Top 5 Mobile Plans for Seniors and Pensioners

Mobile Plans for Seniors

As a senior member of the community, you’re all too aware of the pitfall of the mobile phone — timed calls! After all, for decades the simple local phone call has been a low-cost essential part of life that’s never run on a timer, so you can properly catch up with friends and relatives without having to watch the clock (or get a nasty surprise when the bill arrives). The good news is that today’s mobile plans let you do that, and more — for less than the cost of the home phone!

Could it be worth finally getting rid of that old home phone? After all, even with a seniors discount it still costs a significant amount of money per year just to have it connected, and then every call you make with it adds to the bill. And while local calls to other home phones are not timed and still only cost a modest fee, they’re increasingly not the numbers we’re calling these days.

Mobile Guide for Seniors

Friends and family move interstate or even overseas for work, study or adventure, and keeping in touch with them is as important as ever. But calling long distance or internationally on a home phone can be an extremely costly thing.

Fortunately, there’s a better way, though it’s going to take a little getting used to. A great many younger people these days are abandoning the home phone altogether, and there’s a good reason why. Mobile plans offer so many benefits over a home phone that they win almost by default, but with a little shopping around you can tailor the plan you get to exactly fit your calling needs, and end up spending as little as $10 a month with all calls included.

Now, getting rid of the home phone is not for everyone. For some — especially those who have health needs that demand a reliable emergency phone to be available at all times, or those who have a “back to base” alarm on the house — the home phone’s going to have to stay around. But you’ll still save a lot of money by getting yourself a mobile phone and taking advantage of some of the fantastic contract-free plans that are around these days.

If you don’t already have a mobile phone, don’t get trapped into getting one on contract. Instead, ask at your local Woolworths or Coles about the low-cost mobiles they sell outright. Make sure you ask for one that is not locked to a particular network, as this lets you take advantage of the widest range of mobile plan deals. These basic mobile phones can cost as little as $40 and are incredibly easy to operate — there’s no “smartphone” stuff to distract from the key purpose of just making phone calls.

Once you’ve got your phone, you can pick from a huge range of plans, where the provider will provide you with a “SIM” card. Slot that into your phone and you’re ready to go.

So here are some of the key mobile plans for pensioners and seniors who tend to use the phone for what it was invented for — talking! All five of them can be easily signed up for either online or on the phone, there are no hidden charges to get surprised by, and (in most cases) no contract to get tied down to. Our goal here is to help you pay as little money as possible each month while talking to your heart’s content!

#1 – Southern Phone Special Offer

Southern Phone is a company based in and owned by regional communities around Australia, and they’ve won a lot of fans by being a versatile, friendly and incredibly affordable mobile provider, going so far as to give customers the choice of Optus or Telstra as the mobile network. This time around, they’re offering two amazing plans that give you huge data plus unlimited calls and texts in Australia — not to mention, big savings as well! To take advantage of the best mobile offer in the market today, simply choose between the Optus plan at $15/month (for the first 6 months on a 12-month contract) to get 7GB of data, or the Telstra plan at $40/month (for the first 12 months) to get a whopping 30GB data with no lock-in contracts. Whatever your mobile needs are, Southern Phone’s got you covered.

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Choose between the Optus plan with 7GB data for $15/mth or the Telstra plan with a whopping 30GB data for only $40/mth! Limited offer only.

#2 Belong Small 1GB Plan

Belong is actually a subsidiary of Telstra, so you know you can trust them right out of the gate. It’s a brand that’s aimed to simplify communications and strip things back to simple, catch-free mobile plans. With their “Small” plan (so named because the data allowance included is modest at only 1GB — not something you need to worry about if the goal is talking) you get unlimited calls all around Australia to both fixed phones and to mobiles for only $10/month. But even better — if you have family or friends overseas, you can have unlimited calls (and text messages) to them for an additional $5/month — it works for 36 major countries. Being able to call almost anywhere in the world for only $15/month is a hard deal to beat!

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Unlimited calls & texts + no lock-in contract
National 3G & 4G coverage from just $10/month

#3 – Amaysim As You Go Plan

Now, this is something a little different. We know there’s a lot of seniors out there who don’t want a mobile phone to makes lots of calls with — but rather, they want one to be ready in case of an emergency, or to carry with them while out and about so they don’t miss an important call. But most mobile plans refresh every month or so, which seems like a waste when you’re not using up the credit. That’s where Amaysim’s As You Go mobile plan comes in. You start with $10 of credit, and that credit lasts for 365 days — an entire year. You then pay 15c per minute for any calls you make (but there’s no charge for receiving calls). Perfect for seniors who want a mobile around “just in case”.

Compare amaysim mobile plans

Get unlimited talk and texts + great data allowances with these amaysim SIM-only plans!

#4 – Moose Mobile 9 Plan

The amusingly-named Moose Mobile (which operates on the Optus network) has a particularly nice offer in play at the moment for their excellent value month-to-month plans. The $9/month plan is a terrific value if you make some calls but not that many — you get 200 minutes of calls per month for your money, nearly three and a half hours. If you spend less time than that on the phone, this is the plan for you (otherwise, the $14/month plan makes the calls unlimited). And for the first month on either of those plans, you’ll pay only ten cents!

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Get fast data + unlimited talk & text from just $14/month, all backed by amazing support!

#5 – Yomojo 2GB Plan

For those seniors who are using a smartphone and finding it handy for things like looking up maps when out and about, getting public transport times and checking emails, a 2GB data allowance each month is a nice comfortable amount to play with. Yomojo’s 2GB unlimited plan costs $15.90/month and of course includes unlimited calls and text messages. You can top up your data if you find you need more in the middle of the month, and you can buy an international calling add-on for those times when you’ve got family or friends travelling overseas.

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Discover generous, family-friendly mobile plans with proactive plan management features.


Whether you’re ready to free yourself from the home phone (and all those annoying spam calls) or you’re looking for a mobile for convenience and peace of mind, these days you can get a mobile service that gives you far more value than your home phone ever could, for a fraction of the price. And with most plans not on a contract, you’ve got the freedom to switch providers any time you like, without any penalty or inconvenience (and yes, you get to keep the same mobile number if you switch!). If you’ve been on the fence about getting that mobile phone, there’s never been a better time to jump on in.

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Yomojo Save 15% compare all now Southern Phone $40 for 30GB data


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