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Telstra TV Box Office allows you to purchase the very latest films and TV shows available in Australia. Choose from hundreds of titles in Telstra TV Box Office library. No ads, no subscription fees – just the pure viewing pleasure.

Last audited 10 Nov 2020

Telstra TV Box Office delivers titles such as Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, The Boys and Empire, giving you the choice of watching one-off episodes or entire seasons. As well as from the latest episodes of your favourite shows, you can also stream the latest movie releases including MulanCapone, and The Kid — all of which you can either rent or buy.

How it works

Simply click on the link below and create a Telstra account. Once you’re logged in, browse the extensive Telstra library. We have also put together our very own Telstra TV Box Office recommendations for you here. You can stream content you’ve purchased on up to two registered devices at the one time.

Why You Should Get Telstra TV Box Office Today

  • Enjoy your favourite shows when and where you want.
  • Compatible with your mobile phone, tablet or PC
  • Only the best TV shows and movies
  • Easy to use: Join today and start streaming within minutes
  • Telstra Plus Silver and Gold members can get 25% and 50% off points when redeeming shows and movies

How To Get Telstra TV Box Office


Create an account here


Login Via Site or App


Select and stream one of the many titles available

What’s streaming on Telstra TV Box Office

Watch over 10,000 hours of compelling TV
Binge-watch full seasons of the hottest TV shows

From hit dramas like This Is Us to award-winning comedy shows such as Modern Family, you’ll have a lot to choose from with Telstra TV Box Office’s library. In fact, you can even watch episodes as they’re released in the US, including cult-favourites like The Walking Dead and Westworld.

Stream with ease using BINGE’s key features
Stream your favourite blockbuster hits from the US

From superhero blockbusters like Spider-Man: Far From Home and Black Panther to family adventure films like Dora and the Lost City of Gold, Telstra TV Box Office is the only thing you need for movie night in. Rentals start from $3.99, with full purchase options for as little as $9.99.

Compatible on a wide range of devices
Bundle it all up with Telstra’s broadband bundle

If you’re looking for a great deal that covers both your broadband and TV content, then check out Telstra’s Unlimited Broadband + Streaming bundle for only $99/month. That gives you the new Telstra TV 3 so that you can stream your favourite apps straight to your TV.

Watch on any of these devices

Stream shows and movies from Telstra TV Box Office on these eligible devices instantly:

For more info, head to the Telstra TV Box Office website

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