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Stream Sport with Telstra Kayo Offer

New and existing Telstra customers can watch over 50 sports Live and On Demand with a Telstra Kayo plan from $15/month for 12 months. All you need is a Telstra account.

Last audited 14 May 2021

Get Kayo Basic Telstra Offer for $15 per Month

Eligible Telstra customers can conveniently add a Kayo Basic plan to their Telstra account for only $15/month. The Kayo Basic subscription gives you instant access to over 50 live sports in HD, including Cricket, NBA, AFL and NRL plus many more at home or on the go. Kayo Basic also allows you to stream sport on 2 devices at once and comes jam-packed with a range of in-game viewing features.

Sign up to Kayo Premium for only $25 per month

A Kayo Premium subscription offers all the same features as a Basic plan, the only difference being that you can stream on up to three devices at once wherever you may be. This option is ideal if different members of your household want to watch multiple sports at the same time. You can easily switch between Basic and Premium plans when you please for added practicality.

What people are asking about Kayo from Telstra

  • How Do I Download the Kayo App for Telstra TV?

While Telstra TV comes with many popular streaming apps pre-installed, for Kayo you’ll need to download the app – but don’t worry, it’s easy. From the Telstra TV main menu, navigate to “App Store” and select it. You can either browse through the store for the Kayo app (look for the green “K” logo) or search for “Kayo”. Then simply select it and choose “Download” and the Kayo app will be added to your Apps screen.

  • How Do I Cancel Kayo Through Telstra?

When you get Kayo added to your Telstra account, the monthly subscription will be charged to you by Telstra – but to cancel your subscription, you need to do so directly through Kayo. It’s simple to do – just load up Kayo in your web browser, and click on the menu icon at the top right. Click on “My Account”, then scroll down to the bottom of that menu, where you’ll find a link titled “Cancel Subscription”. Click that, follow the prompts and your subscription is cancelled, effective at the end of the current paid month. You can still use Kayo as normal until then.

  • Is Kayo Data-Free on Telstra Broadband and Mobile?

No – your usage of Kayo does count against your data limits on both Telstra Broadband and Telstra Mobile. However, with unlimited-data plans now being the default on Telstra Broadband, you can stream as much as you like without worries about data usage. And with no excess data charges on current Telstra Mobile plans, even if you use up your monthly data, you’ll still be able to connect at lower speeds without paying extra.

  • What Channels Do You Get Through Kayo?

Because it’s designed as a sport-focused streaming service that lets you watch sports live, delayed or on demand, Kayo generally doesn’t use the concept of “channels”. However, if you scroll down in the app or web site to the very bottom of the page, you’ll find links to 15 live channels from Fox Sports, beIN Sports, ESPN and Sky News.

  • Who Owns Kayo Sports?

Kayo Sports is operated by a company named Streammotion, which is a division of the Foxtel group of companies. Because of this connection, Kayo customers have access to Foxtel’s unrivalled global sports coverage.

  • How Do You Watch Kayo On TV?

While apps for various major smart TV brands are on the way, only a Samsung app has been released so far. For now, the best way to watch Kayo on your big-screen TV is to use a dedicated streaming device like Apple TV, Telstra TV or the new Chromecast with Google TV. Alternatively, you can use the old-style Chromecast, but only the recent models (3rd-generation and Ultra) are fully supported.

  • How Much Data Does Kayo Use?

Because it streams live sports in 1080p high definition at 50 frames per second, Kayo uses a bit more data per hour than regular streaming services – something to keep in mind if you’re on a broadband plan with a download limit. Kayo’s data usage varies because of its live nature, but you can expect to use around 3.5 GB per hour in HD, with some of Kayo’s special features – like Split View – using a bit more due to multiple streams.

  • How Much Does Kayo Cost?

You can sign up to Kayo for $25 per month for the Basic plan, which gives you full access to everything on Kayo on up to two devices at once. You can also opt for the Premium plan, which raises the device limit to 3.

  • When Is Kayo Coming to Playstation and Xbox?

While they’re not here yet, apps for both popular game console brands are under development and are expected to be released in the near future, with apps for PS4 and PS5 looking likely to arrive in early 2021.

  • What Sports Are on Kayo?

The more appropriate question would be what sports aren’t on Kayo – there’s over 50 sports to dive into across a huge range of codes and countries, with the Kayo interface customisable so you only see the sports you want to watch.

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Data charges from your provider apply. HD availability subject to your Internet service and device capabilities.

Kayo Sports: Telstra customers wanting Kayo Sports must sign up through Telstra website. Kayo Basic monthly fees (currently $25/mth) apply after offer period unless you change or cancel. One redemption per customer account. If you cancel, you cannot restart the offer. Not available in conjunction with any other Kayo offers. Not compatible with third party billing platforms. Telstra billing not available for existing Kayo subscribers on another payment method.​