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About Presto

Presto originated back in early 2014 as a movie-streaming service run by Foxtel to complement its movie channels. Previously called Presto Movies, it offered a mix of recent-release and classic films drawn from Foxtel’s extensive library. It wasn’t until early 2015 that TV shows were added to the mix, via a partnership with Seven West Media, owner of the Seven Network. However, unlike competing streaming services, their original Presto Movies service was kept separate from Presto TV. In February 2017, Presto’s service came to an end, replaced by a newly-revamped Foxtel Play.

Though it had been operating for several years itself, the new Foxtel Play service embraces on-demand streaming to a hugely increased degree, with new content deals such as an exclusive partnership with HBO that allows that famous network’s entire library to be made available for on-demand streaming. Foxtel Play offers access to that and other premium drama as part of their entry-level Drama and Pop channel packs, which can be had for only $15/month each, or $25/month for both – giving you access to both on-demand streaming and live streams of premium Foxtel channels, now available in high definition on Telstra TV devices. Foxtel Play has never been more affordable, and you can try it for yourself completely free with a 14-day obligation-free trial.

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(500) Days of Summer
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We’re The Millers
…if anyone asks.
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Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
Extremely sweet & incredibly heartwarming.
Maid in Manhattan
Maid in Manhattan
Love checks in.
Season 4 now streaming.
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Presto Review

Presto is reasonably priced and offers a very decent selection of TV and movies. It’s easy to use and easy to navigate. Presto has improved a lot since launch and with recent content deals is set to get even better. It’s an economical offering to keep the family occupied or host some home movie or TV marathons with your mates.
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Presto FAQs

To date, Presto has focussed its app efforts almost entirely on smartphones and tablets, something that looks likely to change in the not too distant future. In the meantime, however, your only option for an app on your TV screen to browse and view Presto with comes from Samsung and Sony Bravia, whose recent smart TV models offer a built-in Presto app, making things nice and convenient. If you don’t have a Samsung TV, though, the much more economical way of getting Presto onto your TV is via Google Chromecast, a small HDMI “dongle” that costs under $50 and lets you stream Presto (and many other things) direct to your TV, with your phone, tablet or PC as the controller. Or for a more convenient “all in one” solution, Telstra home broadband customers can rent or buy the “T-Box” device, which includes native support for Presto. And last but certainly not least, Telstra’s new Roku-powered Telstra TV device will also include native Presto support.
You’ll want a broadband connection that’s capable of handling a steady 3 megabits per second for the bulk of Presto’s content – it’s a fairly high bitrate for SD, which explains why it actually upscales reasonably well on a large screen. Most home broadband connections should be more than capable of handling a Presto stream, and the HD content that they’re rolling out is only going to use a little more bandwidth – 4 Mbit/sec.

As with all streaming services, you’ll want to keep an eye on your download cap – unless, of course, your broadband service is with Telstra Bigpond, where Presto streaming is unmetered and unlimited! For everyone else, expect to see Presto’s SD content use about 1.5 GB of your cap for every hour you watch. It’s well worth checking to see if your ISP offers a more generous data allowance or, even better, an unlimited plan.

Yes, the streaming service offers a wide HD library. Users are able to experience 1080p content as well as 5.1 channel surround sound.

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If you’re a Fetch TV subscriber, it’s now easier than ever to stream your favourite content. Presto is now available on the Gen 3 (Mighty) Fetch TV PVR, and will be introduced on Gen 2 PVRs in early July. Presto joins similar services Stan and Netflix that were already available on Fetch.

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