile calls were timed, expensive and bound by a limit. If you went over it, you had to pay serious cash. Gradually, mobile providers introduced “cap” plans to ease the worry a bit. However, it’s only recently that we’ve seen a real move towards unlimited mobile plans.

Now, you can do away with the home phone completely. It’s conveninent to just use your mobile, with a monthly plan fee covering all of your calls. Whether to landlines, mobiles or even international numbers if that’s what your heart desires. And the best part? You can get this for little more than it used to cost for the rental on a landline phone. Plus if you pick the right provider and plan, you can get some tasty bonuses thrown in as well.

Two providers that helped pioneer the unlimited plan are amaysim and Boost. Both are no-contract, prepaid providers. They each utilise different networks and offer different features, true. But they have one thing in common – every plan they offer will give you unlimited calls, texts and MMS within Australia.

That leaves the real difference between these providers down to three things. We’re talking about the network they run on, the extra features they offer, and the amount of data you get. It’s worth noting that if mobile data is something you use only sparingly – just checking web sites and Facebook, for example – you can opt for the cheapest plans with either of these providers. You’ll still get a no-holds-barred unlimited phone line for very little money per month. Most of the stuff we pay for has gotten more expensive, but unlimited phone services have never been more affordable.


Boost Mobile has been around for many years, but it’s only relatively recently that they’ve hopped over to the Telstra mobile network. That means their customers enjoy all the coverage benefits the move brings. With Boost, anyone looking for unlimited calls and text can get both for as little as $30 for 28 days. That plan comes with 3GB of data as standard. However, Boost also throws in a bonus 1GB of data every weekend, bringing the data pool up to a whopping 7GB.

For an extra 10 bucks, the $40 plan brings the vase data limit to 5GB. It also throws in unlimited international calls to ten major countries (including the UK, USA, China and more). If you need to call friends or family overseas, that’s the plan for you. Otherwise, the $30 plan is perfect for easy, hassle free unlimited calling and texting with plenty of data to keep you going.


Another veteran company that’s still rated highly by customers and industry alike, amaysim runs their service on the Optus 4G Plus network. The telco focuses heavily on the international calls angle. All of their prepaid plans offer unlimited calls to ten major countries.

At the $30 level, amaysim will give you the same 3GB of data that Boost does at that price point. But while Boost sweetens the deal with bonus weekend data, amaysim phone plans all have free international calls bundled in. Something you can’t get on Boost unless you step up to the $40 plan. Thus, if calling both in Australia and overseas is what you’re after, that’s the plan for you.

amaysim’s higher plans also beat out Boost in raw data allowance, though not in total data allowance. That’s an important difference. amaysim’s data is for use any time, whereas 4GB of Boost’s data allowance is a bonus that has to be used on the weekend. This makes the amaysim $40 plan (with 7GB data for use anytime) better value for those who aren’t weekend-focused.

Which one’s for you?

Both Boost and amaysim are companies with years of experience in customer service and the industry as a whole. Moreover both offer a choice of the two biggest mobile networks in the country as the backbone for your mobile service. The pricing is similar, but it’s the data extras that will probably sway you one way or the other.

If you’re the sort of person who spends much of their time online on the mobile from Friday night through to the end of Sunday, Boost has you covered with their generous bonus weekend data. But if you’ve got friends and family overseas to talk to or just use data more during the week, then amaysim offers outstanding value.

Whichever one you choose, you’ll be paying less for unlimited calls than people with landlines did two decades ago. We’d call that a win for progress!

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