Southern Phone Mobile is offering a range of incredible deals with one of Australia’s biggest telcos—Optus. Enjoy unlimited calls and texts with 1GB data for as little as $9/month or go all-in with 80GB of data for only $60/month on a 12-month contract. No lock-in plans also available. 

Last audited 3 Nov 2020

Southern Phone offers SIM-only mobile plans powered by Optus. Choose between 12-month contract plans that pack large data allowances and its flexible month-to-month deals, plus international call credits on select plans.

How it works

Head to Southern Phone’s website. Select the one that suits your needs, sign up,  and wait for your SIM card to be delivered. Southern Phone will send you a SIM card that includes all three sizes in one card, so it’ll fit any handset. You can choose to keep your existing number or get a new one.

Why you should join Southern Phone today

  • Powered by Optus 3G/4G network
  • Choose between 12-month contract & month-to-month
  • International call credit on select plans
  • Data allowance of up to 80GB
  • Keep your existing number or get a new one

X Small 12 Months

Unlimited calls and texts + 1GB data


Get unlimited calls and texts with Southern Phone’s Optus-backed 1GB plan at only $9/month. Not only will you get access to Optus extensive network and experience solid coverage, but you can also enjoy limitless calling and texting with 1GB data at an affordable cost. That’s great value in a plan.

*Minimum total cost $108 over 12 months

Medium 12 Months

Unlimited calls and texts + 18GB data


Say yes to saving money with this bestseller deal. For only $30/month, you’ll get unlimited calls, texts and 18GB of data to use on a 12-month contract. Try out the Optus 3G/4G Network—their best network yet. The Medium plan also includes $50 call credit for calls to international numbers.

*Minimum total cost $360 over 12 months

How to sign up to Southern Phone?


Choose a SIM-only plan and contract term.


Wait for your SIM to be delivered.

Watch over 10,000 hours of compelling TV
Unlimited texting and calling

Southern Phone’s SIM-only plans deliver unlimited call and text credit at affordable monthly rates. These plans use the Optus 3G/4G network, which covers 98.5% of Australians. Flexibility is also widely present — you can choose between locking it in for 12 months or getting total freedom with month-to-month deals.

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 Browsing and streaming on the go

Keep yourself productive and entertained even when you’re out and about. With Southern Phone’s generous data allowances, you can surf the internet or stream your favourite show wherever you are. Data inclusions range from 1GB up to 80GB for the 12-month plans and 2.5GB to 40GB for the no lock-in contract options.

Compatible on a wide range of devices
Choosing Southern Phone

Southern Phone understands the telecommunication needs of regional Australians, and have been working to make things more available and affordable for everyone from Bega to Broome. We believe in getting you the best deal possible, so that you can have the best experience while staying connected.

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