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Get a Telstra home internet plan from $80/month, and get rewarded with free months of BINGE and Foxtel Now, unlimited calls, monthly credits and more – with no lock-in contracts.

Aussie broadband

Telstra’s home internet plans give you the works, with fast and reliable NBN internet and extras including free streaming with Foxtel Now and BINGE – and special discounts on the top-speed plans.

How it works

Enter your address on Telstra’s website to check that the NBN is available. Then pick your plan and sign up instantly online – there’s no connection fee. Telstra will arrange an NBN installation if needed, and send a Smart Modem out to you so you can connect right away.

What do you get with Telstra Broadband?

  • Uncapped data and 5 speed tiers to choose from
  • Ongoing special offers and perks
  • No lock-in contract
  • Optionally add Telstra TV or Foxtel to your service
  • Option to add Kayo, BINGE, Foxtel Now or Netflix to Telstra account
  • Superfast or Ultrafast upgrade with $30/mth credit (Premium plan only)

What are the latest Telstra Broadband offers?



New streaming service BINGE is available via Telstra. Even better, you get 3 months free when you sign up for any of Telstra’s internet plans. You’ll get three months of BINGE Standard valued at $14/month at no extra cost. After your free months, you can simply add your BINGE subscription to your Telstra accouunt.


For a limited time, when you sign up to Telstra Broadband on the Premium Speed Plan, you’ll get $20/month off for 6 months – making the price only $90/month. Sign up by 30 June 2021 to lock in this special offer. Once you’re on the NBN100, you can also upgrade to Superfast (215Mbps) or Ultrafast (250Mbps) plans with $30/month off also for 6 months (FTTP and some HFC customers only).


Enjoy every Foxtel Now channel pack for 1 month free when you sign up for any Telstra internet plan. Valued at $104, you get full access to Essentials (Pop & Lifestyle), Drama Extra, Movies, Sports, Docos, and Kids. You can stream drama, reality, lifestyle, sports, music, movies and more, live or on demand. Offer ends 30 June 2021.

Why choose Telstra Broadband

  • No $99 Connection Fee: Telstra will waive your $99 connection fee when you sign up for your home internet plan online.
  • Unlimited local, national & mobile calls: All internet plans include a home phone line with unlimited local, national, and mobile calls within Australia. Valued at $55/month. Plus 500 13 numbers calls per month included.
  • Broadband Protect Online: With Telstra Broadband, you can help keep your family safe with Broadband Protect, free with any broadband plan.
  • Telstra Smart Modem: Enjoy better home Wi-Fi with the Telstra Smart Modem (with 4G backup) included as part of your plan if you stay connected for 24 months. Valued at $216.

What are Telstra’s broadband plans?

Unlimited Internet Plan



Get connected to Telstra’s broadband network starting at $80/month. With this plan, you get unlimited data running on the NBN25 speed tier. That’s suitable for smaller households who do a little bit of streaming and browsing.

Unlimited Internet Plan



$10/month extra gets you Telstra’s Unlimited Data Plan, on a faster NBN50 connection, making it a better choice for multiple users streaming or downloading at the one time. The sweet spot between speed and price is also available with no lock-in contract.

Unlimited Data Premium Plan


$90/month (incl. $20/mth off for 6 mos)

Telstra’s Premium Unlimited plan starts at NBN100, fast enough for multiple 4K streams without slowing down the family’s internet. Get this plan before 30 June 2021 and you’ll get $20/month off for 6 months. FTTP and HFC customers on this plan can opt for the faster Superfast or Ultrafast speeds, with $30 per month discounts.

What’s on Streaming TV?

Watch over 10,000 hours of compelling TV
Australia’s #1 NBN for Streaming Netflix

Telstra is named as one of the #1 NBN in Australia for streaming Netflix on the latest Netflix ISP Speed Index.

Stream with ease using BINGE’s key features
Telstra Plus Rewards

Get rewarded for every dollar you spend with Telstra, with the Telstra Plus rewards program. It’s free to join, and you’ll score 10 points for every dollar you spend with Telstra. You can use your points for free or discounted devices, accessories, and more, and Plus enjoy benefits like discounted movie and sports tickets.

Compatible on a wide range of devices
30-Day NBN Satisfaction Guarantee

With Telstra’s 30-day NBN Satisfaction Guarantee, you can get a refund for your first month fee, any speed boost charges, and standard installation fees in case you’re not happy with the service and Telstra can’t fix it.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Telstra Broadband

  • Can I Switch from ADSL to NBN on the Same Account?

Yes – if you get connected to ADSL through Telstra, you can easily switch over to the NBN when the time comes, and your existing plan will just switch over to the new network seamlessly.

  • Do I Need a Telstra TV Box to Get Streaming Services from Telstra?

While Telstra TV makes it even easier to add streaming services to your Telstra account, you don’t need to own a Telstra TV box to take advantage of the convenience (and the special offers). Just visit your Telstra account page on the web (or sign in to the My Telstra app on your phone or tablet) and you can find the range of services you can add in the “My Offers” section.

  • Can I Keep the Telstra TV or Xbox I Get with My Bundle?

All of Telstra’s broadband bundle plans, while contract-free, are based around you staying connected for 24 months. After that time, your Xbox game console, Telstra TV box and smart modem become yours outright. If you need to cancel before 24 months is up, you can just pay out the remaining instalments for the devices and keep them.

  • What Is Included in the Telstra TV Bundle?

Containing everything you need to get set up and streaming, this bundle connects you to fast Telstra NBN broadband at the NBN50 speed tier – perfect for video streaming with enough speed to handle family usage. You get a home phone line with unlimited calls within Australia, Telstra’s Smart Modem with 4G backup, three months of free access to BINGE, 20,000 Telstra Plus rewards points, and the acclaimed Telstra TV 3 box to handle all your streaming needs, from Kayo to Netflix.

  • Is There A Long-Term Contract for This Bundle?

Telstra’s approach to contracts has changed in recent years, and the Telstra TV bundle is no exception. While it offers the best value if you stay connected for 24 months, you’re free to leave at any time, and all you’ll need to pay is the remaining cost of your Telstra TV and Smart Modem.

  • Are Streaming Services Data-Free with this Bundle?

While none of the popular streaming services are “unmetered” – that is, their usage is counted against your data allowance – with the broadband plan included in this bundle you get 500GB of data – plenty for regular daily streaming use, so there’s no need to worry about data usage when streaming at all, just watch what you want, when you want. If you prefer, you can opt for an unlimited-data plan for a little bit extra per month.

  • Why Can’t I Select the Premium NBN100 Plan?

Telstra only offers NBN100 connections to addresses where the NBN connection type is either Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) or cable (HFC). That’s to ensure that the promised speed can be delivered 100% of the time, something other NBN technologies can’t guarantee.

  • Is Foxtel Through Telstra the Same as Regular Foxtel?

Absolutely! Telstra has been an alternative way to subscribe to Foxtel for years, and if you order one of the Foxtel internet bundles, you’ll be getting the full-featured Foxtel satellite service, with the same Foxtel iQ4 set top box.

  • Do I Get to Keep the Games I Get with the Xbox Bundle?

Introduced as a way of rewarding loyal Telstra customers, Telstra Plus is a rewards program where you earn points for every dollar you spend on Telstra products and services – and that includes your monthly subscription to this bundle. The games that you get access to as part of Xbox Game Pass can only be used while you remain a subscriber to that service – but you can buy any of the games to own with a generous discount if you want.

  • What Is Telstra Plus?

Introduced as a way of rewarding loyal Telstra customers, Telstra Plus is a rewards program where you earn points for every dollar you spend on Telstra products and services – and that includes your monthly subscription to this bundle. Points can be spent on a wide range of items, from desirable tech gadgets and useful accessories to mobile phones and mobile broadband modems.

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