Telstra Unlimited + Streaming Plan

  • Unlimited data and calls
  • Telstra Smart Modem
  • TV set-top box
  • 24-month Foxtel Now subscription


This is the deal for seniors who want to get everything in one bundle. Telstra is offering a big bundle that covers broadband, home phone connection, and entertainment for $99/month. It gives you unlimited data, unlimited standard local, National, and Australian mobile calls, a Telstra Smart Modem, a Telstra TV set-top box, and a 24-month subscription to Foxtel Now. All for just $99/month. This is available on both ADSL and NBN connections, and with just a solitary bill for all of these services, makes it easier to keep track of what you’re paying. On top of that, Telstra also offers discounts for seniors on eligible home phone services. If you have a Centrelink Pension Card or a Veterans’ Affairs Pension Card, Telstra can give you discounts on some connection charges, home phone calls, and fee waivers for credit card processing fees and paper bill fees.

Belong Build
Your ADSL Plan

100GB of data, home phone connection


For pensioners still waiting for the NBN to reach them, Belong offers a high-quality flexible internet plan at a low cost. The telco lets you customise your broadband plan to suit your needs. Our pick is the 100GB ADSL plan for $55/month on a 12-month contract, which also includes a basic home phone connection on the Telstra network. Want unlimited data? That’s just another $5/month. Don’t want a contract? Too easy, it’s just $5 more per month to go contract-free. This lets you build an internet package that gives you what you want and helps you cut the costs by only paying for what you need. If you’re struggling to find ADSL plans for seniors, being able create your own can be a huge help.

Mate “Best Mates”
NBN 50 Plan

Unlimited data on the 50 speed tier


This deal makes the list for one reason — simplicity. As a pensioner, you don’t want to have to try to untangle complicated plans, which is why Mate’s are some of the best internet packages for seniors. Mate prides itself on making broadband internet accessible to all, and their $75/month “Yeah Mate” NBN plan shows why. There are no contracts, no connection or setup fees, and no data caps. You just get fast internet on the NBN 50 speed tier, with a standard evening speed of between 20-50Mbps. You can use your own modem, or get their preconfigured, NBN-ready modem for $149. Don’t like the service? No problems. You can switch plans any time, or even switch providers, with no penalty. On top of that, their call centre is here in Australia, so if you need to talk to someone about your service, you know your call won’t get dialled overseas. Easy.

100GB Plan

100GB of data on NBN 12 speed tier, home phone service


Want to keep costs down but also get control over your broadband connection? Then iPrimus offers broadband internet plans for you. Their 100GB plan gives you an NBN connection on the 12 speed tier for $60/month over 24 months, and includes line rental and pay-as-you-go phone calls. To go up to the NBN 50 speed tier is just another $10/month. At sign-up, you can choose between two perks — another 100GB of data per month, or unlimited standard calls to Australian landlines. What really makes this one of the best bundles for pensioners, however, is the ability to change details of your plan as you need to. iPrimus lets you boost your data to unlimited or get a speed boost for just $10/month, meaning if you’re having the family around for a few weeks, all those extra devices in the house won’t drain all of your data.

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