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BigPond Movies

Bigpond Movies offers an easy and high quality way for Telstra TV owners to catch up with the latest films and shows.

Overall 77%

Review was updated on 21st November, 2019

If you’ve ever gone looking for movies or TV shows to rent or buy online, you’ve probably heard of BigPond Movies. Telstra has now rebranded this product to be Telstra TV Box Office.

Telstra TV Box Office review

It’s not easy competing with two juggernauts on their own playing field – and when it comes to giant-sized corporations, they don’t get much bigger than Apple and Google. Both those global brands have long held a captive audience in the palms of their respective platform hands with the iTunes Store and Google Play Movies store respectively. In the face of these juggernauts, many a digital store has packed up and gone home. That said, our review of Telstra TV Box Office reveals it not only lives on after all these years, but has managed to thrive.

Just how good is Box Office? Can I watch them on all or any of my devices? And is the price right? We’ve spent more than enough time swimming around in the ‘pond to find out answers to all of these questions and more.

What’s In this Review

What is Telstra TV Box Office?

We can go on about how huge the global corporations that dominate the industry are, but Telstra’s got a lot of size and experience behind it as well – indeed, when it comes to experience, arguably more than much of Silicon Valley. As part of the company’s Telstra Media arm – which also takes care of stuff like AFL, NRL and Netball streaming apps, alongside the much-loved Telstra TV boxes – Box Office is something of an iconic brand that’s stood the test of time.

Whether it’s special bonuses for those with Telstra phone or broadband services, or tight integration with Telstra’s own hardware, Box Office has turned out to be a handy asset to have around. But how is it for you, the customer?

What movies are available?

The first thing you need to keep in mind when it comes to what BigPond Movies has on offer is that, unlike the digital stores run by the “big two”, this one does not contain all available movie and TV content at any one time. Those other providers spend a lot of time, money and especially server space keeping a gargantuan library of titles around in case someone wants to watch them, occasionally tossing a few out at a discount but otherwise just acting like a huge repository for all things movie and TV. It can seem a little impersonal to some, and more to the point, a bit overwhelming for people that just want to see some good quality movies or shows.

So what you’ll get when you browse the BigPond Movies range is a collection of the new stuff and the popular classic stuff without all the noise – it’s kind of like a video library down in your local shopping centre that chooses its titles with its customers’ interests in mind, rather than the huge video barn that stocks everything and asks you to wade through it all.

Start streaming with Telstra TV Box Office

Hundreds of movie titles, along with full seasons of your favourite TV shows. Pay for what you want to watch, no ads and no contracts!

Popular Movies on Telstra TV Box Office

That’s not to say the range isn’t extensive. If you search, for example, for Jennifer Lawrence, you’ll see all the key titles – the Hunger Games and X-Men films, Passengers, American Hustle, Silver Linings Playbook and so on – even the defiantly arty Mother! But you won’t see the more obscure titles, such as Like Crazy – a film even the most devoted Jen fans would be hard pressed to remember.

There’s an ulterior motive behind this more curated approach, of course – and that’s the Telstra TV side of things. A huge number of people are loving the latest Telstra TV for its “keeping it simple” approach, with recommendations on stuff to watch that span the paid streaming services alongside rental or purchased content from BigPond Movies. What that means is that the service is filling in the gaps – the content you can’t stream as part of your Netflix or Stan plan, for example – and presenting it as recommendations in the same interface on the Telstra TV, where you can rent or buy it effortlessly.

Compatible Devices and Apps

Bigpond Movies is currently available on a range of devices, with Telstra TV the platform best used for both browsing and viewing BigPond Movies content.

DeviceDoes it work?
Telstra TV (Both Versions) Yes
Android Phone/Tablet Yes (Android 4.4 or higher)
Apple Phone/Tablet Yes (iOS 9 or higher)
Smart TV Yes (LG, Panasonic & Samsung 2016+)
Google Chromecast Yes (unofficially as of 2019)
PC/Mac Computers Yes (current web browsers)

Google Chromecast support is, according to an alert in the iOS BigPond Movies app, no longer available – however we were able to seamlessly play a purchased movie from the app, casting to a Chromecast Ultra, where it showed no signs of any problems. The movie played in HD just fine, but the only way to stop playback was to disconnect the Chromecast completely, at which point you’d have to start again. That’s most likely the reason behind the “unsupported” message, but if you’ve got a Chromecast you want to use with BigPond Movies, our experience is that is will work (at least casting from iOS) – just not with a seamless user experience.

TV Box Office Features

If you haven’t heard it yet, BigPond Movies is now known as Telstra TV Box Office. This big change came at the heels of the launch of the new Telstra TV 3, making it the ultimate device to stream the most recent release movies and latest seasons of the hottest shows on TV right now.

With the new Telstra TV, you can look for the movies you want to watch using voice search with its Google Home integration. It also lets you stream in glorious 4K HDR streaming, not to mention the Telstra TV app allows you to bring your favourite shows and movies on the go as well.

Best part is, you get a bonus $125 worth of Telstra TV Box Office credit when you get your own Telstra TV 3. Whether it’s buying the set-top box as a standalone or as part of Telstra’s internet + streaming bundle, you get the bonus credit that amounts to up to 20 new release rentals — from the latest superhero movies like Aquaman and Black Panther to family-friendly flicks like Mary Poppins Returns and How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.

And that obscure Jennifer Lawrence film you were after? If you do a search, your Telstra TV will direct you to Foxtel Now, where you can stream it as part of the movies pack. It’s very much a service that’s a key cog in the well-oiled Telstra TV machine.

Does Telstra TV Box Office Have Unique Content?

One clever addition to some of the movie titles rented and sold on BigPond Movies is the ability to buy an “open captioned” version, which is completely separate from the version you’d usually buy. Open captioned titles come with the subtitles permanently on, so the hard of hearing (and those who just like watching with captions) never need to hunt around for the setting that turns them on. These are marked with a distinctive “OC” logo on the title art, so you don’t rent or buy one by mistake.

The Telstra TV Box Office User Experience

Like other digital storefronts, once you sign in to Bigpond Movies with your Telstra account (or create a new account if you just want to rent or buy movies separately) your rentals and purchases are attached to that account across any of the devices the service works with (more on that in a moment). As a new customer, you get a free $6.99 rental upon creating an account, while Broadband customers on some plans get two rentals to get them started.

BigPond Movies has also long been a participant in the “Telstra Thanks” program, which gives Telstra customers some nice extras for their loyalty. For a while, this involved a free standard definition movie rental each Thursday chosen out of a pool of three; this later changed to being a $3 rental but with the movie in HD. That program recently ended, but we’ll update this review with information about whatever comes next as we head into 2019.

Telstra TV Box Office Plans and Pricing

As for price, it varies quite a lot – although rental prices tend to be on the low side in comparison to other services. Like the others, you pay a token amount more for HD in most cases, but rentals can be had for as little as $3.99, or you can buy the movie to keep for anywhere from $10 to $20. TV shows, as usual for these services, can’t be rented, only bought; you’re looking at about $3 per episode or $15 to $37 for a full season (and yes, Outlander fans, all seasons are here!)

BigPond Movies Plans

Pay Per View
  • No Subscription Fee
  • Pay Per View
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Latest releases from the cinema
  • Huge library of movies & tv shows
  • $/ days
$/ days
You can only purchase TV shows, not rent them.
Min Cost - Depending on title

Last audited 20th of September 2021

How to Contact Telstra TV Box Office

Looking to inquire about your Telstra TV Box Office membership or anything about their related services? If you’ve got any questions about the streaming platform, or perhaps about Telstra Broadband’s bundles, simply give their friendly customer service team a call at 13 22 00 and they’ll put you in touch with the information you need. If you’re not too keen on calling, you can also simply click on the ‘Help’ option on Telstra TV Box Office’s website and search for the answers you need for your inquiry or question.

Telstra TV Box Office Summary

Telstra TV Box Office still has the best of what you love about BigPond Movies. There’s still no subscription requirement and you only pay for exactly what you want to watch — making it the cheaper option as opposed to making monthly payments to other streaming services. And if you own a Telstra TV and use it as your entertainment hub, you’ll find Telstra TV Box Office to be a key part of the experience.


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