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Telstra still offers discounts and benefits to holders of pension cards – but with the competitive market of today there may be even better value to be had by shopping around.

Quietly overseeing the entirety of Australian communications, both traditional and high-tech, the ACMA plays a pivotal role in the way all media runs across Australia – from TV and radio to the internet and mobile phones.

The promise of a free and open internet guaranteed by law was put to an end recently in America, and companies there are now free to charge more for access to certain services. Could the same thing happen here in Australia?

While the discounts offered by the Seniors Card don’t seem to extend to broadband services for most providers, that doesn’t mean you’re going to have to pay a lot of money to get online. We take a look at some of the great-value options around at the moment.

With so many broadband plans asking for two-year commitments, those who are renting are at a disadvantage – but there are some great broadband plan choices for renters that happily move with you.

Whether it’s classic comedies and dramas or the latest blockbuster releases straight out of cinemas, Bigpond Movies has them there for you to rent or buy, then stream in HD to your screen. We take a look at ten of the best recent additions to the Bigpond library.

While your actual broadband speed makes the biggest difference in how well you can stream video, there are a few factors closer to home that can have a big impact. Here are some tips on how to get streaming without buffering.

Complaints about broadband speeds were high on the list of the biggest issues dealt with by the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman last year – so what role do they play?

Switching to the NBN connection isn’t that complex. As long as you gear yourself up with basic information about the process, you can expect your transition to the NBN to be easy.

Ever been browsing through the offerings of potential internet providers and wondered what some of those technical terms they use actually mean for you? You’re not alone, and here we’ll give you the answers to the most common ones.

While the NBN is intended to be the network everyone connects to in the future for both broadband and home phones, there are alternatives that you can try if you’re after more speed or access to fast internet now rather than later.

Having done well with their multi-country streaming TV service already, Flip TV has started offering NBN broadband plans that come at competitive process with the advantage of local support staff – and they’ve already won an award for their efforts!

With most of the broadband network in Australia operated by four huge companies, is it better to connect with one of them, or can you save money and still get great service by choosing a cheaper ISP?

Providing fast connection whether you’re at home or on the move, mobile broadband has made advances that essentially increase its internet speed– if you can handle the data limits.

After many complaints about buffering and slowdowns during evening peak periods, Australia’s internet providers have been asked to give a typical evening maximum for each speed tier.