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Get Drama Extra & all add-on packs only $25/mth for 3 months

Enjoy acclaimed drama channels like BBC First, Fox One, Universal and UKTV when you add Drama Extra to your Foxtel Now subscription. Better yet, access all of Foxtel Now’s channel packs for only $25/month for 3 months. Offer ends 6 December 2020.

Last audited 20 Nov 2020

Foxtel Now lets you stream some of the best TV shows — including the latest seasons of Wentworth and His Dark Materials. Grab the Essentials pack to get started, then for the best in drama, add Drama Extra for only $10 per month. For a limited time, you can enjoy all of Foxtel Now while saving big.

How it works

Foxtel Now’s FREE 10-day trial will get you streaming as much live and On Demand TV as you can handle — including all seasons of Game of Thrones and Wentworth. And there’s plenty of brand new dramas to enjoy this month too, including HBO’s latest shows Lovecraft Country and The Undoing. New customers can also sign up to Foxtel Now’s current offer to save on plan fees for 3 months.

What you get with Foxtel Now’s Drama Extra

  • The full range of Foxtel’s premium drama
  • Watch at home or on the go
  • Access classics like Game of Thrones
  • Get the Drama Extra pack for only $10/month
  • Pay only $25/mth for 3 months to access all of Foxtel Now

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Foxtel Now Drama Extra

How to sign up to Foxtel Now?


Select your package and register


Watch immediately on Google Chrome and download Foxtel Now to other devices


Log in and start watching Foxtel Now today!

What’s on Foxtel Now

Stream Instantly with the Foxtel Now app
Stream Instantly with the Foxtel Now app

The Foxtel Now app is available within seconds of getting started. As well as the internet-enabled platforms listed above, you can bring your entertainment with you using compatible mobile devices.

Watch your favourite shows right now!
Watch your favourite shows right now!

The Foxtel Now Drama Extra pack delivers five premium Foxtel channels – BBC UKTV, BBC First, Universal Channel, Fox One and Fox Crime. Within seconds of signing up, Foxtel Now offers subscribers the chance to watch acclaimed shows like Westworld.

Watch great TV on the go
Watch great TV on the go

Foxtel Now lets you tune in to all of your favourite hits without having to be glued to the couch. Whether you’re at home or on the go, you’ll be able to watch all your favourites on an eligible device.

Get Foxtel Now

With Foxtel Now’s Essentials + Drama Extra combo, you get instant and full access to all the latest on television that includes Wentworth Redemption, Raised by Wolves, Lovecraft Country, and Burden of Truth, to name a few. You can even watch the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones if you’re in the mood to revisit those final moments, plus all the episodes from the previous seasons of GOT.

Watch on compatible devices

Stream the best of drama only on Foxtel Now with these eligible devices:

Catch the best drama from around the globe today

What people are asking about Foxtel Now

  • What Is Foxtel Now?

A way to watch Foxtel’s live channels and stream on demand without needing the installation of a satellite dish, Foxtel Now uses broadband internet streaming for its channels, and is watched via an app that’s available both for your TV and your mobile devices.

  • How Many Devices Can You Stream Foxtel Now On?

You can have up to five devices registered to use Foxtel Now at any one time, and you can stream on any two of those at the same time. You can remove and add devices to the list as often as you like.

  • Can You Download from Foxtel Now?

Unlike some other streaming services, Foxtel Now’s mobile apps don’t allow downloading content for offline viewing. However, almost all shows seen on Foxtel Now’s channels can be streamed on demand at any time.

  • Can You Record on Foxtel Now?

No – because Foxtel Now’s channel content is almost all available to stream on demand at any time after it’s aired, there is no need for a recording feature.

  • What’s the Difference Between Foxtel Go and Foxtel Now?

Foxtel Go is the app that all Foxtel customers use for viewing live channels and streaming on mobile phones and tablets – sign in with your Foxtel Now account and all your channels and content will be there for you. You can also use the new Foxtel apps on smart TVs or your web browser. Essentially, Foxtel Now is the service, and Foxtel Go is one way of accessing it.

  • What Channels are on Foxtel Now?

There’s a total of 75 channels available on Foxtel Now, sorted into six channel packs. “Essentials” (the entry level pack) contains drama, comedy and lifestyle channels, with Drama, Movies and Sports available as add-ons. Kids and Docos packs are added when you subscribe to the All Packs bundle.

  • What is a Foxtel Now Starter Pack?

All subscribers to Foxtel Now get the base starter channel pack, called Essentials, by default. This pack contains several premium drama channels, comedy and lifestyle channels, and a range of general channels covering music, news and shopping.

  • Can You Watch Foxtel Now Overseas?

While you can watch your Foxtel Now channels anywhere in Australia – making it the ideal TV service for frequent travellers – because of rights restrictions it can’t be used while you’re overseas. If you’re travelling outside Australia for an extended period, you can pause your subscription.

  • Can You Stream Foxtel Now in 4K?

At the moment, Foxtel Now is only available in high definition for both linear channels and on-demand streaming. While 4K streaming isn’t available at the moment, Foxtel has suggested it might be a feature seen in the future.

  • How Much Is Foxtel Now?

All Foxtel Now subscribers start with the base Essentials channel pack, which costs $25 per month and provides a range of drama, documentary, lifestyle and news channels. On top of that, extra packs can be added including premium drama ($10), movies ($20), Sports ($29) and more.

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