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Amazon Music has finally entered the Australian music streaming scene, bringing with it a vast catalogue of music

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Review was updated on 11th June, 2019

With the official launch of Amazon Prime in Australia comes Amazon Music Unlimited, which brings with it a library of over 50 million tracks that are all accessible for free with Amazon’s 30-day free trial.

Although more popular music streaming providers like Spotify and Apple Music have already hit Australia’s shores early on, Amazon Music Unlimited certainly makes up for its late entrance with its extensive music library, which features locally-curated playlists and stations tailor-made by local Amazon Music experts.

As with Amazon Prime’s customised offerings, Amazon Music Unlimited likewise aims to deliver the tunes that specifically suit your taste — and deliver them completely ad -free and on -demand, with unlimited replays and song-skips.

What Makes Amazon Music Unlimited Different?

“Alexa, play my favourite song.”

Need more music in your life? With Amazon Music Unlimited, it almost seems like the sky really is the limit, with their wide range of music made available to Australian music-lovers.

Just imagine having the option to browse through over 50 million songs with expert-programmed playlists and stations that you can listen to at any given time of the day. The best part is how the variety of the songs they offer is a combination of hot new releases, both locally and internationally, plus the very best of what the Australian music scene has produced over the past decades.

Amazon also takes pride in being the market leader when it comes to music services, where voice is all you need to take control — using their Echo, Spot, or Dot speakers and the help of Alexa. While other providers focus on a more limited listening experience, Amazon aims to cater to people who love listening to music via speakers as opposed to just using earbuds. For them, it’s all about the entire listening experience, which is why Amazon has also prioritised and capitalised on pairing Amazon Music Unlimited with their trusty home assistant.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music. 70 million songs.

  • Free 3 mths trial
  • $11.99/month after
  • Cancel anytime
  • Zero ads + unlimited skips
  • Hands-free listening w/ Alexa

Amazon Music Unlimited Plans

Plans for Amazon Music Unlimited are fairly easy and simple to understand. The differences in these plans lie in the technology used and the number of users. Of course, there’s the Amazon Prime Australia 30-day free trial that you can avail without any lock-in contracts whatsoever, meaning you can cancel it risk-free so long as it’s still within the 30-day period. Afterwards, you’ll have to subscribe to a monthly plan moving forward.

Check out the plans below and see if Amazon Music Unlimited suits your music needs and budget perfectly.

Echo Plan Low-cost subscription plan for Echo, Dot, and Spot owners Access to over 50 million songs, including the hottest new releases Listen ad-free with unlimited skips Download songs for offline listening $4.99/month
Individual Plan Access to over 50 million songs, including the hottest new releases Listen ad-free with unlimited skips Download songs for offline listening $11.99/month
Family Plan Up to six family members Can stream music on up to six devices at the same time $17.99/month

How to get Amazon Music Unlimited?

Simply head to Amazon’s website to take advantage of the 30-day free trial for the Individual Plan. However, do take note that the free trial doesn’t cover a Family Plan.

The process of availing the free trial is fairly easy if you already have an existing Amazon account. If not, you’ll just need to create one and enter your billing information as well. Don’t worry though, because you can easily cancel your free trial within the 30-day period without any charge.

Using the Amazon Music App, you can also start a subscription via these devices: iOS, Android, PC/Mac desktops, Amazon Fire TV, and Fire TV Stick. And if you already have an Amazon Echo, Dot or Spot at home, you can simply say, “Alexa, try Amazon Music Unlimited” to get things started.

What Devices can You Use for Amazon Music Unlimited?

Ideally, Amazon Music Unlimited would be best suited to play via the Alexa-powered Echo speakers. But if you’re not into getting one just yet, you can also stream your favourite tunes from Amazon Music Unlimited using these eligible devices:

  • iOS and Android devices (via the Amazon Music app)
  • Windows and MacOS desktops
  • Amazon Fire TV/Fire TV Stick
  • Amazon Fire Phone and Tablet
  • Sonos wireless speakers
  • BlueSound
  • Bose SoundTouch
  • Select Smart TVs

You can also use AirPlay streaming for Apple-friendly audio devices, but it doesn’t support Chromecast streaming to Google-friendly devices.

How does Amazon Music Compare with Other Providers?

Let’s be honest, Australia’s music streaming scene is already a bit crowded as it is, so it’s natural to ask if Amazon Music Unlimited has what it takes to stand out.

Compared to other music providers like Apple Music and Spotify, Amazon Music Unlimited is definitely not lacking in its features and extensive music catalogue. If anything, the only thing that may put them a little behind than the rest is the fact that it entered the game just recently.

When it comes to plans and costs, Amazon Music Unlimited’s prices are quite similar to that of Apple Music — both having an Individual Plan at $11.99/month and a Family Plan at $17.99/month. Of course, this doesn’t compare to Spotify’s Basic Plan, which is eternally free but ridden with annoying ads popping up in between songs, and a song-skipping limit.

With its music library, Amazon Music Unlimited has come prepared, with a range of local and international selections that are well curated by music experts. You may even be surprised to find your favourite classic Aussie music acts as part of their localised playlists, especially made for the Australian audience.

Given these similarities and differences, Amazon Music Unlimited does well in rising up to the existing competition in the market. They’ve come prepared with reasonable plans and a jam-packed music library that’s well suited to the audience it’s trying to capture.

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Amazon Customer Service and Support

Leave it to Amazon to offer top-notch customer service with their 24-hour customer support. Amazon is known to be one of the most customer-focused companies in the world, and their customer service has long been highly regarded as such.

The best and easiest way to get in touch with their support team is via the Amazon website. Simply start by clicking on the “Help” option on the top navigation. It then brings you to a page filled with frequently asked questions categorised according to various Amazon products and services. If you still can’t find the solution you need, you can proceed to the bottom portion “Browse Help Topics” and choose “Need More Help?” From there, just click “Contact Us” and it should direct you to various options for reaching their support team directly.

If you’re not in the mood to browse through topics via their website, you can just go ahead and give their 24-hour customer support team a call through their general help number at 1800 571 894. You can also follow or message them via their Twitter (@AmazonAustralia), which you can also use to keep up with new offers and promos from Amazon Music or Amazon Prime. 

Is it Time to Sing to the Tune of Amazon Music Unlimited?

So is it time to change your tune and switch to Amazon Music Unlimited? If you’re an avid music lover, their 30-day free trial is worth a try — even if only to take a peek inside their vast music catalogue and experience what Amazon Music Unlimited has to offer, especially when it comes to local tunes and classic albums. It’s also well worth it if you buy into the Echo Plan — or already have one at home — and get a kick out of telling Alexa what to play next.

Given that upon its launch, Amazon Music Unlimited has been stacking up well against its more popular competitors based on its features, it will be interesting to see how it grows and expands as Amazon settles in its new home in Australia. And with plans starting at $4.99/month, giving you access to over 50 million songs available on demand, it seems like quite a bargain right off the bat.

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