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Telstra broadband bundle: 2000GB + Telstra TV for $120/month!

New clients receive a FREE Telstra TV when signing up for a 2-year contract with the telco. Stream shows, share photos, enjoy endless entertainment without paying a dime.

Discover what’s included

2000GB Data

2000GB of data to use absolutely however you want every month. Stop worrying about pesky data caps. Stream, download, watch your favourite YouTubers stress-free.

Telstra TV

Share photos, stream shows and watch catch up TV with the bonus Telstra TV. You also get a 6-month Netflix subscription and 2 new movie rentals fresh from the cinema in your first month with BigPond Movies.

Home Phone

With a home phone from Telstra you get unlimited standard and national calls, calls to Australian mobiles, and affordable rates for everything else.

What’s in the bundle?

With Telstra’s L bundle you get 2000GB of broadband – ADSL, ADSL2+, or Cable, depending on what’s available at your address. Ideal for those who don’t yet have access to the NBN. The amount of data should be enough even for heavy internet users. Local and national calls to standard fixed lines are included in the bundle, as well as calls to Australian mobiles.

Plus, you will also receive a Home Network Gateway on a 24 month contract. Telstra Air membership is included on compatible broadband services as well. Yay!

Tip: Looking for dazzling internet speeds? A Super Fast Speed Boost for an additional $20 per month for Cable is available.

Get 2000GB + Telstra TV for $120/month!

Don’t miss out on this great bundle! Call 1300 959 662

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Disclaimer: Minimum cost is $2969 on a 24-month plan if you self-install ($120 x 24 months monthly min charge + $89 activation fee). An additional fee of $240 may apply if you need a Professional Installation. You can check availability on Telstra’s website. Thee type of service offered (ADSL, ADSL 2+, Cable or Velocity) will depend on what’s available at your location. For information on the speeds available please visit Offer available on a 24-month contract.
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